31 Best Baby Shower Decorations Ideas For 2023

When do you have a baby shower

Baby showers are the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and to honor the parents-to-be. It’s a time for loved ones to come together and shower the growing family with love, gifts, and well wishes. A well-planned baby shower brings joy to parents-to-be and creates unforgettable memories for everyone involved.

However, one of the key elements in creating a memorable baby shower is the decorations. But how do you choose the best decorations for a baby shower? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 31 best baby shower decoration ideas that will surely make the party a hit! From whimsical themes to elegant designs, there’s something for every type of celebration.

Best Baby Shower Decoration Ideas At Home

Baby shower decorations should be more than just party supplies; they should create a welcoming atmosphere for the expectant mother and her guests. Generally, baby shower party decorations are all about the colors and designs suitable for the occasion. To make your baby shower decorations stand out, here are some baby shower ideas you can try at your home:

1. Little Pumpkin Decoration

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For a baby shower celebration in the fall, the little pumpkin decoration is a perfect choice. You can use faux pumpkins and personalize them by painting the expectant mother’s name and due date on them. However, you can also add a banner of “a little pumpkin is on the way” to make it more festive. Here are some other ideas you can try with pumpkins:

  • Use mini pumpkins as centerpieces and fill them with flowers.
  • Use autumn leaves and warm-colored table settings to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Decorate with pumpkin-shaped candles and string lights to add a warm glow to the party.
  • To complete the theme, serve pumpkin-flavored desserts and drinks.

2. Woodland Decoration

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For a new mother-to-be, a woodland-themed baby shower decoration is perfect. Create a rustic atmosphere with elements like tree stumps, wooden signs, and woodland animal figurines. You can also incorporate natural elements such as pinecones and branches to add depth to the decor. Some other ideas for this theme include:

  • Use greenery and floral arrangements in earthy tones such as brown, green, and orange.
  • Make a DIY photo booth with woodland-themed props like animal masks and tree branches.
  • You can also hire professional decorators to create a woodland-themed backdrop for your party.
  • Serve woodland-inspired treats like acorn-shaped cookies or mushroom cupcakes.

3. Safari Balloon Garland

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Bring the wild and adventurous spirit of a safari to your baby shower with a safari balloon garland. This decoration idea is perfect for jungle-themed baby showers or for those who love the wonders of the animal kingdom. To make a DIY balloon garland, you’ll need an assortment of balloons in safari colors such as green, brown, and gold. To do this decoration:

  • Start by inflating the balloons in different sizes and shapes.
  • Use a balloon arch strip or chicken wire to create the base for your garland.
  • Layer the balloons in various sizes, starting from the bottom and working your way up.
  • Add greenery like palm leaves or vines to give it a more realistic look.

4. Pom-Pom Decoration

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Add a touch of whimsy and fun to your baby shower with pom-pom decorations. These fluffy balls of yarn are easy to make and can be used in various ways to add color and texture to your party decor. Pom-pom party supply items like garlands, cake toppers, and drink stirrers are also available if you don’t want to make them yourself. To make pom-poms:

  • Wrap yarn around your fingers or a cardboard template and tie it in the middle.
  • Cut the loops on both sides and fluff up the pom-pom.
  • Use different colors to create a fun and vibrant look.
  • You can also contact a baby shower decoration service to create custom pom-poms in your desired colors and sizes.

5. Oh Baby! Gold Balloon Decoration

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Make a statement with this classic and elegant gold balloon decoration. These giant metallic balloons can be used to spell out “oh baby” or other phrases like “welcome baby” or “baby on the way.” To create this decoration:

  • Purchase large gold letter balloons and string them together to form your phrase.
  • Hang the balloon banner above the dessert table or gift area.
  • You can also add smaller gold balloons in different shapes, like stars or hearts, to complement the banner.
  • For added glam, sprinkle some confetti inside the balloons before inflating them.

6. Diaper Cake Centerpiece

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Welcome your little one with a practical and adorable diaper cake centerpiece. These cakes are not edible but are made entirely out of diapers, making them a creative and useful decoration for any baby shower. To make a diaper cake:

  • Roll up individual diapers and tie them together with ribbon or rubber bands.
  • Stack the rolled diapers on top of each other to form tiers like a traditional cake.
  • You can decorate the diaper cake with items like baby toys, pacifiers, and ribbons.
  • Tuck in some small gifts for the mom-to-be, like bath products or socks for the baby.

7. Teddy Bear Balloon Arch

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If you’re having a teddy bear-themed baby shower, this balloon arch is the perfect decoration for you. Generally, teddy bear baby shower decorations come in soft pastel colors like pink, blue, and brown. To create a teddy bear balloon arch:

  • Use mostly pink or blue balloons for the arch, with some brown and white ones to represent the teddy bear.
  • Add a large teddy bear balloon as the centerpiece of the arch.
  • You can also customize the colors and design for a more personalized touch.

8. Baby in Bloom Decoration

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Baby in Bloom Decoration is a fun and unique way to incorporate flowers into your baby shower decor. This decoration is perfect for a spring or garden-themed shower. You can also add baby shower games and activities to the baby-in-bloom decoration. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use flower-shaped paper cutouts to create a backdrop for photos.
  • You can also make a DIY flower garland or purchase pre-made ones to add to the decor.
  • Have guests create their mini bouquets using baby socks and washcloths as the petals.
  • Set up a flower arrangement for a crown-making station for guests to create their crowns.

9. Baby-Q-Baby Decoration

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A Baby-Q-Baby shower is a fun and casual way to celebrate the arrival of a little one. This theme is perfect for outdoor baby showers, especially during the summer or spring season. Some other ideas for this theme include:

  • Use mason jars as vases and fill them with wildflowers or sunflowers.
  • Hang string lights and paper lanterns to create a festive ambiance.
  • Set up a BBQ station with different types of meat, veggies, and sauces for guests to enjoy.
  • Create a DIY lemonade stand or serve other refreshing drinks like iced tea or fruit punch.

10. ‘Mommy To Be’ Sash

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Mommy To Be Sash is a simple yet meaningful decoration idea that is a must-have for any baby shower. You can decorate your party space with photos of the expectant mother and hang a sash with “Mommy To Be” written on it. Some other ideas for this decoration include:

  • Create a sash with custom embroidery or iron-on letters to personalize it further.
  • Decorate your seating area with throw pillows that say “Mommy To Be” or “Baby On Board.”
  • Use the same decorations on your food and dessert table to tie it all together.

11. Halloween Baby Shower Decoration

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Hosting a baby shower near Halloween? Embrace the spooky season with a Halloween-themed baby shower decoration. You can go all out with creative and creepy decorations or keep it more light-hearted with cute and festive elements. Some ideas for this theme include:

  • Use black and orange as your main color scheme.
  • Hang spider webs, bats, and other spooky decorations around the party space.
  • Create a DIY candy bar with Halloween-themed treats like candy corn and pumpkin-shaped chocolates.
  • Have a pumpkin-painting station where guests can decorate their own pumpkins as party favors.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Baby Boy

If you’re expecting a baby boy, there are plenty of decoration ideas to make your baby shower a memorable one. Baby shower decorations are a great way to set the tone for your party and make it feel special. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Oh Boy! Tie Dye Decoration

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Oh Boy! Tie Dye baby shower decoration is a fun and unique idea that will add a pop of color to your party. With this theme, you can play around with different colors and patterns to create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere. Here’s how you can incorporate tie-dye into your baby shower decorations:

  • Use tie-dyed linens for tablecloths or as backdrops for photo ops.
  • Craft tie-dye banners with “Oh Boy!” messages to hang around the venue.
  • Encourage guests to wear tie-dye clothing or provide tie-dye onesies as a creative activity.
  • Enhance the theme with tie-dye cupcakes or cookies as delightful treats.

2. Prince Baby Shower Decoration

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Royal Prince baby shower decorations are a classic and elegant way to celebrate the arrival of a baby boy. Incorporate royal elements such as crowns, scepters, and a sophisticated blue and gold color scheme for an elegant and majestic ambiance. To create a royal baby shower decoration:

  • Craft crown-shaped centerpieces using gold paper and blue accents.
  • Decorate the venue with banners featuring phrases like “Little Prince” or “His Royal Highness.”
  • Use gold and blue balloons to create a royal balloon arch at the entrance.
  • Choose invitations with a royal crest design to set the tone for the princely celebration.

3. Blue Boy Elephant Decoration

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The blue boy elephant baby shower decoration is a cute and charming theme that is perfect for a sweet little prince on the way. This adorable animal-themed decoration idea is ideal for those looking for a soft, subtle, and relaxing ambiance. Some ways to incorporate this theme into your decorations are:

  • Use blue and gray balloons to create an elephant-shaped balloon arch at the entrance.
  • Use the “It’s a boy” banner with elephant illustrations to decorate the walls.
  • Create a dessert table with blue and gray treats such as macarons, cupcakes, or cake pops.
  • Incorporate stuffed elephant toys into your centerpieces or as party favors for guests.

4. Blue Balloons Garland with Green Leaves

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Bring a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your baby shower with a Blue Balloons Garland adorned with Green Leaves. This decoration combines the serenity of blue with the freshness of greenery for a visually stunning and sophisticated setting.

  • Craft a balloon garland using various shades of blue balloons intertwined with artificial green leaves.
  • Hang the garland as a focal point or use it as a backdrop for a designated area.
  • Incorporate matching blue and green tableware for a cohesive look.
  • Add potted plants or floral arrangements with blue and green accents to complement the theme.

5. StoryBook Shower Decoration

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For a baby shower that celebrates the love for books and reading, consider a StoryBook Shower decoration. Celebrate the joy of storytelling by incorporating classic storybook elements, whimsical characters, and a soft color palette for a charming and nostalgic atmosphere.

  • Create a backdrop featuring cutouts of storybook characters or fairy tale scenes.
  • Use vintage books as table centerpieces or incorporate them into the overall decor.
  • Design invitations resembling a storybook cover, setting the tone for the literary celebration.
  • Consider a book-themed cake or cupcakes as a delightful treat for guests.

6. Little Man Mustache Decoration

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Transform your baby shower into a charming affair with the Little Man Mustache theme. You can incorporate mustache motifs in various elements like banners, invitations, and table settings to create a playful and dapper atmosphere.

  • Cut out mustache shapes from black cardstock and use them as table confetti.
  • Craft a “Little Man” banner using blue and black cardstock and hang it as a focal point.
  • Encourage guests to wear fake mustaches or provide mustache stickers for a fun photo booth activity.
  • Choose a color palette of navy blue, black, and hints of silver for a sophisticated touch.

7. Baby-on-Board Decoration

Celebrate the impending arrival with a Baby-on-Board theme. Incorporate car-themed decor, such as baby carriages, road signs, and cute “baby on board” banners, for a whimsical and lighthearted atmosphere.

  • Craft baby carriage centerpieces using cardboard and decorate them with pastel-colored ribbons or balloons.
  • Hang “baby on board” signs as banners across the venue.
  • Use toy cars as placeholders or table accents.
  • Incorporate road map elements into the invitations and table settings for a cohesive look.

8. Nautical Adventure Decoration

Set sail for a delightful baby shower with a Nautical Adventure theme decoration. Utilize anchors, sailboats, and a blue-and-white color scheme to create a maritime-inspired setting that’s perfect for welcoming the little one.

  • Hang anchor-shaped banners and sailboat cutouts for a nautical backdrop.
  • Use blue and white striped tablecloths to enhance the maritime feel.
  • Incorporate seashells and sand-filled vases as table centerpieces.
  • Opt for sailor-themed invitations to set the tone for the nautical theme.

9. Blue Honeycomb Balls Decoration

Add a touch of whimsy to your baby shower with Blue Honeycomb Balls. These versatile decorations can be hung from the ceiling, used as table centerpieces, or clustered together for a delightful visual impact.

  • Choose varying shades of blue honeycomb balls for a dynamic and visually appealing display.
  • Hang them at different heights to create depth and interest.
  • Combine with white or silver accents to enhance the elegance.
  • Use blue honeycomb balls as part of a backdrop for a designated photo area.

10. Hot-Air Balloon Decoration

Create a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere with a hot-air balloon-themed baby shower decoration. Incorporate colorful balloons, cloud decorations, and imaginative details to create an enchanting atmosphere for the parents-to-be. For this baby shower balloon decoration:

  • Craft hot-air balloon centerpieces using balloons and baskets.
  • Hang cloud-shaped banners or cutouts from the ceiling to evoke a whimsical sky.
  • Use a color palette of soft pastels to enhance the dreamy feel.
  • Attach mini baskets to helium-filled balloons to create floating hot-air balloon decorations.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Baby Girl

For new parents throwing a baby shower for their little princess, there are plenty of adorable decoration ideas to choose from. These decorations will help create a charming and whimsical atmosphere that celebrates the arrival of a baby girl. Here are some baby shower decoration ideas to inspire you:

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star is a gender-neutral decoration idea that is perfect for parents who prefer to keep the baby’s gender a surprise. You can easily add girly elements, such as pink and gold accents, or stick to a more neutral color scheme. Here’s how you can incorporate this theme into your decorations:

  • Hang a backdrop of star-shaped balloons or a banner with the lyrics “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”
  • Use string lights or LED candles to create a starry night effect.
  • Incorporate star-shaped confetti or table scatter for an added touch of sparkle.
  • Serve star-shaped sandwiches or cookies for a fun and festive treat.

2. Pink Elephant Baby Shower Decoration

The pink elephant baby shower decoration is a popular and adorable theme for celebrating the arrival of a little princess. This decoration idea makes use of cute and charming elephant illustrations to create a delightful atmosphere. To do this:

  • Use pink and gray balloons to create an elephant-shaped balloon arch at the entrance.
  • Place stuffed animal elephants on tables as centerpieces.
  • Create a dessert table with pink and gray treats such as cake pops, macarons, or cupcakes.
  • Use “It’s a Girl” banners with cute elephant designs to hang around the venue.

3. Mermaid Baby Shower Decoration

The mermaid baby shower decoration is a fun and whimsical theme that will transport your guests to an under-the-sea adventure. This decoration idea is perfect for a little girl who loves all things magical and sparkly. To this baby shower decoration:

  • Hang a mermaid-themed backdrop or a shimmering blue curtain to mimic the ocean.
  • Use pearlized balloons in shades of blue, purple, and teal to create an underwater vibe.
  • Decorate tables with seashells, starfish, and mermaid tail-shaped confetti.
  • Serve ocean-inspired treats like seashell-shaped cookies and blue punch

4. Captivated Garden Theme Decoration

The Captivated Garden theme is a beautiful and delicate decoration idea that will create a romantic and whimsical atmosphere. This decoration is perfect for parents who want to incorporate pastel colors, florals, and natural elements into their baby shower decorations. To do this:

  • Decorate tables with floral centerpieces and lush greenery.
  • Hang fairy lights or string lights to create a magical ambiance.
  • Place small garden-themed props like birdhouses, butterflies, and mushrooms as table decorations.
  • Use floral-printed tablecloths and napkins to add a touch of nature to the decor.

5. Butterfly Garden Decoration

The butterfly garden decoration is another lovely and girly theme that will add a touch of whimsy to your baby shower. This decoration idea features colorful butterflies, flowers, and pastel colors for a charming and delightful atmosphere. To incorporate this theme into your decorations:

  • Decorate with butterfly cutouts, butterfly balloons, and colorful flowers.
  • Hang butterfly garlands or mobiles for an extra touch.
  • Use butterfly-themed tableware and napkins for a cohesive look.
  • Serve butterfly-shaped cookies and cupcakes as sweet treats for guests.

6. Metallic Purple Butterfly Decoration

Elevate your baby shower with a touch of enchantment through Metallic Purple Butterfly decor. Incorporate shimmering purple butterflies in various sizes and shapes to create a magical and whimsical ambiance, adding a dash of glamour to the celebration.

  • Hang metallic purple butterfly garlands as a stunning backdrop or ceiling decor.
  • Adorn tables with butterfly-shaped centerpieces or scatter them as confetti.
  • Combine purple and silver accents in table settings for a cohesive look.
  • Enhance the theme by incorporating purple butterfly motifs into invitations and signage.

7. Floral Wreath Backdrop

Create a stunning and elegant backdrop with a floral wreath for your baby shower. The Floral Wreath Backdrop will add a touch of sophistication and beauty to the celebration, making it perfect for parents who want a more upscale and classy decoration idea.

  • Choose flowers in soft pastel hues for a delicate and romantic feel.
  • Hang the floral wreath as a backdrop for the main event or a designated photo area.
  • Incorporate greenery and baby’s breath to enhance the overall aesthetic.
  • Coordinate with floral-themed invitations to set the tone for a blooming celebration.

8. Dusty Rose Boho Balloon Garland

Dusty Rose Boho Balloon Garland is a stunning and trendy decoration idea that will add a bohemian flair to your baby shower. This garland features a beautiful blend of muted pink, blush, and ivory balloons for a chic and modern look.

  • Craft a balloon garland using a mix of dusty rose, beige, and ivory balloons.
  • Integrate boho elements like twine and eucalyptus branches for added flair.
  • Hang the garland as a focal point or use it to frame entrances and tables.
  • Choose invitations with boho-inspired designs to complement the overall theme.

9. Honey Bee and Sunflower Decoration

Create a buzzworthy celebration with a Honey Bee and Sunflower theme. Incorporate cheerful yellow sunflowers and cute honey bee accents for a joyful and nature-inspired baby shower that radiates warmth and happiness.

  • Decorate tables with sunflower centerpieces and honey bee figurines.
  • Hang sunflower and honey bee banners for a charming backdrop.
  • Use a color palette of yellow, black, and white to maintain a cohesive look.
  • Consider incorporating honey-flavored treats and sunflower-themed desserts.

10. Pastel Rainbow Decoration

Pastel rainbow decorations are perfect for a gender-neutral baby shower or a celebration for twins. This soft and dreamy theme will create a whimsical and magical atmosphere that is sure to delight guests. You can incorporate pastel rainbow colors in various ways, such as:

  • Craft a rainbow backdrop using pastel-colored streamers or balloons.
  • Decorate tables with pastel rainbow centerpieces or place settings.
  • Incorporate rainbow-themed invitations to set a joyful tone.
  • Consider a rainbow-inspired cake or dessert display as a delightful focal point.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, there are endless possibilities when it comes to baby shower decorations. The key is to choose a theme or color scheme and then get creative with the decor elements. Whether you opt for traditional balloons and banners or DIY projects, make sure to add personal touches that reflect the parent-to-be’s style and preferences. With these decoration ideas, your baby shower will be a memorable and beautiful celebration of the new arrival. So, gather your friends and family, and get ready to welcome the little one in style!

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