Unique and Latest Christian Baby Names

It is very exciting activity to choose your baby name. And also difficult to choose the best name for baby, if you have all experienced difficulties in choosing the names for a new born baby, and then get some ideas of baby name. Mostly women get started to think about their baby’s future, while pregnant. Selecting the right name for child is quite an exciting process. Picking out your baby’s name is hard! First of all you have to decide whether you are looking traditional or latest names. If you belongs to a Christian family search for the Unique and Modern Christian Baby Names. Select some meaningful Christian names for boys and Christian names for girls from the list below. We are here to help you pick the best Christian Baby Names for both boys and girls.

As Christian Family celebrate the Baby naming ceremony with enormous importance in the way of life. So get some popular Indian origin Christian child names with their meanings, Christian baby Boy and Girl names ideas, list of Christian Boy child names along with its meaning.

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Christian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Hey, Congratulations for your Newborn Girl Baby. Looking for an ideal name for Christian Girl Baby? You are in the right place. Our comprehensive list of Girls Baby Christian Names with meanings will definitely help you to sort out your ideas for selecting a perfect one. We have also added a list of trendy modern names currently popular.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “A”

  • Aamiya – The word Aamiya means Nectar; delight, bright forever.
  • Aamanda – The meaning of Aamanda is one who is loved very much
  • Aasia – Aasia means the rising sun.
  • Abeetha – Which means gazelle.
  • Abiah – The name Abiah means ‘My Father is Lord’
  • Abrianna – Mother of so many nations, nation mom.
  • Adallyn – nobility; serene; having of good humor.
  • Adda – Adda means Ornament, beautiful addition to the family.
  • Ava – Ava means A Fulfilling good Sound / soft Voice Like a Bird Variant of Avis , Aveline Voice Call.
  • Ann – The Meaning of Ann is Form of Anna, One who is Favoured by the God, Grace; Favour;
  • Aksa – The name Aksa means Bless of God; Angel, Soul; Eye.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “B”

  • Bailley – The meaning of Bailley is courtyard within castle walls, a public official.
  • Barbaraa – A traveler from a other country or from a foreign land a stranger.
  • Bella – The Christian name Bella means a beautiful girl.
  • Bellinda – Means so Pretty girl or very beautiful.
  • Beyonce – One who surpasses others.
  • Biancca – Biancca is the famous character of two plays of Shakespeare.
  • Billie – Strong willed protector.
  • Bithiah – Bithiah means daughter of worshiper of lord.
  • Brooke – Literally signifies brook or stream.
  • Buffy – It means “God’s promise”

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “C”

  • Cady – Casy means Happiness, a Rhythmic sound.
  • Cher – Darling; Adorable, Beloved
  • Cleo – Glory of the Father, Acclaim; Her Father’s Renown.
  • Carmen – Crimson or Red.
  • Chelsea – Landing place, Seaport. Place name.
  • Chloe – Chloe was another name given to Demeter in Greek mythology, another famous bearer of the name is Chloe Grace Moretz.
  • Clara- The meaning of the Clara is bright, clear or famous.
  • Charlotte – Charlotte is derived from the name Charles; it means “free man”, also the name of England’s Queen Charlotte.
  • Ciara- It is one of the popular girls name meaning Dark, Black and Dark Haired.
  • Carter- It is the nice girls name with a fantastic meaning. The meaning of carter “To Protect”.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “D”

  • Delphine – It is a unique and lovely name. Delphine is a variant of ‘Dolphin’ and is known to be the name of a French saint.
  • Daisy – The name of a flower which opens in the day and closes at night. The meaning of Daisy is “the day’s eye”.
  • Darcie – d’ Arcy, meaning from Arcy, a town in France.
  • Denise – Form of Dennis.
  • Dominique – Belonging to God.
  • Dolie – Dolie means as beautiful like Doll.
  • Dara – Mercy, Gift; Brave, Daring.
  • Deja- Deja means Before; Already.
  • Dawn – Sunrise, The First Appearance of Daylight, It also means Beginning of Day.
  • Demi- The Lover of Earth , Mother of Land.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “E”

  • Emily- It was the surname of Aemilius, meaning “rival”.
  • Ella – It is the famous Christian girl name; It means “light” or “moon”.
  • Erin – This is the traditional Gaelic name for Ireland. The name Erin comes from the word Eire.
  • Eliza – The meaning of Eliza is “joyous” or “exulted.
  • Eva– It is the famous Christian girl nick name.
  • Esme – Esme means “loved” or “esteemed”.
  • Elena – Elena means “light” or selene, meaning “moon”.
  • Eadda – The meaning of Eadda is Wealthy.
  • The meaning of Earlene is “Noblewoman”.
  • This means Earthy.
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Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “F”

  • Faby- Faby means Beauty and Peace.
  • Flo – The cutest Christian Girl Name with the meaning Goddess; Peaceful Soul,
  • Finley – derived from Gaelic elements—“fionn” The meaning is “white” or “fair,”.
  • Faye- The name Faye means Trust; Belief; Fairy; Confidence.
  • Fawn- Means Little Young Deer, Baby of a Deer.
  • Fleur- It is the French Flower name, or it also means Like a Flower.
  • Fira- It means God’s Gift or Fiery.
  • Faith – Faith is derived from the latin word fidere. It means Trust’ or ‘Belief.
  • Farica – It derived from German word and means “Chief of peace”.
  • Fatyma – It is an Arabic word mans “Daughter of the prophet”.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “G”

  • Gabriel – It means God is my strength.
  • Ganyn – Fair complexion.
  • Galilee – It means vast sea and ‘province’.
  • Gaia – From the Earth; Land.
  • Genn – Genn means Saviour.
  • Gallant – Means “Full of Courageous” It is the nickname for a cheerful or high-spirited person.
  • Gaela – Gaela means “the Stranger”.
  • Gigi – Gigi means Brilliant; Trusted, Maid; Virgin.
  • Gardeena – It means Flower.
  • Grace – Grace is inspired by the Latin word gratia and it means ‘Politeness’.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “H”

  • Hagar – It is derived from Egyptian names, Hagar refers to ‘Flight’.
  • Hebe – Goddess of Youth, And also name of Granddaughter of Zeus and Hera.
  • Hadassah – Hadassah means a ‘myrtle tree’. It is also synonymous with Esther.
  • Hatty – Ruler of the Home or Estate.
  • Gena –Its a Gracious gift of God, Well Born.
  • Hannah – The word Hannah means ‘Gracious’ or ‘Favor.’
  • Hope – Trust; Expectation Belief; Wish; Desire.
  • Gloria – Glory, Renown, Respect.
  • Gemelle – Gemelle means Twin.
  • Godiva – It means God’s Present, God’s surprise.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “I”

  • Ielin – Ielin means Shining,Moon, the Brightness.
  • Imaani – Believer of faith.
  • Ida – Ida means Goodness; Knowledge, Work and
  • Ireene – A peaceful woman.
  • Iris – Greek rainbow.
  • Isha – Woman,Power,Formless Divinity.
  • Imogen – This means “innocent” or “maiden”
  • Isla – It is derived from the word “Islay”, which is from the Latin insula. island in Spanish.
  • Inika – Energetic; Vigorous; Glorious etc.
  • Ivy – It is derived from name of the plant, the Old English ifig.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “J”

  • Jade – It is the beautiful Green Stone and Green Gemstone.
  • Joan – Merciful; God’s Gracious Gift.
  • Jahan – The whole World.
  • Jeisy – Powerful, Brave, Queen ,Wealthy, Clever,
  • Jaiah – The meaning of Jaiah is Victory.
  • Jaimea – Jaimea means “I love”.
  • Jacklin – Means feminine variation of Jacob or James.
  • Jadera – Stone of the loins.
  • Jaia – also means “Victory”.
  • Josya – Joyful, Delightful.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “K”

  • Kara – Beautiful; Pure; Friend; Darling; Dear One; Beloved.
  • Kaye – Keeper of the Keys; Form of Catherine, Happy and Pure.
  • Klen – Adorable.
  • Kezia – Kezia means to ‘Cassia tree’ or ‘Sweet-scented spice, and Kezia in  the Bible meaning is second daughter of Job.
  • Kari – Female Version of Charles, Strong or Feminine, Joyful Song; Gust of Wind.
  • Kasey – Vigorous; the Vigilant One; Brave.
  • Keturah – Keturah means ‘Good smells’ or ‘Fragrance’.
  • Karissa – Filled with grace and kindess, Very dear.
  • Katherine – Katherine means “Pure”.
  • Kailynn – A Pretty girl or beautiful girl

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “L”

  • Lacy – Derived from Lacey, Name of a City; Mythical Women.
  • Lava- Soft Voice like a Bird.
  • Lily – Manuscripts of God; Lily Flower; A Symbol of Purity.
  • Lydia simply means, from Lydia in the Greek.
  • Linda – Pretty, Tender Woman
  • Lois – Superior; Form of Louis, Full of Beauty and Respect.
  • Lynn –  A Cascade; From the Lake, Lake, Pond
  • Lapidoth – This name means ‘Torch’.
  • Loreto- Loreto means Uncertain.
  • Lecia – Happy; Joy; Truth, Short Form of Alicia.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “M”

  • Mia – Queen; Rebellious Woman, loving, Always Smiling.
  • Mary – Mother of Jesus; Form of Maria; Sea of Bitterness.
  • Meg – Rain , Great and Mighty, Love.
  • Maachah – the name of the daughter of Talmai.
  • Mery – Light Hearted; Cheerful.
  • Maeve – A Mythical Queen; a Small Bird, Goddess of Song; Great.
  • Mayra – A Plant Name, Beloved.
  • Magdalene – Magdalene means the woman who came from Magdala, near the Sea of Galilee.
  • Martha- meaning the ‘Lady Master’. It is feminine form of ‘Master’.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “N”

  • Naadia – Naadia means one who is full of hope.
  • Natasha – Beautiful, Gift of God.
  • Naarah – The ‘Girl, daughter or child of the God’
  • Naysa – Miracle of God.
  • Nerissa – Daughter of the Sea.
  • Neriah – Neriah means ‘The God is my lamp’.
  • Naomi – Naomi means ‘Pleasant’. Naomi is the name of the mother-in-law of Ruth.
  • Noelle – Christmas Child.
  • Nylaa – Nylaa means “The Winner”
  • Nina – Lovely-eyed; Full of Grace, Strong; Fire.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “O”

  • Orla- Princess of Gold; Golden Princess.
  • Oixie – The Power of Love.
  • Ohawna – It means God’s gracious gift
  • Owena – Well-born; Female Version of Owen.
  • Odetta – Odetta means Wealth.
  • Ophelia – Helpful Woman.
  • Orla – Golden Princess.
  • Ondreea – Courageous; Womanly; Warrior.
  • Orli – Orli means “You Are My Ligh”.
  • Olivette – Olive Tree.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “P”

  • Posy – It’s a Small Flower, God Raises.
  • Phanuel – It means the appearance of God, ‘The face, vision.
  • Pansy – It is a Flower Name, Violet Flower, and Fragrant.
  • Prissy – Prissy means Ancient
  • Peninnah – It means ‘Coral’, ‘A precious stone’ or a ‘Pearl’.
  • Puah – Puah means to ‘The joy of parents’.
  • Philippina – Philippina means “Lover of horses”.
  • Princess – Princess means Daughter of royalty.
  • Priscilla- Priscilla was the female leader in the early church.
  • Princka – Princka means Princess.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “Q”

  • Queena – The Highest Lady Royal; Wife of King.
  • Quiyl – She who can think like bird.
  • Questa – The Searcher.
  • Quinese – Who resembles the beauty of jeweler.
  • Qarina- Dear Little One, Pure; Beloved.
  • Quella – Pacify, Quiet.
  • Quisilla – So Lovely, Pretty.
  • Quanda – A
  • Queti – The girl one who looks cute.
  • Quinese – Who resembles the beauty of jewellery.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “R”

  • Rea – Rhea was an Earth Mother, To Flow; River; Stream, Flower Name for Poppy.
  • Rexy – Queen Form the Heaven.
  • Riwa – Joined, Beauty, Tied.
  • Ruby – Red Coloured Precious Gemstone, Ruby Jewel.
  • Randa – Worthy of Admiration; Scented Tree; Tree of Good Perfume.
  • Rheta – Variant of Rita, Rheta.
  • Rinol –Most Beautiful.
  • Rivka – The Servant of God
  • Rizpah – Rizpah means a ‘Hot precious stone’ or ‘Baking stone’.
  • Ruth – Inspired by a Hebrew name, Ruth means a ‘Companion’ or ‘Friend’.
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Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “S”

  • Saarah – A princess
  • Saleena – The moon
  • Samara – Ruled by God
  • Serah – Serah means to the ‘Lady of scent,’ a ‘Song’ or ‘The morning star’.
  • Sarea –Name of one of an angel.
  • Shiphrah – It means ’To improve’ or ‘Beautiful’.
  • Salome – This name means ‘Peace’.
  • Shua – Shua is another unisex name and refers to ‘Riches’ or ‘Prosperity’.
  • Shelomith – Shelomith means ‘Peaceful’.
  • Sazia – Unique Beauty; Angry.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “T”

  • Taci – A Form of Tacey.
  • Teal – The Blue-green Colour, Duck.
  • Tina – Follower of God, Little One.
  • Tamra- Copper; Palm Tree.
  • Thirza – Sweet natured Girl.
  • Tinsa – Innocent, Beautiful; Brilliant.
  • Timnah – This name has an interesting reference, which means ‘Forbidding’ or ‘Restraint’.
  • Terah – It means ‘To Breathe’ or a ‘Scent’.
  • Talor – Morning Dew
  • Tayanita – Young beaver.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “U”

  • Ulrika – A female ruler.
  • Unice – Good victory.
  • Ulrika – A female ruler.
  • Ursulla – Little female bear.
  • Urania – Heaven
  • Ulyssia – Walker
  • Uiara – The water lady
  • Urbana – The One who Lives in the City
  • Ursula – Strong as a Little Bear; Little Female Bear
  • Unity – Harmonious,Oneness.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “V”

  • Vani – Goddess Saraswati, Voice.
  • Vega – Falling Star; Meadow.
  • Valentinna – One who is vigorous and healthy.
  • Venus – Goddess of Love / Beauty, Desire.
  • Vinnya – Humble
  • Vannah – God is gracious
  • Vanessa – Genus of Butterfly.
  • Vashti – Vashti means ‘Beautiful’ or the ‘Best’.
  • Vedika – No meaning submitted
  • Veronicah – Faithful , One who Brings Victory

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “W”

  • Wenndy – One who is fair, of the white ring,
  • Willette – Protector.
  • Winnifred – Peaceful friend.
  • Wren – Wren is a Small Brown Singing bird
  • Whoopi – Happy, Excited.
  • Wynona – Eldest daughter
  • Winona – The Oldest Daughter; First Born Daughter.
  • Wuti – Woman
  • Winnifred – Peaceful friend
  • Meaning – from wale.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “X”

  • Xylia – Wood Dweller, From the Woods.
  • Xena – Brave; Beautiful.
  • Xylina – Of the wooded land
  • Xaviera – Brilliant; New House; Bright.
  • Xanthia – Yellow.
  • Xaviera – New house.
  • Ximena- Ximena means Listening
  • Ximenna – A heroine.
  • Xavierre – Fair horse
  • Xene – One who is a newcomer

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “Y”

  • Yoko – Child of Sunlight, Positive Child or Female.
  • Yazaid – Peace of Love, Joy of Blissful.
  • Yareli – The lord is my light
  • Yasmina – Jasmine Flower.
  • Yaassica – Successful; Glorious
  • Yemena-Right Hand
  • Yetta – Ruler of the House; Female Version of Henry.
  • Yael – strength of God
  • Yanira- Gift from God
  • Yuneka – A priceless gift.

Christian Baby Girl Names start with the letter “Z”

  • Zahara – Shining, Flower.
  • Zaina- A form of zanna
  • Zeresh – Zeresh is the beautiful name means ‘Star of adoration’.
  • Zaneta – God’s Gracious Gift
  • Zelsana – Blessed with success
  • Zillah – Who provides the Shadow of protection
  • Ziva – Bright, Radiant
  • Zola – Uncertain
  • Zulema – Peace
  • Zipporah – Zipporah means a ‘Little bird’ or a ‘Sparrow’.

Christian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy has finally arrived. Choosing the right baby name is one of your first big parenting decisions. There are a lot of name options available to you, but some time it is difficult to find what’s right for your baby? It is an interesting time to search a unique name for your baby. If are looking for unique and modern Christian Boy Names, We are happy to present our comprehensive list of Christian Boy Names along with its meanings. So get a list of most popular biblical baby boy names with meanings which will help you to find the best name for your baby.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “A”

  • Aadan – Of the earth
  • Adi – Name of Lord Siva, Beginning; First Born.
  • Abby – Father in Rejoicing, My Father is Light.
  • Aaiden – A fiery young man
  • Alix – Defender of Mankind
  • Abiathar – father of the remnant, Excellent father
  • Addai – Man of god.
  • Ahmik – Handsome.
  • Adam – Man of Earth, Red Earth.
  • Alen – Both a Diminutive of Albert, Handsome.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “B”

  • Bart – Rich in Land, Barley Settlement.
  • Buck – Like a Male Deer.
  • Baltasar – God or lord protect the king
  • Balan – Youthful, Newly Risen.
  • Bevis – Bowman; Shining One.
  • Barron- Fighter
  • Blake – Dark Complexioned, Dark-haired, Black Man
  • Benito – Blessed Boy
  • Bevis – Shining One
  • Brighton- The one who is loved

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “C”

  • Caddaric- One who Fearless battle leader
  • Caleb – Faithful Man
  • Carlos- Expressive
  • Chasse- A hunts- man
  • Colbert- Helmet of Brightness
  • Corliss- Cheerful Goodhearted
  • Carl- Free Man; Farmer
  • Chip- A Freeman; Christ Bearer
  • Caleb- Messenger; Bold, Messenger; Bold, to be Faithful.
  • Carrol – Champion; Man

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “D”

  • Dud- Place Name Derived from the Old English
  • Davy-  David’s Son; Dear One, Beloved.
  • Daaron- A gift from god, A great Man.
  • Dean – Supervisor, Dweller in a Valley.
  • Daniel – Judgment of God
  • Danish- Intelligent
  • Dirk – First of the People, King of Nations, Ruler of the People.
  • Daan – God is my judge.
  • Daronn – A great man
  • Dustin – Strong-hearted leader

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “E”

  • Earl- Noble one
  • Edbert – Wealthy, bright
  • Emet – Hope,Truth, Aspiration.
  • Edmond – A form of edmund,Wealthy Protection
  • Edsel – Rich man’s Royal house
  • Enos – Humankind, Human Being.
  • Eddy- Form of Edward; Guardian of Prosperity
  • Eadsele – one who is so strong
  • Erik – Ever Powerful; Ever Ruler
  • Egbert – Brilliant, Strong Bright

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “F”

  • Ferd – Ardent for Peace, Bold Voyager
  • Fenil- Name of French Flower
  • Festus- Joyful, festive, prosperous
  • Fidel- Loyal; Faithful and Sincere
  • Floyd- The Hollow; Flood; Grey-haired; Grey; Sacred.
  • Fedrick – Peaceful Ruler
  • Forrest – Forest; Lives in Wood.
  • Fabion – A bean growing Boy
  • Franklin – Free Landowner
  • Fallon – A supreme person

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “G”

  • Galvin – Signifies the white colour
  • Gergely- Gentleman
  • Gilmer – Famous Hostage
  • Gladwin – Cheerful
  • Gary- Strong man of God
  • Guy- Staff of the God, Professional Guide.
  • Geo- Earth
  • Geof – Peaceful Ruler
  • Garry – Form of Garret; To Watch
  • Gideon – Powerful Ruler; Feller; Cutter Down

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “H”

  • Hank – Ruler of the Estate, God is Merciful.
  • Herb – Excellent Army; Ruler.
  • Hadley – F ield of heather.
  • Hugh – Bright in Mind and Spirit; Intelligent.
  • Harry – Army-power; Estate Ruler; Henry; Army Ruler.
  • Haig – Enclosed with hedges
  • Homer – Promise; Security; Pledge; Hostage.
  • Hanish – God of Weather; Lord of World
  • Hamilton – Beautiful Mountain
  • Harold- Famous person

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “I”

  • Ikee – Ikee means full of laughter
  • Itai – Itai means Friendly.
  • Iann – The meaning of Iann is “God is gracious”.
  • Iraj – Born from Lord of Wind
  • Isiah – God’s Helper
  • Isham- Isham means from the Iron One’s Estate
  • Issaias – Issaias means “God is salvation”.
  • Irving – Sea Friend
  • Immanuel – Variant of Emanuel, God is Among us.
  • Ilyas – Name of a Prophet.
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Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “J”

  • Jai- Jai means A Kind of Flute, Lord Shiva, Conqueror.
  • Jed – Beloved of God, God’s Friend.
  • Jaaden- Just like a green gemstone , Resembling the green gemstone
  • Jem – Appointed by the Lord, Supplanter.
  • Jack – who Supplants, God is Gracious.
  • Jamil – Handsome; Beautiful
  • Jeff – Form of Jeffrey, Peaceful Ruler.
  • Jabez – Lord will increase your boundary
  • Jhon – The Lord is Gracious
  • Jaronn – A song of rejoicing

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “K”

  • Kade – Leader of Battle
  • Kip – Who is from the Pointed Hill
  • Kearney – Victor, Winner
  • Kelvin – From the narrow brook
  • Keir – Little Dark One, Dark-skinned
  • Kemp – Fighter or champion
  • Kian – Royal, Grace of God, Kings
  • Kyle- A piece of land with narrow shaped
  • Kyle – Fair and Handsome, Victory; Slender
  • Kirkwell – Church Well

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “L”

  • Leo- bold like Leo,
  • Luke – Who brings Light.
  • Lazzaro- God has helped
  • Lanny – Abbreviation of Names like Roland, So popular Land.
  • Libin – One who Shows Love and Compassion.
  • Leevon – Leevon means Lion.
  • Louie- Most Popular Warrior
  • Lewin – A Form Of Louis.
  • Loyal- Loyal means trusted, Faithful
  • Lucky – Fortunate, A Region of Southern Italy.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “M”

  • Maalik – Maalik means king, Master.
  • Milton – From the Middle Town, Mill Settlement
  • Maloney – One who is Descendent servant of church.
  • Markus – From the god mars
  • Marvel – Wonder
  • Monali – smile in special way, Sweet Little Attitude
  • Monish – Lord of mind
  • Manu – Manu means Founder Father of Human Beings, Lord of Earth.
  • Mahon – Calf, Cub.
  • Merin – Peaceful; Pleasant

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “N”

  • Neal – Blue Throat Lord Shiva, Champion.
  • Nebojsa – Without any fear
  • Nick – People’s Victory, Child who born on Sunday.
  • Neil – Like a Horn, Coming from Clouds.
  • Nevin – Sacred; Saint, Worshipper; Middle.
  • Nicolas – Victorious Person, Conqueror of the People.
  • Norward – Protector oh the north
  • Norwood- Northern Wood, From the North Forest.
  • Norman – Northman, Man from the North.
  • Napolean – Lion of the new City.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “O”

  • Obadiah – The Servant of god.
  • Omar- Long-lived, First Son, The Highest.
  • Osmar – Divine; Wonderful.
  • Oxford- Place Where Oxen Cross The River.
  • Owen – Young Fighter, Help from Allah.
  • Ozzie – God’s Divine Power
  • Ossian – Young Deer
  • Obed – Serving; Worshipping.
  • Orrick – Old oak tree.
  • Ophir – Fruitful Region, Gold.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “P”

  • Phil – Lover of Horses.
  • Pace – Man of Peace; Form of Pascal; Passover; Easter.
  • Paschalis- Its Relating to Easter
  • Pete – Stone, Form of Peter.
  • Pavel- Small, humble
  • Poshan – Lamb of the God, Servant of the God.
  • Polion – Protecter, The powerful Lord.
  • Philander – Lover of Mankind, Love for People.
  • Priest – Holy Man
  • Paulson – Son of Paul

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “Q”

  • Qanaya – Qanaya means “A blacksmith”.
  • Quincy – Place Owned by the Fifth Son, Derived from Roman Clan Name,
  • Quim- Which is established by God
  • Quentin – Green’s Town.
  • Quinn – Intelligence, Intelligence, Reasonable.
  • Quinto- Home ruler
  • Quin – So Intelligent, Wise person.
  • Quinton – Queen’s Settlement.
  • Quinlan – Gently-shaped, Thin person.
  • Quinncy – Quinncy means the Fifth.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “R”

  • Rainard – Wise and strong
  • Ray – Beam of Light; Grace; Well Advised Protector.
  • Rehan – Blessing from God.
  • Renato – Renato means Reborn.
  • Rio – person who is Laborious,
  • Reuel – Friend of God Richard – Great Strength.
  • Rishaan- Good Human Being
  • Rod – Popular Ruler
  • Raph – God has Healed
  • Rayan – Sweet-scented Herb, Doorman of Heaven.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “S”

  • Sean – Merciful, God is Gracious.
  • Shad- Guard of the House, Keeper of the Estate.
  • Sahil – Guide
  • Seth – Appointed One; Placed; Dazzle
  • Sander – A short form of alexander
  • Smit – Divine Smile, Sweet Smile.
  • Savio – One of the Saint’s name
  • Sanly – Brilliant
  • Saxon – Swordsman
  • Servan – Service of God

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “T”

  • TAD – TAD means Poet.
  • Talia – Talia means dew from heaven.
  • Tamar – From the palm tree.
  • Tahoma- With a Cute Personality
  • Tavarris – of misfortune.
  • Teller –Story Teller
  • Tab – Lighting, Brilliant, Lord Shiva
  • Talish- Lord of earth
  • Tate – To be Cheerful, Great Talker.
  • Thom – Derives from Thomas Twin, Twin.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “U”

  • Uccadeva- Superior God
  • Uccaka – A King
  • Uberto – Bright Mind
  • Udarak – One who is Excellent.
  • Unwin- The Enemy, Unfriendly.
  • Udbala – Highly strong, powerful.
  • Ulysses – To be Angry, To Hate
  • Ulrich – World Ruler
  • URIAH – God of Light
  • Udhyamurthy – It’s a Rising Sun.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “V”

  • Vagisvara- Master of language
  • Valentin – Valentin means Healthy.
  • Veston – Church Town.
  • Valentine – Courageous,Strong.
  • Vincent- To Occupy
  • Vito – One Who Gives Life
  • Verne- Youthful; Spring Green, Abbreviations of Vernon.
  • Vihan – First Ray of the Light, Intelligent, Lord Vishnu.
  • Viven – Lord Venkatesh, Lord Krishna.
  • Vaachaspati – Lord of speech.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “W”

  • Waliyullah- Who is Supporter of god.
  • Waseem – Graceful, good looking.
  • Wilan – Friendship.
  • Wyconda – Beautiful Stranger.
  • Wafeeq – Successful
  • Wynn – White; Blessed; Holy.
  • Willy – Strong Mind, Bold; Brave.
  • Warick – Town Hero
  • Wensley – Clearing In A Meadow
  • Whitnee – White Island

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “X”

  • Xaviar – New House
  • Xoti – Small
  • Xerxes – Chief
  • Xoese – Believe
  • Xavier – The Helper, Owner of a New Home.
  • Xuhas – Ever Smiling
  • Xenon – Foreigner.
  • Xerxes- Ruler over Heroes, Famous Egyptian King.
  • Xanthus – A river god.
  • Xhim- Person who is kind and soft-hearted person.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “Y”

  • Yadavaraya – King of of Yadavas
  • Yash – Victory, Return Favourable
  • Yadavendra – Lord Krishna
  • Yorick – A Farmer; Form of George.
  • Yahu – Offspring
  • Yasovar – Reputed
  • Yates – Lives by the Gates, Gatekeeper.
  • Yamin – Quick Action, Towards Right.
  • Yoog- Time, Age, Generation.
  • Yadon – He Will Judge.

Christian Baby Boy Names start with the letter “Z”

  • Zac – The Lord Remembers
  • Zaid – Increase
  • Zamir – handsome
  • Zak – Laughter, God Remembers.
  • Zalman – Peaceful & Quiet
  • Zenil – Victory of blue
  • Zavier – New House
  • Zain- Happy; Beautiful; Good Looking
  • Zevesh – Strong, Powerful
  • Zebadiah – Gift of The Lord


As a parent it is an important decision to choose your new born baby name. Selecting your baby name will be interesting and create fun, so choose the meaningful name for your baby. After all, your child will carry that name throughout their life. The above list helps you even if you’re thinking about more modern biblical baby names.

Hope this unique biblical boy names and Girls name list help you to choose for your baby. So select the best one from these latest baby names with their meanings. These best Christian Baby Names will break the stereotypical names and make your kid stand out.