Learn Step by Step Guide for Baby Massage

Baby massage is the best way to soothe the baby. Baby massage increases blood circulation and boosts the immune system. It greatly helps in foster muscle development also reduces the stress of the baby.

When you touch your baby it creates a wonderful bond between you and your baby. This cannot be explained only it can be experienced. Here is the step by step guide for a baby massage that helps to make your baby healthy and energetic.

Benefits of Baby Massage

The regular body massage of the baby increases the blood circulation and creates high immunity power and boosts the immune system of the baby. It greatly releases the pain and stress and relaxes the baby muscle.

The baby massage increases the sense of touch with the mother-baby relationship in a psychological way. It increases the strengthening bond with the parent.

It stimulates the baby’s nervous system. It also helps with baby’s better sleep. Infants massaged before bedtime produce more melatonin. Massage passes through the nervous system thus benefits the digestive system of the baby.

Pre matured baby show better-improved quality of life during the baby massage. It provides a reassuring way to soothe the baby’s body.

Regular massage on babies increases the self-esteem and increased involvement of the baby to the parents. It greatly helps the parents to understand the baby’s activity and behavior.

Choose Best Baby Massage Oil

Suitable Times for Massage

Always prefer to massage before bath and before bed. This massage time helps for better sleep and good blood circulation.

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Check whether the infant is interested in the time and environment.

Always choose the time before feeding, at the same time never choose early morning or morning sessions.

A time gap of 45 minutes after feeding and after a massage time gap of after 15 minutes must be the best interval session for the baby.

Massage before bath helps to remove the oil from the baby’s skin. Once the massage is done allow the baby to play for at least 30 minutes before bath.

Always do massage on an everyday basis at the same time and at the same place.

How to Baby Massage

It is necessary to massage a baby after bath and before bed. Use baby massage oil for massage or do gentle massage without oil. Here are the methods of baby massage. Follow the step by step procedure.

Massage on Legs and feet. First start massage from the feet, Hold the baby heel in one hand and start massage from the top of thigh slowly come down to ankle then gently squeeze the leg. Do the massages in a gentle way never be so hard and never be so soft.

Now reverse the motion, go from ankle to thigh and repeat the process in another leg. Rub the feet with the thumbs and gently stroke the toes.

Massage in Arms and hands. Take baby’s one arm with your hand now gently massage from arms to the wrist and now rotate the wrist a few times in both directions. Trace tiny circles all over the palms with your thumbs.

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The baby now starts to smile very cutely, now you never miss a chance to kiss your lovely baby. Switch to the other hand and repeat the same process.

Massage on the chest. On baby’s chest, fold your hand then push out to the sides. Flatten your arms and gently rub over the chest.

Place one hand on top of the baby’s chest and stroke out gently down to the baby’s thigh. Repeat it several times. When you do the message never give stress on the chest or palms.

Massage on lovely Tummy.

Apply little oil on tummy then massage belly in circular clockwise strokes. It is the most sensitive part, so gently do the message.

Avoid doing massage immediately after breastfeeding. The baby may vomit. Avoid doing massage if the belly area chord is not completely healed.

Head Massage. Start using hands on both sides of the head then run your hand from had to toes. Draw tiny circles on the baby’s head with fingers.

Massage on Face: Start from the forehead, gently push outward from the center. Now, use the thumb on baby’s face stroking from one cheek to another cheek across the lip. Gently massage the chin.

Back Massage: Once you finished the front side massage, allow baby to get relax. Once the baby is relaxed, turn to the back side and start smooth strokes from head to toe. Do some long firm strokes to the baby’s shoulder and move to the feet.

Once the massage is done allow the baby to drink breast milk and infant sleep while feeding itself.

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When Avoid Baby Massage

Before you start massaging always check the oil by applying a small portion to the baby’s skin. Some babies are allergic to certain oils and create some allergic reaction. Before you proceed to massage, check for allergic problems and allergic reactions in the baby’s skin.

Once you started the massages keep all the products away from the baby. Keep baby oil, skin lotion, and fluid items away from infant to avoid possibilities of accident drinking that may cause some serious injury.

With the help of step-by-step massage, you learn the activities like and dislike motion of the baby. It creates a beautiful bond between your relationships.

You get the best time with your kids for cuddling, playing and relaxing. This massage tips greatly help your child growth and health.

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