10 Fun and Exciting Baby Shower Games

Every new mother can get scared sometimes, thinking about their newborn and the difficulties that might arise. So, why not ease these difficulties with the best gifts.

Is someone close to you having a baby?

Yes, it is surreal and great to think that someone you knew for so long is suddenly going to be a mother.

They are going to go through the most life-changing journey of their lives!

There will be no point in being jealous because there will be a tiny life in her life, and they will love no one more than them!

However, you must also know that things are about to be a little more difficult now.

There is so much more than just sitting idly for nine months and then enjoying the bliss of having your creation.

Thus, as a friend or a close one, you must try to help them as much as you can.


It is a very common question.

Yes, there are ways you can help them.

Are they having a baby shower?

Then how about giving them the best presents which can help them and the baby in the months to come.

Fun & Exciting Baby Shower Gifts

Along with the exciting gifts, you can also advise them on making the most out of their placenta.

In order to protect their child, advise them on preserving the core blood from the umbilical cord. This will secure their future by protecting them from any malignant diseases.

Now, let’s come back to the gifts.

1. Sleep Miracle Soother Sound Machine

This is bliss for new parents!

There are actually sound machines out there that can mimic a mother’s shushing noise. The new mother can also record lullabies in this machine and keep them on when the baby is crying in the middle of the night.

They will stop the eternal sobs and get the baby back to sleep peacefully.

2. Baby Sleeping Bag

This baby sleeping back is known for easy swaddling.

We have always heard how we should always swaddle the baby to give them the warmth to sleep comfortably.

This baby sleeping bag will make swaddling easy without opening the entire swaddle cloth when you plan to change the diaper.

You can easily unzip the baby out of their sleeping bag.

3. Breast Pump Storage Kit

Breast pump storage is something that will be a lifesaver for any working mother.

It is impossible to keep carrying the machine everywhere, but a fashionable kit that will help them store the machine and the preserved bottles are perfect!

This is the most exciting gift that a nursing mother can look for.

4. A Hospital Kit

Yes, it is true that every mother already creates their own hospital kit.

But, they can never be over-prepared. So, how about gifting them a ready-to-go readymade hospital kit, which will have all the essentials for them and their newborn in times of emergency.

5. Bottle Warmer

This is again something that all parents need!

It takes some time to get hold of the whole bottle warmer situation. First, it will be too cold and then too hot before it is the perfect temperature.

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However, with an automatic bottle warmer, the temperature is always perfect.

6. Comfortable Nursing Bra

Yes, the nipples are going to be sore!

So, why not give the mother a set of nursing bras which will help them stay comfortable and provide their breasts some soothing after the feeding session.

7. A Baby Time Capsule

A baby time capsule is a journal or a diary where the new parents can record all the baby’s important milestones.

The mother can write letters to her newborn, which the infant can later read once they are grown up.

8. Portable Baby Bag

We are talking about a portable baby sleeping bag!

This is the most travel-friendly gift, an inflatable bag that turns into a bed for your baby—giving them a comfortable sleep no matter where they are.

9. Baby Bath Set

A baby bath set will give the parents all the help needed for bath time!

These will have all the essential bath products and a portable bath seat placed in the tub or the basin.

10. Fashionable Diaper Bag

Gone are the days when diaper bags looked dingy!

The new mothers of the era can have fashionable, classy diaper bags as well. They are not just fulfilling the need of style but also efficient for the baby’s requirement.

Get Set, Mommy!

Every new mother can get scared sometimes, thinking about their newborn and the difficulties that might arise.

So, why not ease these difficulties with the best gifts.

Welcome the women to motherhood with comfort!