Top 9 technique to get your baby to say mama

A wonderful period of life, when we hold a little version of ourselves in our arms.
The happy tears, joyful cries, and lots of celebrations take place when we welcome this precious tiny angel into our lives. And this little angle of ours is a package of happiness, lost sleep, giggles, loud 3:00am hunger cries but all in all the apple of our eyes.
For a mother as it is said since ages, this is a golden period. No matter how bad sometimes backaches and erratic sleep schedules could be, it all becomes worth it when you look at your smiling baby.

We wait eagerly for all the firsts, the first walk, the first day of school, the first tooth, the first smile and the most awaited moment, the first word!

We all want this new little life to mutter our name, to recognize us the best. We at times end up doing such hilarious kiddish activities to become the favourite relative!

However, there is this one person who waits much more enthusiastically than others to listen to the first word of her little replica.

You guessed it, didn’t you?
Yes! It’s their Mama!

We know that, it’s after 8 months of babies being born, they try to speak their first word. However we must keep in mind that babies do not associate any meaning or a person’s image to the words that they speak.

It is the sound that they make while speaking, that intrigues the baby to make more sound.
Nonetheless, in this article we provide you with approaches as to how to get baby to say mama!

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#1 Breaking Each word Technique:

Try creating the sound that your baby would create when she/he would speak mama. Try pronouncing letter by letter ‘M’ ‘A’ ‘M’ ‘A’.
Try pronouncing different versions of mama, like mom, momma, mommy etc.

#2 Surrounding Technique to get baby to say mama:

Tell the people around you to call you momma in front of the baby. That way the baby would hear mama quite frequently. You and your spouse can call each other mama and dada around the baby, so that eventually the baby would start recognizing you both with that sound.

Be present around the baby as much as you can. As soon as someone says your name or calls you mama make sure your baby is there.

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#3 Activity Technique:

Communicate with your baby. Have your mother-baby time on a regular basis. Do activities that are unique to you two only.

#4 Picture Technique:

Make sure you make yourself known to the baby since the beginning. You could do this by showing your pictures to him/her and telling the baby that, this is your “mama”.

#5 Video Technique:

Make a video diary every 10-15 days and show it to your baby. Make sure you are careful with the usage of gadgets in front of a newborn.  Include clips of you two doing some activity.  Describe how your relation is till date and associate yourself with the word “mama” or its synonyms always.

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#6 imitate Technique:

At such a tender age, it is not quite possible for the baby to understand what you want them to do.

Instead, you could try to show to the baby how you speak the word “mama”.
Sometimes simply seeing the form your mouth takes while speaking a word could be intriguing for the baby and they might try to imitate you for the same.

#7 Game Technique:

Try playing fun games with babies. Go some other place and try calling your baby’s name, grab their attention for first.

Then try going away from them and hide from their sight and ask them where mama is?

They might either point towards your direction or try to call you!

#8 Cartoon Technique:

Kids at any age get attracted to vibrant colours, sounds and shapes.

You can try watching family oriented cartoons or movies, even though the baby might not understand what is going on but they will get attracted to familiar sounds, like that of the word “Mama”.

One thing to make sure while trying this technique is to optimally use the screen in front of a baby. We don’t want anything to happen to those cute eyes, do we?

#9 Technique:

Last but not the least, this is the most important technique of all.

More relevantly this technique enhances the relationship of a mother and child throughout their lifetime.

It focuses on developing an emotional connection with your child. Many times a child might not associate the word “Mama” to the mother.

But she will always associate the warmth and love that she receives from her “Mama”. So make sure your relation with your little munchkin is a strong one.

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Final thought

While we understand how important it must be for mothers to hear their baby say “mama” but make sure you don’t overdo any technique.

A baby should not feel pressured to do a certain task, at such a gentle age as it might create some other effect on their mind.

Be it dada or mama, or any random sound mothers all over the world know that their babies love them.

And more importantly whatever they say from that tiny little mouth of theirs, it will always be precious.
Thank you.