Best Parental Control Apps For iPhone and iPad 2021

Are you looking for the best parental control apps for iPhone? Parental control apps are definitely a blessing if you have kids whose first mobile phone is iPhone. Now, it is a fact that iPhone is the safest smartphone in the world but, maybe, with parental control app for iPhone that can keep your kids under your watchful eyes get some more peace of mind and sleep at night when they are not home.

We all want to limit our kids’ social media use and screen time. We need a way to know where our children are at all times, especially if they are lost, stranded, or staying with someone else. We need the ability to monitor their activities so we can supervise them, correct poor behavior, and prevent them from running into danger.

With so many different parental control apps for iPhone on the market, it can be hard to know which is right for your family. There are a number of different iOS parental control apps for iPhone, but not every option is a good one. It can be hard to keep control of kids while you’re with them, never mind when they’re off on their smart device — so you want to make sure the protection you’re using is the best.

7 Best iOS Parental Control Apps for iPhone and iPad

If you’re looking for the best parental control apps for iOS platform then, you’ve come to the right place. Parental control apps can be a great solution to manage your children’s iPhone and iPad usage. These apps can turn your iPad or iPhone into an advanced mobile device management system and allow you to filter websites, set time limits, block certain applications, and monitor location. So let’s have a look at seven free iOS parental control apps.

Here I have selected 7 best iOS parental control apps for iPhone and iPad to help parents monitor kids’ smartphone activities.

TigerMom Application for Online Safety

The best iOS parental control app for a safe internet experience

With the TigerMom app, you can do the following:

  • Control app usage
  • Track time limits
  • Control games access
  • Filter web content

TigerMom is an impeccable parental control app for iPhone that helps parents in managing children’s devices. It provides kids with a safe browsing environment by giving permission controls to their parents.

You can set restrictions on apps, websites, or anything that you find is not healthy for your kids to watch on the internet. By filtering objectionable content, you can keep your children away from it. Moreover, you can block the internet access of your child’s device whenever you want.

It is a feasible, yet effective web app that provides you an easy way to manage online activities for your kids. You can quickly connect and sync all the devices in no time. Moreover, with screen time monitoring, you can make sure that your kids are not involved in extra surfing activities.

  • Blocks inappropriate content
  • Feasible setup
  • Provide safe online search
  • Gives application control
  • Buying a TigerMom box is necessary
  • No location tracking

What can you do with the TigerMom parental control app?

TigerMom has all the features to keep your families safe from cyber threats! These are:

Safe Searches

Parents can block inappropriate searches on search engines like Google, Bing, and Youtube. It will create a safe and secure environment for kids. Also, this way, you can define the things that they can watch to gain something fruitful.

Set Time Limits

This feature allows fetching a detailed report of what kids are watching online, which app they access the most, and what they are doing on it. Not just this, but you can set the allowed time for which they can access it.

Access Control

If your child is addicted to online games, then this feature is beneficial for you. With TigerMom, you can restrict your children’s access to whichever website you want. In simple words, you can control when and for how long they can access any website like gaming, shopping, etc.

Easy Setup

Unlike other applications, configuring TigerMom as per your preferences is easy. It has a user-friendly UI, and you can modify your settings whenever you want.

How to subscribe to the TigerMom app?
For single device protection

TigerMom is a duo of a device and application that can be easily configured with your home’s router for a safe online experience. This parental control device is available at $4.99 per month. Users can also go for six months subscription available at

$29.94 for six months.

TigerMom has made life easier for me. It gives a detailed insight into my children’s online activity. I have the liberty to set their routine as per my wish. Happy that I choose this product.

–Brian Wang

The best free parental control app for iPhone developed by Google

Here is what the Google Family Link app allows users to do:

  • View activity logs
  • Device locking
  • Enforce app restrictions
  • Limit screen time

Many parents choose Google Family Link to create healthy surfing habits in their children. Nowadays, when kids are exploring things on the internet, as a parent, this app helps you to stay alert about their web activities.

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Most importantly, this is a free-of-cost application. It means that you can gain complete control over what your children are doing on their devices without paying any fee. However, despite being a free application, it won’t let you compromise the digital safety of your kid.

The app allows you to view the activity report of your children. This report shows how much time your child is spending using which kind of application. It will depict the statistics in the form of a graphic representation that shows the time spent using that particular app.

  • Easy setup
  • Recommends useful apps
  • Works on certain chrome and iOS devices
  • Set time limits
  • No geofencing notification
  • Do not log website activity

What can you do with the Google Family Link parental control app?

We have listed-down the features of the Google Family Link app below:

App recommendations

Google Family link recommends you the applications that are good to use for your children. These are teacher-recommended apps that you can install on the device directly.

Device Lock

To ensure that your kids take a break from their regular surfing activities, the device lock feature allows parents to remotely lock the devices. Whether you want them to play outside or study, you can lock their device whenever needed.

Track Location

You can locate your kids when they are traveling alone, provided they are carrying their devices with them. This way, you will be informed about their route and can be assured about their safety on the go.

Screen time limit

As a parent, you can decide the right amount of time for your children to access the web. You can schedule hours for which kids can use their devices for accessing the internet.

“Earlier, my kids use to download a lot of games and applications without taking permission from me. Now with Google Family Link, they cannot do so! It will require my approval for downloading. Also, I can set a time duration for each day for children to access the internet related to their school homework and other stuff.

— Ammy Conner

Offering top deals among the best parental control apps

The parental control attributes in are:

  • Track calls
  • Trace wi-fi connections
  • Record SIM location
  • View downloads

With, you can stay updated about the activities that your kids perform online. You can monitor their device completely to ensure their digital well-being. Be it social media monitoring or mobile application usage monitoring, is here to help.

The application is available in both free and paid versions. Of course, not all the features are available in the free version, but it does have basic monitoring capabilities. Also, the free subscription plan will provide you accessibility for a limited number of devices. also offers discounts on bulk orders. Though, you can purchase either a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription depending upon your requirement. But, purchasing the license for 12 months is cheaper than the monthly subscription.

  • Robust monitoring features
  • Keystroke logger
  • Social media monitoring
  • Allows website history monitoring
  • Quite expensive
  • The free version offers very few features

What can you do with the control app? app is rich in parental control features such as:

Monitor Calls, SMS, Contacts

You can view the incoming and outgoing call records of your kid’s phone easily. Details like location, date, time, call duration, and much more can be easily identified. All this information is organized in a control panel.

Check Photos & Videos

Access all the photos that were taken or downloaded on your children’s device. You can monitor photos remotely as well with the help of an online portal. These records will show you the time and date stamps of the photo.


The keystroke logger of helps you to keep a record of keys that are pressed on the kid’s device. This software adds the keystroke recorded data to special log files.

Instant Alerts

In, you receive alerts related to geofencing, keyword, uninstall, and wi-fi change. For example, the geofencing feature of the application allows you to set safe and restricted areas. Whenever your kid is out of safe range, you receive an instant alert about it.

Multiple Subscription plans offered by
Free Plan

The free version of the app allows you to monitor calls and SMS of your Kid’s device. If you want to enjoy exclusive features, then you must opt for paid plans.

Basic Plan

The basic plan is classified as follows:

  • 1-Month License $9.99
  • 3-Month License $19.99
  • 6-Month License $39.99
  • 12-Month License $69.99
$69.99 for 12-Month License
Premium Plan

The premium plan is classified as follows:

  • 1-Month License$19.99
  • 3-Month License$39.99
  • 6-Month License$79.99
  • 12-Month License$99.99
$99.99 for 12-Month License

I was advised by my friend to use The application is undoubtedly a smart choice for parents. With the help of it, I can monitor the digital behavior of my child. It allows me to stop my kid from accessing inappropriate websites with ease. Satisfied and happy.

–Jacob Frank

Meet FamilyTime Parenting Solution

The best parental control app for iPhone and iPad available in a variety of plans

Parents like Meet FamilyTime app because of:

  • Data privacy
  • Compatibility
  • Safe search features
  • Panic alerts

Meet FamilyTime is the ultimate solution for parents for effortless parental control practices. The application will help you to prevent your kids from getting involved in unhealthy web surfing. With this application, you can stay informed, alert, and prepared to save your children from online threats.

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The software offers the feature of SOS alert. It will help you to keep your children within your reach always. In a single tap, your kids can send you the notification to inform you about the emergency. The current location of the kid’s device is sent along with the SOS alert.

Meet FamilyTime is compatible with iOS devices. The latest update of the application includes features like text message monitoring, internet schedule for iOS, app usage statistics, etc.

  • Allows application blocking
  • Provide call logs
  • Internet filtering
  • SOS feature
  • Uneasy app blocker interface
  • The cellular connection is required for geofencing alerts

What can you do with the Meet FamilyTime control app?

Below are the app features that will help you to regulate your child’s day-to-day online activities with the help of the best parental control app for iPhone:

Access Web History

This feature enables the user to view the record of the internet history of their kid’s device. It will help parents to ensure that their kids are following safe browsing.

Look at Installed Applications

Not all the apps that are installed on your children’s phones are productive. This feature makes it easy for parents to check applications that are installed on their devices along with their usage frequency and time. Also, parents have the option to block access to unwanted software.

Phone Lock

This app lets you lock the device access of your child’s phone whenever you want. When you do not want to allow your kids to use your phone or if it’s been long hours they are using it, you can instantly pause them.

Tracing location

Using Meet FamilyTime is an accurate solution to track the location of your kids wherever they go. The family locator feature of this app will help you to find out which places your kid visits.

Subscription Plans of Meet FamilyTime App:
MyFamily Plan

This plan costs $2.25 per month and is suitable for single device protection.

$2.25 per month
MyFamily2 Plan

As the name suggests, this plan can protect two devices at $1.46 per month.

$1.46 per month
MyFamily3 Plan

This plan is available for protecting three devices at $1.25 per month.

$1.25 per month
MyFamily5 Plan

This plan provides five device protection at $1.15 per month.

$1.15 per month

“It is a budget-friendly app that every parent should consider buying. It has amazing features that will help you to keep your children away and safe from the darker sides of technology.

— Laura Yeon

Kids Zone Software with Child Lock

The best free parental control app for iPhone with Quick Setup

Kids Zone is the perfect app for to:

  • Balance screen-time
  • Hide personal data
  • Restrict app access
  • Blocking SMS

With a customer base of over 500,000, the Kids Zone app is one of the best parental control apps for iOS. Many parents rely on this application to keep a track of children’s online behavior.

It is a free application and easy to configure on iOS devices. This app will help you to create a protected environment for your kids while they access the internet. Parents can decide the apps that can be used by their children.

For a better user experience, the app is integrated with technology-rich tools like child lock, screen time control, SMS blocker, etc. Thus, you can restrict your child’s use of games, videos, photos, and other apps whenever you want, enhancing their safety.

  • Free of cost
  • Easy to install
  • Reduced battery usage
  • Maintain data privacy from kids
  • Requires new updates
  • Stops responding sometimes

What can you do with the Kids Zone control app?

There are several features in the app that makes it a suitable choice for parents. These are:

Customize Call and SMS settings

Kids Zone allows parents to block calls or messages that they find to be inappropriate. It means children cannot forward or receive the message without the permission of their parents.

Block In-app Purchases

There many applications that provide in-app purchasing features. With Kids Zone parental control software, you can block them. Simultaneously you can block any app installation from the play store.

Disable Browsing

Many parents use this feature to ensure that their children stay focused while studying. For this, they temporarily disable internet browsing from the Kids Zone app. It keeps children away from internet distractions.

Screen Time Counter

When your kid’s screen time is about to reach its limit, a countdown starts to display on the screen. This countdown represents the time left for your kids to browse the internet.

Child Proof with a lock

This feature is helpful for parents who give their smartphones to their kids for surfing purposes. They can hide their data by setting a security PIN. Also, they can refrain kids from installing or uninstalling any app on their smartphones.

Such a wonderful app. I am using it for few years and love the way it simplifies my work. It allows me to create unlimited children profiles and modify its setting as often as required. Kids Zone is far better than other complex parental control apps.

— Martin Jones

MMGuardian an AI-powered Solution

Can be the best parental control software for iPhone users

MMGuardian is the app that will help you to safeguard your kids by tracking their smartphone activities. With this app, you can protect your children from threats like cyberbullying. The software provides the reports to view text and messages on a child’s device.

Though the app is compatible with iOS devices. But, some features might not work on iOS. To use this application, you will have to install the MMGuardian parental control kids app on the child’s device. Later it can be linked with the parent’s application.

Users have the privilege to opt for a 14-day free trial of the app. For this, they will have to register simply by using an email Id and password.

  • Best fit for Iphone users
  • 14-days trial period
  • Sends priority alerts
  • Limited features for iOS
  • Bit expensive

What can you do with the MMGuardian parental control app?

It is the best parental control app due to the availability of features like:

Priority Notifications

If the application detects any inappropriate text or image in the child’s phone, it instantly sends alerts to the parent’s device. There are some other alerts also related to app installation location updates, etc.

Data Reports

MMGuardian allows parents to access reports that depict the app usage, time duration, call history, web browsing history, etc. By analyzing these reports, you can decide which app is to be restricted or inappropriate and which ones are suitable to use.

Set Flexible Time Limits

Parents can use the time limit feature to schedule the screen time for their kids. They can define a particular period for which they want to allow their kids to use phones. However, they can modify these limits whenever needed.

Device Locator

The location tracking feature of the app keeps parents updated about the real-time location of their children. It is good in terms of the child’s safety. As parents can track the location of their child at any moment when they are traveling alone.

MMGuardian is available in multiple plans:
Monthly Subscription Plan

This plan is for a one-month subscription available at $7.99. It can protect up to 5 devices.

$7.99 for a one-month
Annual Subscription Plan

The annual subscription is for one year at $69.99. It is also for protecting five devices.

$69.99 for one year
5-Year License Plann

Users can also opt for a 5-year license by paying an amount of $149.99.

$149.99 for a 5-year

Moreover, if you want protection for only a single device, then you can choose from the below plans:

  • Monthly Subscription Plan at $3.99
  • Annual Subscription Plan at $34.99
  • 5-Year license Plan at $149.99
$149.99 for 5-Year

The application is worth spending money on! It saves my time in ensuring that my child is following the rules and web restrictions by flashing alerts. I would recommend it to all the parents who want their children to learn only good habits of using technology.

–Teresa Johnson

Kiddie Parental Control Application

The best app for parental control free and paid subscriptions

Kiddie Parental Control app is used for:

  • Content filtering
  • Track network activity
  • YouTube filter
  • Locking apps

Kiddie parental control app allows parents to set limitations to children’s mobile. This app is to be installed on the child’s device directly. The software is secured by a PIN.

You can block the play store by using this app to refrain your child from downloading unwanted applications. Just like other parental monitor apps, you can block the access of inappropriate applications on their device.

The navigation panel of the application is user-friendly and parents can easily operate it. However, Kiddie does not provide any remote access. If you want to configure the restrictions or want to modify them, then you will need the device.

  • Block unwanted content
  • Set call durations
  • Enable Filter YouTube
  • Do not support remote control
  • Forgetting security code can be a problem

What can you do with the Kiddie Parental Control app?

It is the best parental control app due to the availability of features like:

Limit Call Durations

It is a rare feature to set the time limit on the call durations. Parents can configure the time duration for kids to talk over the phone. When kids exceed the defined limit a strong beeping sound starts playing continuously.

Block Inappropriate Content

One of the major concerns of parents these days is to save their children from watching age-restricted content. With kiddie, you can block websites that you think are not suitable for kids.

Security Lock

To make sure that your kids do not make any changes in your preferred settings of the application, you can secure the app with a PIN or code.

Youtube Filtering

With the help of the kiddie parental control app, you can enable YouTube Parental Filter. This will prevent kids from watching unsuitable videos. You can also set the time limit for kids to access YouTube.

I am thankful to Kiddie for providing such incredible features. The application works efficiently and is protected with the help of a password. Though, the trial version lacks the features. But the paid version is worthy enough. Parents must give it a try.

–Stella Foster