Parenting and the Great Outdoors

Parenting is simultaneously the most rewarding and most challenging task a human being can undertake….

Parenting is simultaneously the most rewarding and most challenging task a human being can undertake. It’s a virtual roller coaster, with ups, downs, screams, laughs and everything in between. While not everyone chooses to become a parent, those that do experience a phenomenon like no other.

But life with kids isn’t meant to be lived cooped up inside. You need to let your kids experience the great outdoors. Let’s explore how you can parent while having some adventures outside.

Get a Suitable Pram

Especially while your children are young, you’ll need a decent pram to get around with. A double pram is suited if you have twins, or two kids both quite young. This way you can go for walks, visit the park or other outdoor areas without worrying about how to move your children about.

There are heaps of prams on the market, each with different features and price points. Do your research and get one that suits your budget, needs and lifestyle.

A Baby Carrier

If you’re still keen on walks, hikes and outdoor exploration with a baby, you’ll need to invest in a papoose or baby carrier. These strap to your back and hips and allow you to use both hands while carrying your baby.

It’s worth getting an ergonomic carrier, as getting any old one can place undue strain on your back, waist and hips.

Again, there is a crowded market, but an ergonomic one is a must.

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Take Them Camping

Your child is never too young to take on a camping trip. Just make sure you pack everything that they would need at home to stay fed, hydrated and comfortable. Camping with a baby can be an absolute delight, provided you have some help. It’s not recommended to do this by yourself. Always camp with someone else in case anything goes awry. You may also wish to camp a bit closer to civilisation than you usually would, so there is a doctor or hospital nearby.

A Picnic Day Trip

If you’d rather stay closer to home but still experience the great outdoors, you could always pack the car for a picnic and go on a day trip. There are guaranteed to be some idyllic parks, forests or rivers within a day’s drive of your home.

Pack some kid-friendly snacks and drinks and some simple games to play, and you’ll have a great time. Invite some friends and family for the trip as well and make it an outing to remember. Depending on where you’re going, you can also truly experience your natural surroundings by hiking, fishing, or simply playing a little bit of football.

Sea Air – A Trip to the Beach

A day trip to the beach is another fantastic way to let your kids experience the great outdoors: the salty sea smell, the warm sand, sunscreen, hats and boogie boards. You can easily spend hours at the beach before retiring to a nice dinner of fish and chips.

A tip for the summer months – go early, and leave before the day peaks. This way, you avoid the intense heat and the risk of sunburn and heatstroke.

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A Fishing Trip

Once the kids are a bit older, you may want to take them on a fishing trip out on a boat, or off a pier. This way, they can experience the ocean while bonding with you over fishing. This is a great way to connect with your kids and have them experience the wonders of nature.

Summing Up

Letting your kids experience the great outdoors is a brilliant way to bond with them as a parent.

When they’re younger, make sure that you have a suitable pram. A baby carrier is also a good idea. Take them hiking and camping or on a lovely picnic. A trip to the beach or a fishing expedition is another way they can experience the great outdoors.