41 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For New Moms

It’s baby shower season! A baby shower is a great time to get together with friends and family, celebrate the new baby coming into the world, and give personalized gift box. It can be hard to figure out what gift you should buy for pregnant mom-to-be, so we’ve compiled this list of 41 baby shower perfect gift box ideas for new parent in 2021. Of course it goes without saying that a Visa gift card will be adored so that is a great starting point as you begin your gift journey.

Baby showers are a wonderful way to celebrate the new baby and expecting parents. It is also a great opportunity for guests to show their generosity and give gifts. This blog post will go over some of the best practical baby shower gifts for moms in 2021. We’ll talk about baby clothes, toys, books, gift cards, and more!

By giving practical baby shower gift, you can congratulate expecting parents and welcome the new baby into the world. Many baby shower gifts are used by new mom themselves, so they don’t need to purchase any of these baby items for a few years.

Let us dive into the unique baby shower gifts.

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Moms

1. Maternity milestone stickers

Maternity milestone stickers are a great idea for new moms. It is like giving them the ability to mark their pregnancy journey using these 100% waterproof baby bump stickers!

They can be used by moms to keep a track of their pregnancy. They are also a great baby shower gift idea for expecting dads. They will love marking the pregnancy journey and memorable moments with these milestone stickers.

2. Maternity photo prop baby shower gift

Maternal pose baby props are a great baby shower gifts for mom to be. They can be used to take some beautiful photos of the mom-to-be and her bump!

It’s perfect for mamas who want to have fun taking maternity pictures during their pregnancy or after giving birth. It is also a baby gift idea that will be appreciated by grandparents and other family members.

3. Baby shower gift basket

A baby shower gift basket is a wonderful baby gift idea. These baskets are filled with lots of baby essentials, so parents to be can have everything they need for days after the baby arrives!

The new mom will appreciate receiving the great gift. It’s also a fun way to give her some baby necessities without requiring you to pick out individual baby items like baby bottles, which can be difficult.

4. Maternity gift set

A maternity gift set is a great gift for mom. These sets typically include maternity clothes, nursing bras, and more!

These items will come in handy as soon as the baby arrives. It also makes a wonderful baby gift idea for the expecting mom to be since it’s everything she needs an all-in-one baby shower gift. There are tons of options to choose from depending on your budget and what mom-to-be likes.

5. Maternity pillow

A baby shower gift idea that new moms will love is a maternity pillow. It’s not something they need before the baby comes, but it can be incredibly helpful during and after pregnancy!

Maternity pillows are designed with mamas in mind. They help to provide comfort while sleeping or resting on the couch throughout pregnancy and beyond baby arrives. Many moms use them after the baby arrives as well, to provide support while baby’s nursery or otherwise caring for a baby. It’s one of the best baby shower gifts for mom to-be.

6. Baby slippers

Baby shower gift ideas that new moms will love are baby slippers. These come in handy while taking baby outdoors for walks or trips to the mall! They also make a great baby gift idea, especially if you know mom-to-be likes wearing cute shoes every day.

7. Maternity monthly milestone blanket

A baby shower gift that a new mom will love is a milestone blanket. These are typically made with soft, breathable materials to keep new moms warm and comfy!

These blankets make great gifts for first-time moms. It’s something they can use while pregnant after the baby is born or even when the baby starts to crawl! The blanket will help them in being comfortable all day long. It will help them keep track of their pregnancy as well.

8. Baby carrier

One baby shower gifts for mom is a baby carrier. These are great to use with newborns and babies up until they’re old enough to walk on their own!

New parents can use these carriers while going for daily activities, such as going grocery store or walking the dog. It’s a practical baby item that the new mom will love. When it comes to baby shower gifts, new moms like receiving practical items they can use immediately after the baby arrives.

9. Baby nail clippers

Another baby shower gift idea for new moms is baby nail clippers. These are perfect to keep the baby’s nails trimmed, which can help prevent scratching!

An important part of baby care is trimming their nails regularly. It helps prevent them from accidentally scratching mom or themselves when they start moving around more during the first few weeks.

10. Maternity clothes

Another baby shower gift idea for new moms is maternity clothes. These are perfect to help the mom-to-be look and feel great while expecting a baby!

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Maternity clothing isn’t something new mamas need before the baby arrives, but it’s still a fun baby gift that will be appreciated after the baby gets here. New parents can use these items when caring for or nursing their newborns too. It not only helps keep them warm and comfortable but also provides support during this time in their lives.

11. Nursing bra

A baby shower gift idea for new moms is a nursing bra. Most women need these after the baby arrives and it’s something they don’t necessarily want to buy themselves!

This baby item will come in handy as soon as the baby gets here since mom-to-be will be breastfeeding frequently. She’ll also appreciate this practical baby gift while caring for her newborn throughout the first few months of life. It provides support during those long days spent caring for or feeding the baby around the clock.1

12. Diaper Bag

Other useful baby shower gifts for moms are diaper bag! These can help provide peace of mind when leaving the baby at home with dad or anyone else who isn’t used to watching babies overnight!

New parents need baby diaper bag for their new arrival. They can come in handy when mom and dad are going to be away from baby overnight, such as at a party or other special event. It’s one of those baby shower gifts that will provide peace of mind while giving the gift giver some free time!

13. Maternity tea set

One baby shower gift idea for a new mom is a maternity tea set. These are great for relaxing at home and enjoying some time to yourself, even if it’s just an hour or so!

A baby isn’t the only thing parents have after they get one – stress can be high too during this exciting but anxious time of life! New moms might enjoy receiving something from baby shower gifts that help them relax in between taking care of the baby all day long. A simple cup of herbal tea with loved ones could make her feel much calmer while caring for the baby around the clock.

14. Breast pump

Another possible baby shower gift idea for new moms is a breast pump. This will come in handy when she wants to leave the baby behind for a few hours to do something fun!

In the first few months of a baby’s life, new moms could face some difficulties when it comes to feeding the baby. They might be breastfeeding exclusively or supplementing with formula as well. In either case, they’ll need baby breast pumps for those times mom wants to leave baby behind and go out somewhere on her own – even if just for an hour or so!

15. Nursing pillow

Another good baby shower gift idea for new moms is a nursing pillow. This will come in handy while caring for newborns around the clock and helps provide support during this time!

After birth, mothers have many things that they can use during their maternity care routine. One practical item that provides baby support is a baby nursing pillow. This baby shower gift idea helps keep the baby secure and cozy while the mom takes care of the baby on her own, such as during those middle-of-the-night feedings or diaper changes!

16. Baby monitor

A baby shower gift idea for new moms is a baby monitor. This helps ensure they’re close by if anything goes wrong with the baby throughout the night.

When it comes to practical baby items, this is definitely on the list! New parents do not want to risk leaving their baby alone without having something like an audio monitoring device nearby just in case they’re needed during hours.

17. Baby headband

A baby shower gift idea for new moms is a baby headband. These can be used to keep babies ‘ hair out of their face, which helps moms when feeding or playing with babies!

These are great gifts because they work well in keeping long locks away from the eyes and mouth while cuddling up with the baby for some playtime on the floor. It also makes it easy for parents to get cute photos during these moments together.

18. Maternity journal

Another baby shower gift idea for new moms is a maternity journal. This helps them keep track of the baby’s milestones and memories that they will cherish forever!

Keeping memory book or pregnancy journal is popular baby item for baby showers, especially when it comes to keeping important moments in mind while taking care of the baby all day long. New parents can use this as an essential tool in writing down their thoughts about what goes on during days with the newborn around the clock.

19. Baby pajamas

A great addition to any mom-to-be registry list would be some baby pajamas. These help keep babies cozy at night so they sleep well throughout the night!

Newborns spend much time sleeping – even more than playing or stimulating themselves, which baby shower gift ideas like baby pajamas help make this easier for parents. This is one item that new moms can use to keep baby cozy and warm during overnight hours without worrying about keeping the house too hot or uncomfortable – their hands are full enough as it is!

20. Pregnancy sensitive skin care

A baby shower gift idea for new moms is a pregnancy-sensitive skincare set. This helps soothe mother during this time and gives her the extra boost of confidence she needs!

Expectant mom need items that they need to keep track of throughout their maternity leave. Pregnancy brings more than just physical changes – it can affect one emotionally as well with hormones running amok on top of everything else going on! Having a gentle solution nearby will help make mom feel better about herself when caring for baby around the clock.

21. Baby clothes

Baby clothes are baby shower gift items that new parents will use. A new baby needs to be clothed, and baby clothing is not the cheapest item you can buy for a baby! Most of the time, parents do need baby clothes because their babies grow so fast. It’s always best to get 0-12 months’ size since the baby will wear them.

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The baby clothes gift depends on the baby’s gender and preferences of the new parents, but we think it is always a safe bet to get baby clothing as a baby shower gift for 2021. There are so many cute designs available that you can choose from!

22. Maternity belts

Another baby shower gift idea for new moms is maternity belts. These help support the baby bump during tough times when mom needs it most!

When you’re pregnant, your body changes so much that sometimes simple tasks like walking can become difficult to perform at first – especially in later stages when the baby grows bigger and starts putting pressure on the spine or pelvic area. Maternity belts are ideal baby shower gifts because they work well in keeping up with these physical changes without having to resort to medication or other pain management methods while caring for the baby around the clock.

23. Baby Toys

Baby toys are baby shower gift items that new parents will use. Babies love to play with different kinds of baby toys, so you can’t go wrong getting baby toys for 2021. It’s always best to get 0-12 months’ size since the baby will have fun playing with them! It’s one of the best baby shower gift ideas for new moms in 2021. Don’t get baby toys that make too much noise because parents will want to keep babies away from loud sounds around them!

24. Gift Cards

A practical baby item is a gift card! This can be used to buy diapers and other baby supplies at the store (or online) after the baby gets here and starts eating every few hours or so! You can get baby gift cards if you want to be useful for new parents. They’re practical baby shower gift items that new parents will use! This can be used to buy things like wipes or baby clothes after the baby arrives.

25. Baby Sling

A baby shower gift idea is a baby sling. This helps mom have both hands free so she can do other things around the house while taking care of the baby throughout the day. It’s one of those practical baby items that are very helpful in getting through long days caring for an infant or toddler!

This is great because moms often find themselves needing to go about their daily tasks without worrying about constantly holding onto the baby all day long. A mother will use this during these first few months with little ones.

26. Essential oils for mom to be and baby

A baby shower gift idea is a set of essential oils for baby and mom to use. This helps new parents reduce stress, have better sleep patterns, and aid in calming the baby when he/she gets fussy during the night!

New moms can never get enough of natural ingredients that help them feel refreshed or rejuvenated – especially on those long nights spent feeding the baby every two hours around the clock. A great way to unwind after being up so late with a baby would be some essential oil therapy right before bedtime.

27. Personalized jewelry set for baby

A baby shower gift idea is personalized jewelry set for a baby! This comes with a necklace, bracelet, and ring to match the baby’s outfit. It’s one of the most thoughtful baby shower items you can get as a present for 2021.

It helps mom accentuate her dressy outfits by adding some bling in the form of cute accessories that have the baby’s name on them. A new mother will love showing off this special accessory during those important events she has lined up after giving birth – not just for herself but also because it makes her feel closer to babies every time they’re together even when apart.

28. Maternity coffee mug

A baby shower gift for 2021 is a maternity coffee mug! This comes with “MOMMY WARDROBE HAS EXPANDED” printed at the front.

It’s another great baby gift idea to make mom laugh during those tough days when morning sickness hits or she feels like her body has changed in ways it never did before the baby was born. A new mother will use this – either by putting it on display somewhere around the house where everyone can see it, using it daily as part of her caffeine intake ritual that helps get through long nights awake with baby, or taking photos and sharing them online (for laughs).

29. Baby Photo Frame

A baby photo frame makes one of the best baby shower gift ideas because these are always the baby’s first baby pictures! It comes with a cute message at the front that says “I’ve been waiting for you baby, now here I am!”

It helps new parents remember and cherish all of the baby’s baby photos in his/her early days. This is something they’ll look forward to showing their baby when he or she grows up – especially if it becomes the baby’s favorite item from mommy and daddy’s gift collection!

30. Nursing cover-up blanket

Another one of our best baby shower gift ideas is a nursing cover-up blanket. This allows mothers who are breastfeeding to feel more comfortable whenever they feed baby outside (or even indoors) since her body will be fully covered while doing so. A baby shower gift like this is something new mothers will be thankful for.

31. Maternity pajamas

A baby shower gift idea is maternity pajamas. These are great for new moms who often find themselves at home with the baby during the day while dad or other family members go out to do errands that require more physical activity. These can also be worn by mommy when baby goes down for a nap so she isn’t fussing around trying to get dressed again before jumping back into household chores. A new mother will have lots of use for this!

32. Maternity underwear

Another baby gift idea for 2021 is maternity underwear. These are often used during the last few months of pregnancy so new moms can feel comfortable when they receive their baby shower gifts before giving birth. She also won’t have to go out shopping for them after the baby arrives!

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A baby shower gift like this will be appreciated by mommy – especially if it comes in a variety of colors or patterns that she likes since these are things she’ll use every day, all year round until baby grows up and stops using diapers at least!

33. Maternity outfit (with matching scarf)

A great baby shower gift idea that’s perfect for new mothers who love fashion is a maternity outfit with a matching scarf. It’s something new mothers will love showing off when they receive baby gifts from guests at the baby showers – especially if that baby is the first grandchild on either side of the family! You can also buy presents at Custom Sock Lab

34. Prenatal massage gift

Another baby gift idea that new parents will appreciate is a prenatal massage gift certificate. This allows mommy to enjoy some time for herself away from household chores, while also taking care of her health. Studies show prenatal massages can help make labor easier by relaxing muscles in the body as well as relieving pressure on other organs which should be avoided during pregnancy.

35. Colorful nail paints

Another thoughtful gift idea for new moms is colorful nail paints. They are great baby shower gift ideas for the baby’s first pictures. They can be used as mommy-daughter bonding show off as well. Further new mom will use nail paints to keep herself fashionable without doing much.

36. Baby food cookbook

An ultimate baby shower gift idea that new parents will appreciate is a baby food cookbook. This makes preparing baby foods easier since all recipes are right there in the book! A new mother may even learn some new tricks on how to prepare her baby meals more efficiently with this one – which means less work during those long nights of sleeplessness ahead after the baby arrives!

37. Soothing music albums

Another great baby shower gift idea for 2021 is a soothing music album that mom can listen to be relaxed. It is one of the best baby gift ideas perfect for a new mom who is also a college student. It can help her relieve stress, have good sleep, and feel relaxed after the baby arrives!

38. Yoga mat bag

Another great thoughtful gift for 2021 are yoga mat bags so she doesn’t need to carry around huge purses or backpacks anymore when going out on short errands away from home. A new mother may not know what to do with her baby while she shops for groceries or picks up some dry cleaning. This baby gift idea ensures the baby is safe and secure while mommy does these things on her own!

39. Bath time essentials kit

A baby shower gift that new mothers will appreciate is bath time essentials kits. These include everything a pregnant woman wants when bathing – including soap, shampoo, makeup remover wipes, nail filer/clipper set, cotton pads, etc. all organized in one small baggie so it’s easy to take into the bathroom along with baby whenever they decide to have their first baths together!

40. Bump boxes baby

This baby gift idea for new moms I’m sharing with you is a bump baby box. This contains all the essentials needed during the first few months. It can help mothers take care of themselves and their baby at the same time – which means less work after she gives birth!

41. Baby play mat/gym

Another gift that’s perfect for 2021 is a baby play mat or gym so mommy and her infant have some safe place to hang out together, especially if there are older siblings around who want in on the action too! Playmats provide an area where they can lay down while also having fun crawling through tunnels, looking at colorful toys hanging above them, etc.

Why giving baby shower gifts are important?

Baby shower gifts help new parents prepare for their upcoming life. They allow a new mom to bond with her baby especially. New mothers can relax using a massage gift certificate. They can journal their precious moments in the maternity diary.

Giving gifts is also a way of congratulating the parents for their good news. It makes both parents and their family appreciate the gift-giver wishes.

Is the baby food cookbook one of the best baby gift ideas?

This is an amazing idea for 2021 is because it provides mom ideas to prepare baby food easily. All recipes are in one place so it’s easy for new moms or grandmom, even older siblings to cook baby foods! New mothers will love this baby gift idea because they don’t have to worry about thinking about how to prepare baby meals anymore after giving birth!

Is the bath time essentials kit a good gift?

Yes, since new moms need some peace of mind and relaxation from the daily routine with both their jobs and household chores. These baby shower gifts allow them to relax using aromatherapy candles, drinking herbal tea, etc. It also provides everything needed during the first few weeks including makeup remover wipes, cotton pads, nail filer/clipper set, etc. all organized in one small baggie!

Why baby plays mat/gym baby gift idea is popular?

This baby shower gift for 2021 new moms ensures the baby’s safety while she does some errands. It provides a safe place to lay down and have fun crawling through tunnels or looking at colorful toys hanging above them. These baby gifts enable parents to spend quality time with their baby during the early months!

What kind of gift should I give at the baby shower party?

Ideas for baby shower gifts are many, including maternity diary, massage gift certificate, etc. All these items help mothers remember precious moments spent together with their little one even if it is just before giving birth! These can be great keepsakes plus they provide comfort when needed.


You can give any of the above gifts to the expected mother. She will appreciate baby gifts from her baby shower party. Make sure you take care of moms’ preferences and choices when buying the baby shower gift. You can finalize your budget first and then can go on with the shopping for baby shower gifts.