How to Help Your Teen Plan for the Future

Moving from childhood to adulthood is a difficult life change for everyone involved, and especially…

Moving from childhood to adulthood is a difficult life change for everyone involved, and especially the parent who suddenly has to watch their child grow up and move on for more independence. It’s important to support your teen and help them plan during this key transitional period, especially if they are leaving high school and struggling to decide what to do as their next step.

Here are some important ways you can help your teen plan for their future.

Be Open-Minded

It’s important as a parent to let your teen make their own choices. Even if it’s not necessarily what you wanted for them or what you expected of them, it’s important to support your teen in what they want to do, and have an open mind when it comes to their future.

You shouldn’t try to influence your teen into choosing something which they really do not want to do, such as a specific course at university. You can always offer your opinion and advice, but be sure to present it in a supportive way.

Look into Universities Together

Trying to choose the perfect university, not to mention the course to study, can be overwhelming for a teen. Help them by researching what you can about their potential options, discussing their options with them and also taking a tour or visiting potential universities.

You may also want to sit down with your teen to discuss scholarship options, like sport scholarships and more.

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Encourage More Independence

When your teen is reaching an important next step, such as going off to live at university or beginning to work full-time, it’s important that they be as independent as possible. This can start at home with you as a parent, by taking a step back and allowing your teen to do more for themselves. Also, encourage them to learn daily habits which they might not already know, such as how to use a washing machine, or how to cook.

These are basic skills, and if they don’t already know them, it’ll be a boon to teach them to your teen before they plan to move or take the next important step.

Inspire Better Savings Habits

Whether you, as a parent, want to open a savings fund yourself to save money for your teen’s future, or if you want to teach your teen better savings habits and encourage them to start their own fund, this is highly encouraged. Financial stability is crucial for a teen making life choices and implementing changes.

It’s important, as a parent, to teach your child the value of good money management and responsibility — especially if they have recently begun working and earning their own pay.

Support Them With Employment Opportunities

Perhaps your teen is going for their very first interview, or needs to learn professional skills. You can help by taking them shopping for their first interview outfit, help them write their resume, or do a practice interview with them during which you can ask them questions.

Helping your teen plan is all about supporting them in their own decisions, and teaching them valuable skills they can take going forward.

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