Traditional AND Unique Baby Names (For Both Genders)

Picking out your baby’s name is hard! Their name is what they will Identify by for the rest of their life; you need to make sure that you will always like it and that it’s not just a “trendy” name.

Trendy Baby Names Aren’t The Best Idea

That’s why (my opinion here) I love traditional baby names; sometimes with a little twist. For example, Isaac is a very traditional name, however we spell our boys name “Izaak” (an uncommon way to spell his name) and call him “IZ” a lot.

Here are some traditional names that you will love when considering names for your sweet baby boy or girl. These names are not only traditional, but I made sure to pick out the uncommon baby names as well.

Baby Boy Names:

  • Izaak (My sweet son’s name! Everyone loves how it is spelled.)
  • Peter
  • Caleb
  • Henry
  • Noah
  • Elliot
  • Thomas
  • Graham
  • Homer (My cat’s name, sorry I HAD to put that in there.)
  • Solomon
  • George
  • William
  • Fredirick
  • Jude

Baby Girl Names:

  • Linda
  • Grace
  • Alice
  • Tabitha
  • Charlotte
  • Jane
  • Juliette
  • Clara
  • Nora
  • Rosemary (My personal FAVORITE.)
  • Stella (My dog’s name. It’s cute, right?)
  • Diana
  • Eva
  • Faith
  • Gwendolen

I know it’s tough when considering a name. But my advice is to go with a name that is traditional yet slightly uncommon.

What’s your favorite baby names? Share below!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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