Wonderful ways to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing someone you love. Whether their passing was unexpected or…

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than losing someone you love. Whether their passing was unexpected or they’ve struggled with their health for some time, there’s very little that can prepare you for the magnitude of pain and anguish you and your family will be going through.

You will inevitably get to say goodbye as their final wishes are carried out at their burial, cremation and memorial service. But, you don’t have to make it your final farewell. Finding ways to commemorate and celebrate the life of a loved one can not only keep their memory alive but also help provide comfort and closure for those they left behind.
Here we’ll explore some wonderful ways you can remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.

A photo collage

When it comes to preserving memories, you can always rely on photographs. However, to make something really special as well as specifically dedicated to the life of your loved one, why not consider a photo collage from hellocanvas.co.uk? From your large plethora of images, you can create a stunning memorial for your loved one, and immortalize your fondest memories of them in one single, fully customisable photo collage.

Perhaps the arrangements of the photos could be a journey through their life. Or maybe the highlights of their wedding day? Time spent with their grandchildren or all those wonderful memories of you and them together – whatever you choose, it’s a simple yet touching way to commemorate a loved one.

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Plant a tree

If your loved one was cremated, or they’re buried somewhere you can’t visit very often then why not create your own place of reflection and dedicate a new sapling to their memory? You could plant a tree in your garden, and tie messages to the branches, bring the blossom from every Spring into your house or speak with a local hospice or your council to plant one in a local garden or public park.

Frame something important to them

Was your loved one an avid football fan? Did they have a scarf or a team shirt they wore to every game? What about their favourite pair of gloves? Their watch or another item of clothing? Framing something important to them and putting it on display makes a wonderful talking point and places your loved one back in the heart of your home, bringing you peace and comfort.

Turn clothing into something new

Did your loved one have a huge number of checked shirts? Or a certain type of t-shirt they always loved? Or a favourite winter shawl, perhaps? Having an item of their clothing turned into something new such as a pillow, cushion or even a teddy bear can be a real source of comfort, especially to young children who may be desperate for a connection to the deceased.

Start a new tradition

Not all family members will want to choose a specific day to dedicate to a loved one who has passed away. However, finding a new tradition as a way to celebrate and remember someone who is no longer around can bring comfort and joy. Something as simple as a family walk, or a visit to their favourite restaurant can help bring closure.

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