Common Nursing Bra Mistakes That You Might Be Making

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The world of bras is too huge, and one without sufficient information won’t be able to navigate their way through, especially when they are pregnant, and there are a whole lot of changes going on with the bodies. It’s needless to say that every woman has a different journey of pregnancy, which leads to a different breastfeeding journey. For this reason, every woman will need to choose different nursing bras.

So, when it comes down to bras, new mommies often struggle to purchase the right nursing bras, and they often make some mistakes. So, if you are ready to purchase a regular nursing bra or a special lace nursing bralette for a smooth pregnancy and breastfeeding journey, we are sharing the common mistakes that you must keep in mind.

The Wrong Size

The majority of women end up wearing the wrong size of lace plunge bralette or lace maternity bralette; it is because they don’t know the right size or they want a bra that’s not available in the right size. In simpler words, not everyone wears 14C ladies. Having said that, wearing the wrong size of bra is one of the most common mistakes.

For this reason, it is important that you get the right size because it directly impacts your comfort level. However, if you don’t know the right size, it’s important that you visit the lingerie store and have aNursing Bran assistant help you out. Keep in mind that an incorrect bra size will also result in long-term damage to harm.

Ill-Quality Bras

To begin with, many women tend to purchase nursing bras on sales, which tend to be low-quality. These low-quality bras can be pretty uncomfortable, which dissolves the entire idea of wearing a nursing bra. For this purpose, you need to purchase a high-quality nursing bra to make sure it looks and feels amazing. For instance, you need to ensure that the elastic is firm.

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In addition to this, a high-quality bra will have multiple layers and a luxurious finish. The low-quality bras will have inferior trims and fabrics, and that’s not something you want because they will end up losing the ability to support and elasticity with a few washes. So, choose the right brand and make sure the nursing bra is made from comfortable and premium materials and firm elastic.

Purchasing Wrong Bra For Breast Shape

Many women don’t know this, but every woman has a different shape of their breasts, and every woman is unique in her own way. The majority of women don’t pay attention to the breast shape, leading to weird fitting. Having said that, if you have a smaller bust, it is better to opt for plunge bras, especially if the breast base is heavier.

On the other hand, balcony-style bras are perfect for women who have even and rounder breasts. In addition, there are full coverage bras available for women with larger busts because they have fuller cups that can cover the entire area of the breast, promising a secure fit and better support. In simpler words, size is not the only consideration because you’ve to consider the cup shape as well.

Incorrect Placement Of The Band

The nursing bra’s underband should fit perfectly and firmly, and it must run across the back and parallel to the ground. Similarly, the band should not feel loose or ride up the back. To illustrate, when the back bands start feeling loose, there are high chances that the elastic has loosened up, and you need to throw it away and invest in a new one.

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The band placement is important because it has to support the weight of breasts, and if the nursing bra is too old, the elastic might even start pinching you. So, purchase the nursing bra that provides correct band placement on the back.

Unprofessional Fitting

When it comes down to the fitting, you need to make sure that the nursing bra is fitted by the professionals. However, if you cannot get in touch with a professional, the lingerie brands offer extensive guides, so you can measure fitting on your own. In fact, you can also visit the local lingerie store and have the fittings taken for the nursing bra.

This is because the professional bra fitters are professional and trained enough to assess your body shape and types and offer the available options. In simpler words, purchasing nursing bras can be a challenging experience, but getting fittings done by a professional can cut out the frustration.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

During the nine months of pregnancy and post-delivery, a woman’s breasts and body go through various changes. Even more, these changes continue during breastfeeding as well. It means that you cannot purchase one nursing bra and think that it will suffice throughout the pregnancy journey. That being said, you should invest in a supportive seamless bra for postpartum because it will be able to adapt to the body shape and changing breast shape and size.

On the other hand, when this transition is over and the body is back to normal or stabilized, you can opt for a flexible wired or non-wired bra that’s designed to support different cup sizes. For this reason, we suggest that you purchase six nursing bras – three for the stabilized period and three for the transitional period.

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Using Same Bra For Different Pregnancy

The pregnancy journey is different for every woman, and even one woman has different experiences during different pregnancies. This is the prime reason that you need a special nursing bra for every pregnancy because one nursing bra will last for over six to nine months only. So, rather than using an unsupportive nursing bra for the sake of it, invest in a new nursing bra.

Choosing Incorrect Band Size

In the majority of cases, women purchase a nursing bra when they are eight months through the gestation period. Women believe that breasts are the same size when they are eight months pregnant, but this rule only applies to the cup size. So, when it comes down to the band size, you should purchase a nursing bra with a bigger cup size and smaller band.