How Your Toddler Can Be Part of the Family Road Trip

Many families have turned to the familiar, tried and trusted means of holidaying and the road trip has made a serious comeback in recent times. It’s a fabulous way to see the country and can be done at your own pace and with the exact people that you want in your company.

With the right planning and booking trips early, mixing up the accommodation and food, eating out and sleeping in more spacious accommodation in tandem with cooking in and sleeping in the RV or tents, the road trip is cost effective and a fun way to get back into travel.

This article provides some advice and insight as to how new moms out there can also engage with and be part of this trend. It’s a tricky prospect to consider road tripping with your toddler and the rest of the family, but it can be done and will prove to be a great deal more pleasant if planned in advance and if the following aspects are considered in this planning process.

The Problem for New Moms

The drive may be too long

The traditional road trip, as it says on the can, is predominantly spent on the road which can present a major problem for a young baby or small children. You may need mobile RV repair Utah if something happens to your vehicle. Modern RVs may be sold as providing sufficient space while in travel and indeed the top of the range RVs and campers will allow for play and activity space while on the road. However, for the majority of road trippers, the space will be a major problem and being confined for long period of time will drive many toddlers and their parents to distraction.

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Utilities suited to a toddler

The RV or camper must be suitable for small children. Just as you would do a safety check in the home and use soft corners and edges, stair gates and feeding chairs, the same must be done in the road trip vehicle. A fixed changing station is advised so that a nappy change can be performed while on the move.

The solutions

  • Transport the RV to where you are planning to visit, then you can spend the time there getting a trailer hired to move your RV, though you will need professional heavy equipment transport. So, plan in advance and find the most cost-effective and toddler-friendly means to get to the destination and start driving from there.
  • More frequent stops may be beneficial, so choose a road trip route that provides for frequent attractions or stop per meal as many road trippers with kids do. There is a great selection of diners and roadhouse restaurants across the country and most will cater for your needs.
  • Make it about the attractions and destinations rather than the drive, and as long as your heavy equipment transporter is reliable, you can literally go wherever there is a train station or airport in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken you to drive there.
  • Drive when they sleep, rotate the driving and, where there are no great natural attractions to see, get these bits out of the way in the late evenings after bedtime.

Whether you have a toddler and young children or are an expecting mom, a well-planned road trip, where you try to minimize the drive and use the right vehicle with the right utilities and accessories, can be a most enjoyable holiday.

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