14 Best Parental Control Apps in 2021

Are looking for the best parental control app that can help you to track the web activities of your children? Else, are you worried about your children’s safety on the web? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article is a step-by-step guide that will help you to know about the best parental control apps for Android and iPhone in 2021.

Here, the easiest way to monitor your kid’s online activity is to choose the best free parental control app. But if you wish to enjoy advanced features, then you can go for paid software as well.

Many parents allow their children to enjoy digital freedom. However, to keep your kids safe on phones while using the internet, parental control apps play a crucial role. These applications will help you to stay updated about what your kids are doing on the web.

What Are the Best Parental Control Apps?

There are tons of options that will provide you parental monitor feature. But it might be difficult for you to decide which one is the best parental control app at present.

For ease, we have listed some of the best parental control apps in 2021. Regardless of the fact, if you are using an android device or an iOS, the below-mentioned parental monitor software will ensure that your children are not exposed to any online threat.

Here are Top Rated 14 Best Parental Controls Apps For Android and iPhone in 2021

Net Nanny – Parental Control Software

The best parental control Software for scheduling screen time for your children.

Specifications of Net Nanny App:

  • Analyze activity in real time
  • Screen time limits
  • Good interface
  • Enforces Google SafeSearch

Net Nanny is one of the best parental control software. Its unique web-filtering technology will allow you to refine the surfing practices of your kids. Additionally, you can tailor the screen time by setting the hours for which they can use the internet. Also, note that this software is considered the best parental control app for ios and android. Hence, irrespective of your OS, you can subscribe to it.

With this app, you can gain complete control over your children’s online activity including, social media protection, youtube monitoring, etc. It has an intuitive design that makes it easy to operate for everyone. Undoubtedly, this software will give you clear visibility to understand the digital behavior of your little ones.

The location tracking feature of this software makes it the best parental control app. You can get real-time updates of the device location history of your children. Moreover, with Net Nanny, you have the liberty to block the applications that you do not want your kids to access.

  • Parents dashboard
  • Block pornography
  • Location tracker
  • Provides reports and alerts
  • Screen time management
  • Bit expensive
  • Do not monitor calls or text
  • Complex setup
  • Don’t capture Desktop image

What can you do with the Net Nanny Parental Control app?

Here is the list of features of this best parental control app that are beneficial to keep a tab on your children’s online activities:

Block Unwanted Websites

There are various websites available on the internet that are not suitable for children to visit. With this control app, you can block such websites and refrain kids from accessing them.

Offers Social Media Protection

Net Nanny will help you to protect your children on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Alongside, you can review their activities on youtube as well.

Provides Web Filtration

Being the best parental control app, it allows you to filter out inappropriate content. It will ensure a productive surfing experience for your family members.

Intuitive Parent Dashboard

You can manage your account by accessing the Net Nanny Parent Dashboard anywhere at any time through a web browser.

Web Reports and View Alerts

The instant notifications of this app will help you record if any inappropriate website is accessed.

How much does Net Nanny cost?
For single device protection

To protect your PC or Mac system by purchasing an annual subscription worth.

For multiple device protection

With this family package, you get protection for Android, Mac, and kindle fire. To protect up to 5 devices for

For protection up to 20 devices

It is one of the best deals for multiple device protection. You can protect 20 devices simultaneously.


Net Nanny has capabilities to safeguard kids and home. This app adds a layer of protection and security that we needed as a parent to track the web activities of our children.


Qustodio – Best Parental Control App

Become a digital parent with the best parental control app for IOS and Android

Here is what Qustodio offers you:

  • Extremely effective monitoring tools
  • Customized digital settings
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Visibility into children’s android

To supervise the kid’s activities online, Qustodio proves to be a top choice. This parental control app will help you to balance the screen time of your children without any hustle. The smart filters of this software will ensure that your kids are safe from online dangers.

It is an excellent choice for parents as it allows them to set limits for games and apps that they do not want kids to use. Not just this, but you can also monitor the calls and SMS records of their devices. For a convenient operation, there is a family portal dashboard. Through this, you can view activities on laptops or desktop computers.

The availability of panic button alerts makes it feasible to receive instant notifications in case of an emergency. Moreover, it is easy to use the software due to its interactive user interface.

  • Enables to track the location
  • Call and SMS monitoring
  • Block unwanted apps
  • Tailor the screen-time
  • High-Cost
  • Incompatible with antivirus application
  • Short trial period

What can you do with the Qustodio parental control app?

Qustodio is available with an extensive range of features that must be present in the best parental control app. These are:

Set Time Usage Limits

As per your wish, you can set internet usage limits for your children to control their screen time. Whenever your child reaches the time limit, you receive a notification on your device.

Track Device Location

You can track the location of your kid’s android or iOS device on the map. With this, you will be aware of the real-time location of your children.

Call Blocking

Qustodio not only offers you a website or app blocking option but it is also possible to monitor and block unwanted or spam calls on your children’s Android device.

Extended Compatibility

This software is compatible with different devices like iOS, Android, Kindle, Chromebook, Mac OS, and Windows. Hence, you can opt for it if you have any of these devices.

Block Inappropriate Applications

Many apps are available online that you might not want your kids to view or access. Qustodio helps you to block such applications and keep your children away from them.

What are the different Qustodio plans?
Small Plan

You can opt for this plan to protect up to 5 devices simultaneously at

Medium Plan

This plan is chosen by most of the families to protect a maximum of 10 devices. It is available at

Large Plan

Those who want protection for almost 15 devices can subscribe to this plan by paying a monthly fee of


“It is the best parental control app that helps me to track what my children are accessing on the internet. It is much better than any other application.”

–Michael Nicholson


The best parental control app for social media monitoring

A list of the things Bark keeps an eye on:

  • Screen-time
  • Conversations and content
  • Harmful content detection
  • Data encryption

The Bark is a parental monitor software that comes with a free trial period of 7-days. It is one of the top recommendations for complete social media monitoring. The software aids in monitoring text, photos, videos, web browsing on iOS or Android devices.

Parents can track the activities on a wide range of Android applications such as Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. The purpose of this software is not to restrict the internet usage of children but to set boundaries to what they can access.

Bark rigorously screens for concerns like cyberbullying, inappropriate content, hazardous websites, etc. Whenever any potential risk is detected, the user receives alerts in text or email to ensure that you take proper security actions. It saves time & effort to recognize the danger in any text or post manually. Also, you will find none other option better than Bark when it comes to budget-friendly protection of social media platforms.

  • Multiple social media applications monitoring
  • Sends automatic alerts
  • Award-winning dashboard
  • Provide location check-ins
  • Not easy to configure
  • No direct filtering
  • Expensive for some

What can you do with the Bark parental control app?

Below mentioned is the list of features of this application that makes it to be the best parental control app for iPhone:

Manage Internet Access

To ensure that your kids are not viewing any age-restricted content, you can deny permission to access such websites. This way, it is convenient to keep your children’s online activity secure and safe from cyber threats.

Text Monitoring

You can keep a record of text that your kids are receiving on their devices. If they are hazardous, then you will automatically receive a warning alert.

Protect Unlimited Devices

While choosing Bark subscription-based plans, you do not have to be worried about the number of devices that it supports. All of these plans will help you to protect unlimited devices.

Check-in Feature

With just one click, you can get an update about the current location of your children’s device. It is an easy-to-setup process and available for both android and iOS users.

Exclusive Pricing Plans of Bark:
Bark premium

This plan is available in monthly and yearly subscription plans at $14 monthly and

$99 annually.
Bark Jr

This plan is suitable to keep an eye on younger child’s online activities at an affordable price of $5 monthly and

$49 annually.

I appreciate the monitoring feature of this app that functions without snooping. It maintains privacy for my children and my involvement for correct guidance. You must go for this application to enjoy the comfort of monitoring.

–Richard Gartside

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Enjoy advanced and the best parental control app features

Kaspersky Safe Kids will allow you to:

  • Manage app access
  • Seek expert tips
  • GPS tracking
  • Configure safe searches

Offering a comprehensive set of protection features, Kaspersky-safe kid is an apt solution for parents. They can easily regulate your child’s activity and customize web settings whenever required. These features will let you know about any suspicious activity on your kid’s device.

The access to My Kaspersky account makes it possible to connect parents and children on a single platform. With the help of a simple application, you can tailor their screen-time with ease. Managing online time will also ensure healthy surfing habits in your children.

Additionally, parents can seek advice from child psychologists for sharing expert tips. Parents can reach out to them to know better ways to handle the digital freedom of their children. Just like the antivirus applications of Kaspersky, you can stay stress-free about the performance of this parental control app.

  • Cost-effective
  • Connect with experts
  • Monitors device battery
  • Set permission to Youtube searches
  • For advanced protection plan up-gradation is required
  • No app control under iOS
  • Confusing user interface
Schedule Screen Time

You can set time limits to regulate the time that your children can spend on the web. It will help you to improve their surfing activities and manage their productive time.

Send Real-time Alerts

Kaspersky Safe Kids sends a notification to parents whenever their child opens a bad site or unwanted applications. It helps parents to monitor the digital behavior of the children. Further, they can take appropriate actions to restrict such activities.

Track Device Battery

Unlike other parental control apps, Kaspersky software gives you notifications regarding the battery status of your kid’s device. To ensure, if it is low, you know it and avoid losing touch by asking your children to charge it.

Web Content Filter

For safe browsing, you can block sites that contain unsuitable content. These filters will help you to protect your kid from accessing irrelevant data.

Subscription Plans of Kaspersky Safe Kids:
Kaspersky Safe Kids Free

Surprisingly, it is the best free parental control app that can protect at zero cost. However, it might not have advanced features like paid versions.

$0 annually.
Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium

Also, please note that this application supports the auto-renewal feature. This plan is available at the cost of $14.99/year.


An excellent app that keeps me updated about what my child is doing. Informs me about the battery status of the device along with information when children are watching something inappropriate. I highly recommend this app.

–Matt C

Norton Family

The best parental control app for Android to protect kids in the online environment

Norton parental control application is best for:

  • Explore web safely
  • Set time limits
  • Apps supervision
  • Cybersafety

Norton is a well-known name for providing the best security against cyber threats. It is for this reason that parents can rely on Norton Fmaily software to perform parental control measures. It consists of almost all the attributes that are necessary to monitor what children do on the web.

You can lock the internet access of your child’s device whenever you want. The instant lock feature helps to ensure that children stay focused during their school hours. However, Norton keeps on updating its features for improvising user experience.

With Norton, you can gain deep insights into children’s interests by getting a detailed report of their searches on the internet. These reports will help you to analyze how often they visit the same site and what kind of content they are going through.

  • Protect unlimited devices
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Automatically check for updates
  • Easy-to-use web portal
  • Geofencing not available
  • Few features are platform based
  • Costly for a single device

What can you do with the Norton Family parental control app?

Norton software offers an exclusive range of features like:

Supervise Time and Searches

Similar to other parental control apps, the Norton family allows you to limit access to the web of your children’s devices. This assures you that they are not watching content that is not suitable for them.

Access Parent Portal

By navigating to a feasible web portal, you can manage the protection for all your devices on the go. This parent portal will save your time in monitoring.

Receive Email Alerts

Whenever your kid tries to open a blocked site or restricted content, you get an email that notifies you about this activity. You can immediately trigger a conversation with kids regarding the inappropriate content.

Manage Remote Learning Environment

It will help you to avoid any distractions when your children are involved in a remote learning environment. You can do so by limiting access to sites that are not required to perform schoolwork.

What is the cost of the Norton parental control app?
Norton Family Premier

With this, you can protect an unlimited number of devices without any additional fee. This plan of the Norton family is worth

$49.99 per year.

“Overall the application is good to go. I have been searching for a perfect parental control app and finally found this. I can easily block the content that I don’t want my children to see on the internet.”

–Ray Perdue

KidLogger app with Spy Features

Best parental control app for Android to know what kids are doing online

KidLogger is widely recommended for:

  • Web history records
  • Recoding navigation
  • Keystroke tracking
  • App usage logs

KidLogger is the best app for parents who wants to regulate the online activities of their children. The software is compatible with various operating systems and is reliable for web monitoring.

From tracking screen-time to what kind of applications kids are running on their devices, you can stay informed about everything. Parents can access the complete information about incoming and outgoing texts on the kid’s devices like the recipient’s name, phone number, messages, etc.

You can prevent children from using unsuitable applications by accessing the records of most used applications. Here, do remember that if you want to download the KidLogger application on Windows, you must disable the real-time protection such as antivirus application or Windows defender.

  • Available in both free and paid versions
  • Logs Skype videos
  • Enable voice monitoring
  • Allows time tracking
  • Restricted app blocking option
  • Complex software interface
  • Require improvement in security

What can you do with the KidLogger parental control app?

You can perform various parental control practices with the help of application features like:

Monitor Chats

You can track messenger logs and chats to keep away your children from harmful text messages. Here, you also have the privilege to capture the screenshot during the Skype video conversation.

Track Keystrokes

With KidLogger, it is easy to view input text and the keystrokes on the device. Alongside it records the text that is copied to the clipboard on the Windows.

History Monitoring

You can monitor the websites, apps, content that your kids access most frequently on the internet. It will help you to recognize any suspicious activity. Also, you can figure out their purpose of being online and what activities they perform in it.

Forward Screenshots to Email

In instant messengers such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype, etc., you can take screenshots and send them along with logs to your email. You can send them individually or simultaneously in one email.

Choose among the various plans of KidLogger:
Basic Plan

This a free-of-cost version. It comprises basic parental monitoring features. With this, you can protect up to 5 devices.

Standard Plan

This plan has more features than the free version and is available at $9 for three months, $17 for six months, and

Professional Plan

This plan will enable you to monitor up to 10 devices at $29 for three months, $49 for six months, and


“KidLogger app is useful for my family. With this app, I can be sure that my children are safe on the internet. I recommend it to all parents to keep their kids digitally safe.”

–Paul Foley

Boomerang Parental Control Application

Choose to experience the best parental control software features

Some unique attributes of Boomerang application:

  • Reinforce time limits
  • Logging texts
  • App controls
  • Samsung Knox security

The time that children spend doing online activities must be productive. To ensure this, you can take the help of the Boomerang parental control app. This software is an impeccable choice to minimize the hours for which they can access the internet.

It is a perfect fit for Android users. However, it might not perform that well on iOS devices. You can teach your children to prioritize their work by limiting their web access. Also, reviewing web history is a matter of a few minutes.

Along with the common feature of filtering inappropriate web data for kids, you can set weekend and weekday schedules. This way, you can also maintain the quality and quantity of the content that kids watch online. Nevertheless, you can modify the access time setting to limit or to increase the surfing period as per the requirement.

  • Affordable option
  • Provide comprehensive protection
  • Supports geofencing
  • Location tracking
  • Limited features for iOS
  • Expensive for a single device
  • Not for Windows desktop

What can you do with the Boomerang parental control app?

Before you decide to invest in this app, you must go through its features given below:

Encouraged Applications Feature

There exist various informative apps that are useful for education, reading, gaining knowledge. You can make all these accessible for your children.

Configure Time-out Settings

The time-out setting helps parents to pause online activities whenever they want. Children will not be able to do anything once parents pause their devices.

Get Detailed Text Logs

As a parent, you can view all the text received or sent from your children’s devices. You will get a notification whenever the application detects an unknown number, or if they use inappropriate words.


With Boomerang, you can keep a track of your child’s location that provides improvised controls. You will have to set up the boundaries as desired. Therefore, it becomes easy to capture the moment whenever your child is outside the range.

What are the price plans of Boomerang?
Single device license

The software is compatible with both android and iOS platforms. It is a one-child mode license, available at

$15.99 per year.
Family pack

It is one of the best and affordable deals. You can protect up to 10 family devices by paying

$30.99 per year.

“This app brings peace of mind to me. It notifies me about suspicious activities and helps me to keep my kids safe and secure. I am very thankful for the developers to design such useful software.”

–Tadiwa Burba

Find My Kids Location Tracking App

The best app for parental control free to use with instant notifications

Find My Kids app offers:

  • Listening feature
  • Emergency notifications
  • GPS watch compatibility
  • Battery alerts

Find my kids is specially designed for parents that are concerned about the location that their child visits. This application will help parents to track the route that their children opt for while going to school or coming back home or anywhere else.

Also, for using this app, your children don’t need to use a mobile phone. You can easily connect this application to a GPS watch. Therefore, if you want to track the live location of your kids without handing over them a smartphone, then the Find My Kids app is for you.

Not just live location alerts, but you can access the location history as well. With this, you can easily recognize if your kid has missed a class or has visited an unknown place, and much more.

  • Free of cost & paid versions
  • Live location alerts
  • Sound recording feature
  • Easy to install
  • Does not monitor social media
  • App statistics feature not available on iPhone

What can you do with the Find My Kids parental control app?

Many features in this app will make it easy for you to track the location of your kid. Lets us have a look at them:

Activate Microphone

This a unique feature that is rarely found in ordinary parental control apps. Find My Kids app allows you to activate the microphone of your kid’s phone so that you can hear the sounds in the surroundings.

App Usage Statistics

Parents can find out how much time their children are spending on using which app. A detailed statistics report will help you to quickly figure out the list of mostly used software.

SOS Signal

If your kid is in danger and is unable to place a call on your number, then you will receive an instant SOS signal. You will also receive the exact location of the device. Moreover, the app will automatically activate the sound recording feature on your kid’s phone.

Monitor the Battery Status

If you are using this app, then you can make sure that you do not lose contact with your children due to low battery. You can always check for the device’s battery status and remind your kids to charge the phone if the battery is running low.

How can to enjoy paid features of the Find My Kids app?

Find My Kids app is available in both free and paid versions. The subscription-based plans are as follows:

One-month Plan

You can buy a monthly subscription at $2.99 to protect a single device.

One-year Plan

This plan is available at $16.99 and can protect up to 3 devices.

$16.99 per year.
Forever Plan

Users can opt for a lifetime subscription at $25.99 to protect up to 3 devices.

$25.99 lifetime

“I love this app. It allows me to see where my child is going. I can hear everything from the surroundings and make sure that my child is not in bad company. I can stay carefree when my child travels alone. Thanks for such a wonderful app.”

–Jennifer Bentley

FamiSafe for Kids Protection

A reliable option among the best parental control software

With extended compatibility, Famisafe is an efficient application that offers exclusive monitoring features to parents. These days kids are involved in online activities for various purposes. Hence, to make sure that they are not viewing any inappropriate content, you must opt for this software.

FamiSafe will keep you up-to-date about the whereabouts of your children by sharing their real-time location. Thus you do not have to worry about their safety when they are traveling alone. Also, you can set the screen time for them depending upon specific locations.

The app comprises some common parental control features such as monitoring screen time, blocking adult websites, limiting device usage, etc. Also, keep a note that the application is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices.

  • Supports multiple devices
  • Interactive reports
  • Smart parental alerts’
  • Geofencing
  • UI needs improvement
  • Trail available with limited features
  • Can’t check call details

What can you do with the FamiSafe parental control app?

FamiSafe is known as one of the best parental control apps for iPhone. Here are its exclusive features:

Access Activity Reports

Parents can evaluate the daily activities of their kids with the help of reports. It will help you to decide which app is used the most and is worth spending time on.

Warning Alerts

Know when the suspicious text is detected on your child’s device. Not just text, but FamiSAfe keeps an eye on inappropriate content on social media platforms as well. Especially, on iOS devices, it supports youtube content detection.

Check Kids Albums

A warning alert is sent on parent’s phones whenever any suspicious picture is received on a kid’s phone. Further, parents can delete inappropriate images from the Android device so that they are not visible to kids anymore.

Block Apps

You can block any website or application that is creating disturbance for your kids. It may include blocking age-restricted sites or sites prone to threats and viruses for ensuring safe browsing.

How much does the Famisafe application cost?
Monthly subscription plan

This plan will support 5 devices worth

Quarterly subscription plan

In this plan, you can protect up to 10 devices by paying

Annual subscription plan

For protecting 30 devices, you can opt for this year-based plan for


Parenting is a challenging job, especially in this digital age. We want to keep an eye on our kids when they are away from us and ensure that they learn healthy surfing habits. FamiSafe helps me to accomplish this with no difficulties.

–David Gartside

ESET Parental Control Application

First in the list of the best parental control apps for android to track location

Things you can do with ESET parental control app:

  • Utilize geofencing
  • Battery tracking
  • Use instant block
  • Configure setting remotely

ESET is an android based application that is suitable for families that do not focus on monitoring calls or texts. The online activity tracker of this software is helpful in analyzing the purpose, duration, and time spent by children online.

However, as a precautionary measure, parents can set the time rules for their children. The only downside of using this software is that it can only run on android and none other devices.

Families that are worried about the gaming habits of their children can stay stress-free by using the app & website filters. You can limit their access to content that is not desirable or unsuitable for them.

  • Allows web filters
  • App management feature
  • Create a web schedule for kids
  • Only for Android users
  • Does not support call or text blocking

What can you do with the ESET parental control app?

Users can avail of benefits from this app by using features like:

Smart Reporting

ESET reports are helpful to get an overview of children’s app usage and location. The software lets you define safe and unsafe locations, and send alerts if your children are out of a defined range.

Application Guard

This feature allows the user to classify among the beneficial and non-useful apps. Or you can say the apps that are safe for children to use and the apps that you do not want them to access. You can define the apps in three categories: Thumbs up(Safe apps), Thumbs down (restricted app), and Game-controller icon (for gaming apps).

Time Management

Just like a few other parental control apps, ESET also offers the feature to set online schedules for kids. This feature is easy to use and beneficial in maintaining the surfing routines for children.

SOS Button

To use this feature, you will have to add the number of the person you want your children to connect with to seek help in an emergency. Just with a single tap, a text will be sent to this number. This text will contain the current location of your kid’s phone.

What are the subscription plans available in ESET?
One-year Plan

This plan is of costs $29.99 per year and can protect your child’s device.

$29.99 per year
Two-year Plan

In this plan, you can subscribe to the software for two years at $44.99

$44.99 for two years
Three-year Plan

For a three-year subscription plan, you will have to pay $59.98.

$59.98 for three years

It is a nice application, there are lots of options like website blocking, app and time management, real-time location updates, etc. I can track the location that my child visits and save him from viewing age-restricted content on the internet. However, it would have been more helpful if it could help in monitoring call details.

–Adrian Con

Kidslox Application to Monitor Screen Time

Balance screen time of your children with the best parental control app for ios and android

With the Kidslox application you can track:

  • Device location
  • Time-limits
  • Block apps
  • Set lockdown mode

Kidslox is a powerful app that gives you complete control over how your kids utilize internet services. Not everything available on the internet is suitable for kids to access. The content filtering feature in this app will ensure that your kids are away from explicit content.

From monitoring the app that they use the most to scheduling hours for accessing the internet, Kidslox has got you covered. Parents can block the apps individually that they think are irrelevant or not safe to use.

The application is available in both free and paid plans. However, the free version is restricted to protect a single device with limited features. The paid version offers a screen time scheduling feature that lets you set time limits each day for your kids. When the time runs out, the application automatically switches to lockdown mode and refrains the child from using the app.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Solid location tracking
  • Set limits for applications
  • Strong web filters
  • Can’t monitor messages
  • No feature to track social media

What can you do with the Kidslox parental control app?

To know what you can do with Kidslox, let’s have a look at its features:

Child Proofing Feature

Kids nowadays know how to handle the applications installed on their phones. They are more familiar with technology than their parents. But the childproofing feature of Kidslox does not allow kids to remove apps from their device without their parent’s permission.

Compatible for both Mobiles and PCs

The use of this application is not platform restricted. Parents can monitor all devices of their children. Be it desktop or smartphone, you can always stay aware of their online habits.

Schedule Management

You can set the time limits for kids depending upon your requirement. It will help in balancing the time allotted for studies, extracurriculars, and online activities. Also, you can modify the preferred settings whenever required.

App Browsing History

Through an interactive app report, you can fetch details about the apps that your kids use in their day-to-day routine. You can block their access to any software that you consider to be hazardous or unproductive.

What is the price of the Kidslox subscription plan?
Kidslox Premium Plan

This plan is available in four types of subscriptions: lifetime at $99.99, yearly at $59.99, six months at $39.99, and one month at $7.99.

$7.99 for one month

This app saves my time in recording the things that my kid is watching online. As a parent, I always use to be worried about the online safety of my kid. But with Kidlox, I can access whatever they do online and can protect them from anything suspicious.

–Alice Hill

OurPact for All-round Parental Control

Counted among the best parental control apps

OurPact application helps parents to:

  • Access live location
  • Block app access
  • Set screen limits
  • Set app rules

OurPact is an easy-to-use, time-saving and effective tool to keep the track of a child’s behavior in the online world. This application provides quick visibility into the web history of children’s devices. It helps parents to prevent their kids from being cyber victims.

The family locator feature is responsible for sharing the live location of the device to deal with unfavorable/emergency situations. For example, if the device is lost or stolen, or the kid is stuck in the route, traveling alone, etc. These location updates can also help you to coordinate the pickup easily.

As far as compatibility is concerned, the application can run on Android devices and iOS platforms. You can either opt for paid plans or a free version, depending upon your protection requirements.

  • Flexible app navigation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Works on both Android and iOS
  • Do not support call monitoring
  • Restricted web filters

What can you do with the OurPact parental control app?

Here, is the list of features that you can use in OurPact software:

Block Texts

Whenever parents find that any text or conversation is disturbing their kids from their studies, they can directly block the texting feature. This way, you can ensure that your child is focused while studying.

Modify App Preferences

Of course, not all apps are relevant for children thus, you might want to restrict access to unnecessary apps. OurPact makes it easy to categorize apps as Always blocked, Per schedule, and Always allowed apps.


Irrespective of the fact, whether you own an Android device and your kids use an iPhone or vice versa, you can use this app. You can run this software both in Wi-fi or on cellular data. Hence, it can be considered as the best parental control app for ios and android platforms.

OurPact View Feature

OurPact has an extraordinary feature that provides transparency to the online activities of children. It sends encrypted screenshots to inform you about their web searches, photos, etc. Also, these are encrypted to ensure maximum safety.

Pricing Details of OurPact parental control app:
Free Plan

It is a free-of-cost plan that can serve you the basic monitoring features.

Free of cost
Premium Subscription Plan

This plan costs $6.99/month. With this, you can protect an unlimited number of devices.

Premium + Subscription Plan

As the name suggests, it is the most advanced version available at $9.99/month and can protect up to 20 devices.


It’s been a blessing to find this app. It gives me peace of mind while ensuring that my kids are safe online. I can see what they are doing and how it is affecting their behavior. Whenever I notice any unusual practice, I talk to them and make them understand to follow healthy surfing habits.

–Marie Cook


Best parental control app that shares speeding notifications

Parents like Mamabear app because it allows them to:

  • Track location
  • Set permissions
  • Customize privacy settings
  • Track social media

Mamabear is the parent control app that has the right tools for you to monitor your child’s activities and internet usage. With its discrete location tracker, you can keep tabs on their location, find out who they’re hanging out with, and set filters to monitor what sites they visit.

When your children are out of range and you want to know their whereabouts, then the location tracking attribute of this app keeps an eye on your kid and alerts you when they are in restricted areas.

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On top of that, Mamabear allows parents to monitor their kid’s social network activity, like status updates and comments. It also allows you to view Facebook messages, photos (with face & place recognition), location details (GPS location, location from post, check-ins), and more.

  • Monitor Grom application
  • Active social media tracking
  • Location alerts
  • Do not monitor calls
  • Unwanted Ad in free version

What can you do with the Mamabear parental control app?

Here are some features of this app that you will not find in other apps:

Receive Location Alerts

The location alerts are the technology-rich feature that allows you to set up alerts on all your devices. These notifications inform you whenever there is an unexpected change in the location of your children.

Speeding Alerts

MamaBear sends parents notifications when their children are driving over the speed limit. This feature provides accountability to ensure their safety. So stop worrying, this software will make sure your kids are safe on the road.

Track Social Media

This application will allow you to know what children are posting, who they are posting it with, and when, all while sending alerts when they post something that has the potential to get them into trouble.

Monitors Grom App

GromSocial is a safe networking site for kids. With Mamabear, you receive the information of your child’s account so that you can access it. You receive credentials on your app to see what they are posting on the Grom.

What is the price of the MamaBear app?

You can opt for a one-month subscription plan at $.99. However, this version is Ad friendly version.

$.99 for one month.

For three months subscription, you will have to pay $3.99.

$3.99 for three months.

This plan is available at $6.99. Also, note that this an Ad-free version.

$6.99 for six months.

I have been using this app for a year, and I am satisfied with its performance. I will highly recommend Mamabear to the parents who find it difficult to monitor their child’s activity.

–Nicole Prado

Screen Time Parenting App

The best parental control apps for Android with GPS tracking

Screen Time app can be used for accessing:

  • Web history
  • Live location
  • App utilization
  • Web settings

Screen Time application provides the tools that are sufficient to balance the screen time of children. Undoubtedly, this software helps to ensure that kids are not spending too much of their time surfing on the web.

The manage app feature will permit you to block the apps that are not suitable for kids or affect their behavior. As a parent, this feature is quite beneficial for you. You can stay sure that your child is safe from online hazards.

Moreover, the application can be installed on Android and iOS devices by purchasing a suitable plan. Though, the application is available in the free version as well and is known to be the best free ios parental control app. But, to utilize advanced protection and monitoring features, you should go for the paid ones.

  • Friendly user interface
  • Easy to configure
  • Location tracking
  • Lags sometimes
  • Not a cross-platform application

What can you do with the Screen Time parental control app?

Here is a quick brief about the features of this application:

Instant Pause Feature

This feature allows parents to shut off the device. It will block all the non-native apps that are running on the devices. Here, parents can choose to forward a message while pausing the child’s device to inform them about it.

Awareness About App Usage

It is essential for parents to know what their kids do on their devices, what kind of apps they use, are they beneficial or inappropriate. App usage feature in Screen Time helps parents to analyze all these details on the go.

Detailed Web History

Screen Time works by tracking the sites and apps your children visit and gives you those stats of their search history. It is a helpful tool to prevent cyberbullying. You can easily fetch the details on what your child is browsing online.

Track GPS

You cannot travel with your kids everywhere they go. It is here that Screen Time parental control app can help you to track them. With the geo-trips feature, you can stay aware of the route that they choose to commute to school every day.

What are the pricing plans for the Screen Time app?
Premium Subscription Plan

It is available at an exclusive price of $6.99/month. You can protect up to 5 devices by choosing this plan.


I am thankful to the developers who created such an amazing app. I use to be worried about the safety of my kids when they are online. Now I have the control to decide what they should watch and what they shouldn’t. It’s an amazing application.

–Becky Smith

What is Parental Control Software?

Parental control software is a tool that allows parents to monitor their children’s activities on the web. In other words, it gives the parents control over the internet usage of the child so that they can restrict websites that are inappropriate for kids to visit.

These days it is difficult for parents to stop their kids from indulging in surfing activities on the web. It is here that choosing a parental controls application can help! The main goal of this software is to limit the screen time of children to define boundaries to what they can access on the internet.

There are different programs for different operating systems, and they are mostly used in homes and schools to keep kids from accessing inappropriate content, interacting with other users, engaging in social media sites, and playing video games that could get them addicted and keep them away from their daily tasks.

What does Parental Control do?

The major benefit of Parental Control Software is to help you provide a safe environment not only to your children but also to the other family members. This software can help you control and protect your kids from potential threats located in numerous online resources on the Internet.

Let us have a look at what Parental Control Software can help you with:

  • Parents can stay updated about what their children are accessing on the web
  • Keep children away from inappropriate websites and content which is available online
  • Set screen time for children to balance time between studies and web surfing
  • Save kids from potential cyber threats
  • Allowing children to explore the digital world in the safe browsing environment
  • Apply web filters to ensure that they search for suitable content only
  • Track the real-time location of children to stay within reach

Why Parental Control is Important?

In this digital world, parenting can be challenging and requires extra efforts to ensure children’s safety. Parental control is vital for both parents and children. It is through this that you can access or monitor the web activity of your children in any part of the world.

Nowadays, kids easily become familiar with technology. But if they use it without supervision, they can be exposed to its side effects. The same goes for internet usage. No doubt, the internet is the hub of information. However, not all the content available there is suitable for your kids to access.

Parental control gives parents the authority to decide and restrict their children from accessing irrelevant data. They can stop their children from spending too much time using their devices by setting screen time limits for them.

Apart from this, there are malicious programs that unknowingly intrude into the device with false intentions. With proper monitoring tools, you can keep your children away from them. Thus parental control plays a vital role in keeping your kids safe in the digital environment.

What are the Benefits of Parental Control Apps?

There are numerous benefits of parental control apps. Having a reliable parental control app makes it easy for you to secure your children from all the online threats. It enables parents to check what kids do on their smartphone or devices, whether they are following healthy surfing habits or not.

Monitor Your kid’s Devices

Parental control apps will let you have clear visibility into the device of your children. Parents need to ensure that their children are not being involved in unhealthy practices. Parents can check out details like what kind of apps are installed on their child’s device, which app their kids use the most, how much time they spend using it, etc. Features like call monitoring, SMS tracking, app usage tracking, help parents to know the day-to-day activities of their children.

Track your kid’s Location

Making sure your kid is safe isn’t always easy especially when they are constantly on their smartphone. Fortunately, there are parental control apps that have options for tracking location and keeping you connected to your child. The purpose of these apps allows users to keep track of where their kids are located. With these apps, you can define safe and restricted areas for kids. Whenever your children are out of the safe region, you receive notification on your device instantly.

Protect Kids from Inappropriate Content

Many parental control apps provide the feature of blocking apps and websites that are not suitable for kids. Parents can stop the kids from viewing age-restricted content. Not just this, but they can restrict kids from downloading applications without their permission. Blocking inappropriate sites is the best way to keep children in a safe environment. Also, many apps offer social media monitoring features to keep the parents aware of what their child is posting or downloading from there.

Screen Time Control

Technology can be addictive for kids. Playing online games, watching funny videos, listening to music, etc. for a longer duration can lead to addiction and also affect the physical well-being of children. Parental control app helps parents to set a limit on how many hours can children use these applications. Whenever children exceed this time limit, a notification is sent on the parent’s device to inform them.

Parental Satisfaction

Parental control apps are beneficial and easy-to-use tools to help parents maintain vigilance and regulate their children’s online activities. Everyone wants the best for their children. But you can never be too careful in this age of cybercrime. Choosing the best parental control software is a great alternative to other methods of keeping your children safe. It brings peace of mind for the parents and security for kids.

What are parental control tools used for?

Using the internet has its pros and cons. Especially for children, as they are the ones who can easily be fooled or influenced by anything they see on the web. To avoid this, parental control tools have a major role to play. These tools are used for:

Set User Permisssions: Parental control tools allow parents to access permission for their kids. These permissions can be related to accessing a particular application or website, refraining kids from installing or uninstalling any software, playing online games, etc.

Apply Web Filters: Parents are the ones who can decide what kind of activities on the web are productive for kids. Therefore, they can restrict the access depending upon the categories they want their kids to view.

Set App Usage Time: To ensure that kids do not spend excessive time on the internet, parents can set the screen-time schedule for them. They can specify a time limit for which kids can access the web.

Block Inappropriate Website: Parents can make sure that their children do not access websites that contain age-restricted or inappropriate content. With the help of web filters, they can block such websites directly.

Activity Reports: These reports help parents to analyze the overall activities that kids perform on the web and their devices. They can see what sites at what time and for how long their kids visit to decide if it is appropriate or not.

Bottom Line

There is no harm for kids to use the internet as long as it is under the supervision of parents. As a parent, you must ensure that your children are learning good digital habits and they are safe from any online threats.

Parental control apps can serve this purpose efficiently. From monitoring their smartphones to getting an update about their live location, you can be stress-free about their safety in digital space and in real life.

Choosing a suitable software from the above-discussed list of the best parental control apps in 2021 will make parenting easy for you.