How Do Parents Cope With A Disabled Child?

Many children have disability encounters challenges such as: physically, mentally, and relational. Parents with such…

Many children have disability encounters challenges such as: physically, mentally, and relational. Parents with such Children have worried and need to do extra planning to raise their child. Every parent wants their children to have every opportunity available to them. If your child been diagnosed with a learning disability? Then with these parenting tips, you can help your child build self-confidence and find success at school and in life.

How to Deal With a Disabled Child

Every child needs love, encouragement, and support. So you need to support them with some learning disabilities such as reinforcement can help build self-worth, confidence in your child. Parents should not only provide to “cure” the learning disability but also make sure to give your child the social and emotional tools so that they can face the challenges. Always keep in mind that the way you react or responds towards your child has a big impact on your child.

You are not alone

Tell your child that many children are physically challenged in this world; you are not alone. And support your child and encourage them to show that you all are with you, so you no need to take the stress.

Identify How Your Child Learns Best

The human with the Disabled has their own unique learning style. Some people learn best by seeing, reading, some are best in listening, and others are by doing. So a parent can help their child by identifying their primary learning style. Once you’ve figured out how they learn best, then you can plan for such type of learning in their school.

Research Your Child’s Disability

Reading about the disability and getting more knowledge can help you understand what your child is going through with disability, and then you should be prepared for the various challenges you and your child will face.

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Find Good Specialists

Research and find out the people who have experience in cases like your child’s. Choose the doctor who will ready to listen properly and has a helpful attitude. Choosing the best specialist can be a great resource to you and your child.

Teach Your Child at Their Level

Don’t over teach your child beyond their capacity, and they may be irritated and feel boring. If your child is a fluent reader, then let them read any chapter of the book.

Feel Your Child Proud

Your child has challenges and may have weak points and also strong points, so the most important thing is to love them so that they feel comfortable and feel them proud. Let them know that you are so strong, person.

Follow Healthy Lifestyle Habits

It is studied that common sense involves the body as well as the brain, so make your child both mentally and physically healthy with some healthy lifestyle habits such as eating, sleep, and exercise habits. If your child is eating, sleep, and exercise habits, then they can able to focus, concentrate, and work hard.

Some Ideas for Parents to Help Children with Physical Disabilities

Raising a child is a challenging responsibility for every parent. When the child has a physical or intellectual disability, then the challenges are greater. In this stage, the children need special educational needs or special equipment for support. Raising children who have physical disabilities requires thoughtful planning for both parents and care providers. But children with physical disabilities require a special type of assistance and support.

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Help Your Children to Be Independent

Children with physical disabilities want to walk or play like other children, and they also want to go to the park and want to play outside games. Some parents get angry, but this is not the right way, parents should provide appropriate help and encourage children to try to do things themselves. It may take some time, but by the help of some equipment such as a wheelchair, you can move them outside. With the help of wheelchairs for kids, they can go park, shopping mall, morning walk, and any nearest place from your home. You may plan for a beach vacation with your child to entertain them like other children, and now you think that how is it possible to carry or manage with disable children. You can buy beach wheelchairs which helps your child to go the distance. Make sure that you are choosing the right beach wheelchair for more comfort for your child. Doing things independently helps children can build self-confidence and independence. So you should provide encouragement and patience to your children.

Specific Ways that can Support Children with Physical Disabilities

There are some ways parents can support the learning of children who have physical disabilities. Here are given some specific ways below:

What to Do While Move Around in Play Areas

  • Use heavy, stable furniture like a wheelchair for disabled person and equipment that cannot be easily knocked over your child.
  • Arrange furniture and equipment with a wide loose so that your children can move around more freely.
  • Choose a safe place for walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, so other children do not trip over them.
  • Bind the seat belt of the wheelchair tightly. Choose the wheelchair with a large tray across the arms so that your kids can participate more fully in child care activities.
  • Make them play such as secure paper, painting mixing bowls or puzzle blocks to the table or floor.
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Busy with Some Learning Activities

  • Provide them with some learning activity tools which are used for holding, transferring and releasing.
  • Make sure you provide your child as per their age group such as a baby toy, dinosaur fabric etc.
  • Make sure activity areas are well lighted
  • Guide your children some exercises to move all body parts.
  • Provide spray bottles to practice the squeezing motion so that they can use scissors.

Guide Classmates How To Help A Child with A Physical Disability

  • You should teach children to encourage their classmate to do activities as much as possible on their own.
  • Classmate eager to help a child with a physical disability, but ask them to do things by own self.
  • Let guide your children how to offer help respectfully.
  • Try to encourage your children to find creative ways, such as: moving blocks to a table, and it may help that make it easier for a child in a wheelchair to participate.


In the end, the most important thing is that your child leads a fulfilling life. So you should help them by combining education and leisure, with fun and responsibility. You can support their development and share in their successes. Your child does not wish for you to have his/her disability. So Look at her/him with respect and make her feel needed. Hope the above mentioned some ways to equip disabled children and their parents to overcome adversity to lead a full, capable life.