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What is Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the stage where one or more than one offspring develops inside a woman.Pregnancy is also known as gestation. When male and female get sexual intercourse, then pregnancy occurred. The end-stage of pregnancy may end in a live birth, abortion, or miscarriage.Generally, It takes around 40 weeks last menstrual period (LMP). Symptoms of early pregnancy may include missed periods. It will be confirmed after the pregnancy test, which needs special care or treatment. And the 3rd stage from 29 weeks through 40 weeks.

Facts about Pregnancy 

  1. Prenatal care improves pregnancy outcomes.
  2. Pregnancy lady should take taking extra folic acid and avoid drugs and alcohol.
  3. This process should be complications disorders of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, iron-deficiency anaemia
  4. Globally, 44% of pregnancies are unplanned.
  5. Common discomforts of pregnancy include Tiredness, Morning sickness, Pelvic girdle Back pain, low Blood Pressure etc.
  6. During pregnancy, a woman undergoes many physiological changes.
  7. Breast changes in sizes, larger and turns darker nipple.
  8. The uterus gets a lot bigger in size.
  9. Till date, the longest pregnancy is about 365 days long.
  10. And the most the shortest was 21 weeks four days.
  11. During pregnancy, the voice of women can change.
  12. Some pregnant lady develops diabetes.
  13. Your Babies can taste certain foods in the womb
  14. Heartburn of pregnant lady really could mean a baby with more hair.
  15. The maximum no of babies born in one time is 8.
  16. Pregnant women produce more oestrogen in a day as compared to other women.
  17. Babies can cry and smile in the womb.
  18. Pregnant women often get thicker and shinier hair.
  19. At the time of birth, the pelvic bone separates.
  20. Mother can start producing breast milk just 14 weeks into their pregnancy.
  21. Consuming protein powder boost your pregnancy Nutrition.
  22. Early Age has a maximum monthly chance of conception is around 20% where By age 40, the chance is around 5%.
  23. Hormones play a big role in pregnancy
  24. Your belly button may poke out
  25. Some pregnant woman get have Stretch marks.