200+ Modern, And Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

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In a world full of diversity and innovation, finding a name that combines tradition and contemporary ideals can be both thrilling and tricky. Hindu culture is a vibrant blend of heritage and symbolism, reflecting cherished values across generations and evolving sensibilities of the present era.

If you think of giving your baby boy an inspiring name, then Hindu names would be the best choice. However, Hindu boy names are filled with profound meanings, often inspired by gods, virtues, stars, and the beauty of nature and spirituality.

Knowing the meaning of the name you select for your child adds a layer of significance and connection to cultural roots. To do this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 200+ Hindu baby boy names that seamlessly blend timeless significance with a modern twist. Even if you just started learning Hindi online, we’re sure you will know the meaning of some of the names on this list. So, scroll down to know more!

Popular Hindu Baby Boy Names, With Meanings

Baby names not only define the identity of a person, but they can also provide a glimpse into their heritage and culture. Parents always want to choose their baby boy name that reflects the spirit and essence of their child. Here are some popular Indian baby boy names, with their meanings, to help make your selection process simpler:

Best Baby Boy Names From A

  1. Aarush: This is a unique baby boy name that is widely loved by Hindus and signifies brightness, radiance, and the sun.
  2. Aadi: This is a short and sweet name that has ancient Vedic origins, meaning “first.”
  3. Aarav: This classical Indian name signifies harmony, tranquility, and peace. It is also another term for music.
  4. Advik: Uniquely different yet highly meaningful, this Hindu baby boy’s name means “unique” and refers to a person who is one of a kind.
  5. Arya: This Sanskrit-based Hindu name has many meanings, such as noble, honorable, and honest. It also means ‘someone from the Aryan race’.
  6. Aahan: This is one of the most popular baby boy names in India and means “dawn” or “the first ray of light”. It also symbolizes the beginning of a new day.
  7. Aayush: Derived from Sanskrit, this Hindu name for boys denotes long life and good luck. In some other cultures, it simply means “one with a long life”.
  8. Abhinav: Abhinav is a classic Hindu name that carries the meaning ‘new, young, fresh’.
  9. Advait: Advait is a unique Hindu name that means ‘unique or unparalleled’.
  10. Anant: Anant is a strong and timeless Hindu name meaning ‘eternal, infinite’.
  11. Aryan: Aryan is a widely used Hindu name that means ‘noble, high-born’.
  12. Arjun: Arjun is a traditional Hindu name that means ‘bright, shining, white’. Named after a famous warrior prince in Hindu mythology, it’s a strong choice for your little boy.
  13. Ashwin: Ashwin is a trendy Hindu name that means ‘light, horse tamer’.
  14. Adith: Adith is an unusual Hindu name that means ‘the first, the beginning’.
  15. Ajay: This classic Hindu name for boys means ‘unconquered’ or ‘victorious’.
  16. Arman: This is a strong Hindu name that means ‘desire, wish’.
  17. Ansh: Ansh is a popular Hindu name meaning ‘portion or part of god’s light’.
  18. Atul: Atul is an unusual Hindu name meaning ‘unmatched, unequaled’.
  19. Ayaan: Ayaan is a popular Hindu name for boys that means ‘God’s gift’.
  20. Abhay: Abhay is one of the best Indian boy names in India, meaning ‘fearless, courageous’.
  21. Anish: Anish is a modern Hindu perfect name that means ‘supreme, highest’.
  22. Avinash: Meaning “indestructible” or “eternal,” reflecting Lord Ganesha enduring presence.

Best Baby Boy Names From B

  1. Bhargav: This is the perfect baby boy name, meaning descendant of Bhrigu; derived from the sage Bhrigu.
  2. Bhuvan: World; a name representing the universe.
  3. Brijesh: Lord of Brindavan; a name for Lord Krishna.
  4. Bharat: It means India; the name of an ancient king and a term for the Indian subcontinent.
  5. Bhupesh: It means king of the Earth; a name representing a ruler.
  6. Bramhanand: It means bliss of Lord Brahma.

Best Baby Boy Names From C

  1. Chakrapani: Another name for Lord Vishnu, Chakrapani means the bearer of the celestial discus.
  2. Chakshu: A simple and sweet name, Chakshu translates to ‘eye’ in Sanskrit, representing vision and insight.
  3. Charvik: This name means intelligent, brilliant, bright, clever, and thoughtful – a perfect choice for your little genius.
  4. Chinmay: In Sanskrit, Chinmay means ‘full of knowledge’, symbolizing wisdom and intelligence.
  5. Chitayu: This name is derived from sanskrit word ‘Chitra’, which means ‘picture’. It is a unique and meaningful name for your little one.
  6. Chirag: This Hindu baby boy’s name signifies ‘flame’ or ‘lamp’ and stands for guidance and knowledge.
  7. Chatura: A great choice if you want a short yet inspiring name for your son, Chatura is derived from the Sanskrit origin for ‘clever’.
  8. Chaturbhuja: This is a strong and powerful name that means one of many arms, symbolizing strength and might.
  9. Chetan: Chetan is an energetic and vibrant Indian name that means ‘consciousness’.
  10. Chaitanya: Chaitanya is a popular baby boy’s name meaning ‘intelligence, knowledge’.
  11. Charan: Meaning ‘feet’, this name is given to a baby as a wish for him to always stay blessed and protected.
  12. Chiranth: Translating into ‘everlasting’, this name will give your little one a sense of immortality and strength.
  13. Chandan: A traditional Hindu baby boy’s name, Chandan means ‘sandalwood’ and is considered to be auspicious.
  14. Chiraj: Meaning ‘light’, Chiraj is the perfect choice for those who want to bless their son with guidance and knowledge in his life.
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Best Baby Boy Names From D

  1. Dakshesh: Derived from “Daksha,” which means skillful or talented. Daksha was also the name of a legendary sage and one of Lord Shiva’s father-in-laws.
  2. Dhruvam: A name that signifies immovability, derived from the word “Dhruva,” which refers to the North Star. This name symbolizes constancy and steadiness, attributes often associated with Lord Shiva.
  3. Divyansh: This name conveys being a divine part or fragment, possibly referencing Lord Shiva presence in all things.
  4. Dhanesh: A name that means “Lord of wealth.”
  5. Devansh: A unique name that means a part of God.
  6. Deshav: This name reflects courage, strength, and bravery, often associated with Lord Shiva’s avatar Veerabhadra.
  7. Dharmik: Meaning “righteous,” this is one of the top baby boy names in India that symbolizes the importance of living a life guided by moral principles and ethics.
  8. Dinesh: A classic Indian name, Dinesh is derived from Sanskrit word and means “sun.”
  9. Dhaval: A name that means “White” or “Pure.” White is often associated with Lord Shiva, symbolizing purity, peace, and renunciation.
  10. Daivik: Meaning “divine” or “godly,” this name is perfect if you want a spiritual name for your little one.
  11. Devkirat: This name conveys power, strength, and wisdom.
  12. Durgesh: A Sanskrit-based Hindu baby name that means “the commander of a fort,” symbolizing victory over any obstacles in life.
  13. Darsh: Meaning “sight”, this name is derived from the Sanskrit word and conveys wisdom, knowledge, and good judgment.
  14. Druvam: This baby name means “immovable” or “firm.” This name conveys strength and resilience in the face of any obstacle.
  15. Dipesh: Meaning ‘lord of light’, this is a beautiful Hindu baby name for boys that symbolizes knowledge, insight, and understanding.

Best Baby Boy Names From H

  1. Hariom: This name is derived from Lord Vishnu and means ‘one who is praised by everyone’
  2. Hiradhay: This name means ‘strong and powerful”.
  3. Harshavardhan: A traditional name, Harshavardhan means ‘one who increases joy’.
  4. Himank: This name means ‘part of snow’, referring to something as precious as a snowflake.
  5. Hitesh: Hitesh means ‘well-wisher’, indicating someone who always wishes good for others.
  6. Hridaynath: This is a powerful name meaning ‘lord of the heart’, a title often used for Lord Krishna.
  7. Hardik: A popular name, Hardik means ‘from the heart’, signifying deep affection or love.
  8. Hrishikesh: Another name for Lord Vishnu, Hrishikesh means ‘lord of the senses’.
  9. Hansraj: This name means ‘king of swans’, symbolizing grace and beauty.
  10. Himanshu: Himanshu means ‘the moon’, symbolizing calmness and tranquility.
  11. Harshad: Harshad means ‘giver of joy’, signifying happiness and positivity.
  12. Hiranmay: This name means ‘made of gold’, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.
  13. Harikrishna: A fusion of two names of Lord Krishna, Harikrishna means ‘Krishna, the destroyer of evil’.
  14. Hemanth: Hemanth means ‘most beautiful season’, symbolizing charm and attractiveness.
  15. Himmat: Himmat means ‘courage’, symbolizing bravery and strength.
  16. Hridhaan: This name means ‘heart’, signifying love and affection.
  17. Harshil: Harshil means ‘joyful’, symbolizing happiness and positivity.
  18. Himank: This name means ‘diamond’, symbolizing preciousness and strength

Best Baby Boy Names From I

  1. Ishaan: Derived from the name of Lord Shiva, symbolizing the northeast direction.
  2. Ishan: Another form of Ishaan, representing Lord Shiva or the sun.
  3. Ishank: Referring to the mark or sign of Lord Shiva on the forehead; a tilak.
  4. Ikshu: Meaning “sugarcane,” signifying sweetness and vitality.
  5. Ijay: A name representing Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe.
  6. Irya: A name denoting “powerful,” suitable for a strong and energetic child.
  7. Ilesh: Referring to “lord of the earth,” symbolizing leadership and authority.
  8. Iman: Meaning “faith” or “belief,” signifying strong spiritual values.
  9. Indraneel: Combining “Indra” (king of gods) and “Neel” (blue), referring to a precious blue gemstone or Lord Krishna’s complexion.
  10. Ishayu: Symbolizing “full of life” or “vigorous,” representing vitality and energy.
  11. Indraksh: Referring to someone with “eyes like Indra,” suggesting attractiveness and charm.
  12. Inesh: A name signifying “king of kings” or “leader,” reflecting leadership qualities.
  13. Ipsit: Meaning “desired” or “longed for,” symbolizing aspiration and ambition.
  14. Ikshanik: Derived from “Ikshana,” meaning “observation” or “gaze,” representing awareness and perception.
  15. Iahaan: A combination of “Ish” (Lord Shiva) and “Ahaan” (morning), signifying divine grace.
  16. Itish: Meaning “honorable,” symbolizing respectability and good character.
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Best Baby Boy Names From K

  1. Kavish: Meaning ‘king of poets,’ Kavish is a popular Hindu name for boys.
  2. Keshav: Another name for Lord Krishna, Keshav signifies ‘the one with beautiful hair’.
  3. Kartik: Referring to the eldest son of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya, Kartik means ‘bestower of courage and happiness’.
  4. Kamal: Kamal signifies ‘lotus’, a symbol of purity and divinity in Hinduism.
  5. Krishan: A variant of Krishna, Krishan is another name for Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu.
  6. Karun: Karun translates to ‘compassionate or merciful’, indicating kindness and empathy.
  7. Kairav: This unique name means ‘white lotus’, symbolizing purity and beauty.
  8. Kavin: Kavin is a simple yet powerful name meaning ‘graceful, beautiful’.
  9. Kishore: Kishore means ‘young’, signifying youthfulness and energy.
  10. Kapil: Kapil is a traditional name that means ‘red’, symbolizing passion and power.
  11. Kritan: Meaning ‘accomplished’, Kritan signifies someone who is successful and skilled.
  12. Kalyan: Kalyan means ‘auspicious’, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.
  13. Kanishk: This unique name was the name of a famous ancient Indian king known for his wisdom and valor.
  14. Kedar: Kedar is another name for Lord Shiva, signifying power and strength.
  15. Keshan: Keshan means ‘another name for Lord Vishnu’, signifying divine protection.
  16. Krish: Krish is a popular name that means ‘intellect or intelligence’, symbolizing wisdom and knowledge.
  17. Kabir: Meaning ‘great’, this name was given to a famous 15th-century Indian poet and saint for his wisdom and teachings.
  18. Kush: Derived from the Sanskrit ‘Kushal’, which means ‘clever or skilled’, this name is perfect for those who want to wish their son success and excellence in life.
  19. Krupal: Meaning ‘king’, Krupal is an apt name for a newborn prince.
  20. Kaushal: A strong and powerful Hindu baby boys’ name, Kaushal means ‘clever or skilled’.

Best Baby Boy Names From M

  1. Mayur: Mayur means ‘peacock’, a symbol of beauty and grace in Indian culture.
  2. Madhav: A popular name for Lord Krishna, Madhav signifies ‘descendant of Madhu’.
  3. Manish: Manish means ‘god of the mind’, symbolizing wisdom and intelligence.
  4. Mohan: Another name for Lord Krishna, Mohan means ‘charming or bewitching’.
  5. Mihir: Mihir translates to ‘sun’, signifying brightness and energy.
  6. Mukesh: Mukesh is another name for Lord Shiva, meaning ‘conqueror of Muka’.
  7. Manav: Manav means ‘human’, symbolizing humanity and kindness.
  8. Mahesh: Mahesh is another name for Lord Shiva, signifying greatness and power.
  9. Madan: Madan is the supreme god of love in Hindu theology, symbolizing passion and affection.
  10. Manoj: Manoj means ‘born of the mind’, signifying intelligence and creativity.
  11. Milan: Milan means ‘union’, symbolizing togetherness and unity.
  12. Mitul: Mitul means ‘friend’, symbolizing friendship and companionship.
  13. Moksh: Moksh means ‘salvation’, symbolizing liberation and freedom.
  14. Mahir: Mahir means ‘expert’, symbolizing skill and proficiency.
  15. Mukul: Mukul means ‘blossomed, blooming’, symbolizing growth and development.

Best Baby Boy Names From N

  1. Naveen: This is a popular baby boy’s name in the Hindu community and means ‘new’.
  2. Nakul: Meaning ‘one with four eyes’, this traditional Indian name has an interesting story behind it.
  3. Neelesh: This name refers to Lord Shiva and symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and insight.
  4. Nairit: This baby boy name has its origin in Hindu mythology and stands for ‘Lord of the water’.
  5. Naksh: Meaning ‘map’, this is an ideal choice for parents who want a unique and meaningful name for their son.
  6. Namish: A classic Hindu name, Namish is derived from Sanskrit and means ‘Lord of the sky’.
  7. Naman: Naman is a popular Hindu name meaning ‘blessings or salutations’.
  8. Naren: A traditional Indian name, Naren means ‘manly’, or ‘one who is strong and courageous’.
  9. Neeraj: Meaning ‘lotus’, this unique name will make your son stand out in a crowd.
  10. Namit: Namit is an unusual Hindu name that means ‘humble, obedient’.
  11. Nihal: Meaning ‘joyful’, this Indian baby boy’s name is perfect for your bundle of happiness.

Best Baby Boy Names From P

  1. Pranav: Meaning “sacred syllable OM,” representing the essence of creation.
  2. Prithvi: Referring to “earth,” symbolizing stability and groundedness.
  3. Parth: Signifying “warrior,” associated with Arjuna, a hero from the Mahabharata.
  4. Pavan: Meaning “wind” or “air,” representing the elemental force of the air.
  5. Piyush: Referring to “nectar” or “amrita,” symbolizing something precious.
  6. Pranay: Signifying “love” or “affection,” representing emotional connection.
  7. Pramod: Meaning “joy” or “delight,” symbolizing happiness and contentment.
  8. Purushottam: Referring to the “Supreme Being” or “highest soul,” often used for Lord Rama or Lord Vishnu.
  9. Parinay: Signifying “marriage” or “union,” symbolizing commitment.
  10. Param: Meaning “supreme” or “ultimate,” representing the highest level.
  11. Pranjal: Referring to “honest” or “sincere,” representing authenticity.

Best Baby Boy Names From R

  1. Rishabh: A popular name, Rishabh means ‘the superior’, and is also another name for Lord Vishnu.
  2. Rohan: Rohan signifies ‘ascending or climbing’, representing growth and progress.
  3. Rajan: Rajan means ‘king’, symbolizing power and authority. This name is perfect for your little prince.
  4. Ravi: Another name for the Sun God, Ravi signifies ‘radiant and brilliant’.
  5. Rahul: A popular name, Rahul means ‘efficient or capable’.
  6. Rishit: Rishit means ‘the best’, symbolizing excellence and superiority.
  7. Ram: Ram is another name for Lord Rama, signifying virtue and righteousness.
  8. Ranveer: Ranveer signifies ‘hero of the battle’, symbolizing bravery and courage.
  9. Rishank: Rishank is another name for Lord Shiva, meaning ‘Lord of the senses’.
  10. Rudra: Another name for Lord Shiva, Rudra signifies ‘the one who roars’.
  11. Ritesh: Ritesh means ‘lord of truth’, symbolizing honesty and integrity.
  12. Rohit: Rohit means ‘red’, symbolizing passion and power.
  13. Raghav: Raghav is another name for Lord Rama, signifying one who belongs to the Raghu dynasty.
  14. Raman: Raman is another name for Lord Krishna, signifying ‘the beloved’.
  15. Rupesh: Rupesh means ‘lord of beauty’, symbolizing attractiveness and charm.
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Best Baby Boy Names From S

  1. Sarvesh: Meaning “Lord of All,” representing supreme authority.
  2. Shreyas: Signifying “auspicious” or “most excellent,” representing goodness.
  3. Surya: Referring to the “sun,” symbolizing radiant energy and power.
  4. Satyam: Meaning “truth,” embodying honesty and authenticity.
  5. Shivansh: Representing “part of Lord Shiva,” symbolizing divinity.
  6. Samir: Referring to the “gentle breeze,” signifying tranquility.
  7. Samarth: Meaning “capable” or “competent,” representing strength.
  8. Sahil: Symbolizing “shore” or “coast,” representing stability.
  9. Sankalp: Referring to a “determination” or “resolve,” indicating strong intent.
  10. Subodh: Meaning “wise” or “intelligent,” representing knowledge.
  11. Sukrit: Meaning “well-doer” or “good-hearted,” reflecting positive intentions.
  12. Shantam: Representing “peaceful” or “calm,” symbolizing serenity.
  13. Shourya: Referring to “bravery” or “valor,” representing courage.
  14. Suvan: Meaning “one who possesses good qualities,” symbolizing virtues.
  15. Siddhartha: The birth name of Lord Buddha, meaning “one who has accomplished his goals.”

Best Baby Boy Names From T

  1. Tejas: This is a popular Hindu name for boys that means ‘sharp, bright’.
  2. Tarkeshwar: Meaning ‘Lord of Skills’, this unique name will be an inspiring choice for your son.
  3. Tarun: Tarun is a timeless Hindu baby boy’s name that translates to ‘youthful’.
  4. Trilok: Meaning ‘three worlds’, Trilok is a great choice if you want your son to be always aware of the world and its beauty.
  5. Tamir: Tamir is a strong Indian names for boys that means ‘tall, slender’.
  6. Tapan: Another unique option, Tapan means ‘summer heat’ or ‘the sun’.
  7. Teerth: This is an interesting baby boy’s name that implies ‘holy place of worship’ in Sanskrit.
  8. Tushar: A popular Indian name, Tushar means ‘snow’ and is often associated with Lord Shiva.
  9. Tanmay: Translation ‘absorbed’, Tanmay is an inspiring choice that will always stay meaningful throughout his life.

Best Baby Boy Names From V

  1. Vighnesh: Derived from “Vighna” (obstacle) and “Ish” (Lord), meaning “Lord of Obstacles” or Lord Ganesha.
  2. Veer: Signifying “brave” or “valiant,” reflecting courage and strength.
  3. Vikram: Meaning “valor” or “heroism,” representing triumph and prowess.
  4. Vedant: Referring to the “ultimate knowledge” or “end of the Vedas,” signifying Lord Ganesha wisdom.
  5. Vivaan: Meaning “full of life” or “lively,” symbolizing energy and vitality.
  6. Vihaan: Referring to the “dawn” or “morning,” representing a new beginning.
  7. Vijay: Meaning “victory” or “triumph,” symbolizing Lord Ganesha ability to overcome challenges.
  8. Vansh: Referring to “lineage” or “family,” symbolizing heritage.
  9. Varun: Signifying “Lord of the Waters,” associated with the deity of rain and water.
  10. Vinayak: Lord of Humbleness; another name for Lord Ganesh.

Best Baby Boy Names From Y

  1. Yuvaan: Yuvaan is a modern name that means ‘youthful’. It also symbolizes the idea of renewal and restoration.
  2. Yug: Yug is an ancient name, meaning ‘age’, which represents the timelessness of knowledge and wisdom.
  3. Yashas: This lovely Indian name for boys represents glory, fame, success, and accomplishment.
  4. Yuvraj: A classic Indian name, Yuvraj stands for prince or sovereign. It represents royalty and authority.
  5. Yogesh: Translating to ‘Lord of Yoga’, this Hindu baby name symbolizes the power of meditation and tranquility.
  6. Yatharth: An ancient Indian name, Yatharth stands for clarity and truthfulness. It also connotes the idea of deep understanding.
  7. Yash: Meaning ‘glory’, Yash is a popular Indian name that signifies success and honor.
  8. Yatin: A powerful name, Yatin is derived from the Sanskrit origin meaning ‘ascetic’. It symbolizes self-discipline and spiritual power.

The Last Word!

In a world full of diverse cultures, picking a name for your little boy is a truly special journey. We’ve got an awesome collection of over 200 modern and unique Hindu baby boy names. It’s like a treasure trove of options that perfectly blend tradition with a touch of contemporary flair. These names not only reflect the timeless wisdom of Hindu culture but also embrace the spirit of innovation and individuality. As parents name their little ones, they can find inspiration in this collection. It celebrates the past, present, and future filled with promise and purpose.