Unique and Latest American Baby Boy Names With Meanings of 2021

When a couple is expecting a baby, there are many important things to decide. Among these decisions, picking the right baby name is the important task. Couples also remain in their mind somewhere that “what to call their baby. Isn’t it? If you are expecting a child in 2021, and worrying about finding the right American baby name. To make your job a little easier, MOM News Daily has compiled a list of unique and latest American baby boy names of 2021 with their meaning. Just Scroll down to see the list of names and choose the one you like most for your baby.

This list of the most popular trending baby boy names for 2021 will help you find the perfect modern and unique baby boy name for your little son.

Baby Boy Names that Start with A

The letter A is the first letter of the alphabet, which symbolizes ambition, courage, & natural leadership. If you are looking for awesome trending American boy names that start with A, you are in the right place. Here you can get American baby boy names start with A with incredible meanings.

Aki (Meaning of Aki: Bright, Cheerful, Autumn)

Abi (Meaning of Abi: Self Respected Person, My Father)

Amel (Meaning of Amel: Faith, Hope, Aspiration)

Andy (Meaning of Andy: Manly, Brave person)

Aray (Meaning of Aray: Lucky One)

Avan (Meaning of Avan: Water, Happiness, Wish, Pleasure)

Awan (Meaning of Awan: Follower, Friend)

Amare (Meaning of Amare: Person who builds)

Amory (Meaning of Amory: Industrious Leader, Hardworking, Brave)

Ansel (Meaning of Ansel: God’s Shelter, Supporter of a Nobleman, Nobel, Heavenly)

Arash (Meaning of Arash: Upbeat Arrow, a Hero)

Arvis (Meaning of Arvis: The Friend of People)

Athan (Meaning of Athan: Immortal)

Aspen (Meaning of Aspen: The name of a Tree named “Aspen”)

Ayaan (Meaning of Ayaan: The First Ray of the Sun)

Ayers (Meaning of Ayers: The name of Ayer’ Son, Heir to a Fortune)

Abbott (Meaning of Abbott: The name of Abbey’ Father)

Ackley (Meaning of Ackley: The name of a Place, Dwells at the Oak Tree Meadow)

Aldrin (Meaning of Aldrin: Old and Wise Ruler)

Alfrid (Meaning of Alfrid: Wise Counsellor; Sage)

Baby Boy Names that Start With B

If you are searching for American baby boy names starting with the letter B? Choosing a perfect name can sometimes be a hard task. But with this trending list of baby boy names that start with the letter “B” will help you get the right name for your new baby boy.

Baz (Meaning of Baz: So Royal, Grand, King)

Bard (Meaning of Bard: Fight against Peace, a Singer & poet)

Benn (Meaning of Benn: Benn is the Abbreviation of Benjamin and Benedict, Born of the Right Hand)

Berk (Meaning of Berk: One of the Place name, Man of Strength, Strong)

Buzzy (Meaning of Buzzy: Buzzing Noise)

Bryon (Meaning of Bryon: Principled, Brave, Honorable)

Briel (Meaning of Briel: A special Gift of God)

Brannon (Meaning of Brannon: Little Wolf, Broom Covered Hill)

Brion (Meaning of Brion: A person who is so Brave, Strength, Force)

Burny (Meaning of Burny: Brave person like a Bear)

Branton (Meaning of Branton: Settlement where Broom Raised, Proud)

Bryan (Meaning of Bryan: Honorable, Briany)

Burle (Meaning of Bryon: Encouraged, Difference of Berlyn)

Burly (Meaning of Burly: Lives at the Fortress’s Meadow)

Berwyk (Meaning of Berwyk: From the Barley Farmhouse)

Burne (Meaning of Burne: A Coil, From the Stream)

Berton (Meaning of Berton: From the Stimulated Town)

Butch (Meaning of Butch: Butcher, Shining Radiantly)

Bryce (Meaning of Bryce: Nobleman’s Son, Quick -moving)

Bertin (Meaning of Bertin: Positive, Sunny, Bright)

Branson (Meaning of Branson: Brando’s Son, Beacon Hill)

Baby Boy Names that Start With C

Whether you are looking for U.S. baby boy names starting with the letter C, Get Unique American names for newborn baby Boy starting with C letter with their Meaning. Choose the right name from this latest 2021 name list of cute and modern baby Boy Names below:

Colson (Meaning of Colson: People’s Victory)

Con (Meaning of Con: Faithfulness, All Together)

Coby (Meaning of Coby: Following later, Supplanted)

Cyd (Meaning of Cyd: Lord, Noble)

Collis (Meaning of Collis: People’s Victory)

Cary (Meaning of Cary: Man, One Place name)

Case (Meaning of Case: Vessel, Peace Bringer)

Cash (Meaning of Cash: Case Maker, Rich Man)

Cobi (Meaning of Cobi: Container of Heel)

Clay (Meaning of Clay: Settlement by the Clay Pit)

Clem (Meaning of Clem: Form of Pleasant, Kind, Mild)

Cleo (Meaning of Cleo: Father’s Glory)

Chad (Meaning of Chad: Great Love, Fighter)

Colman (Meaning of Colman: Charcoal Burner)

Colten (Meaning of Colten: Coal Town)

Colter (Meaning of Colter: Person who takes care of Horses)

Colton (Meaning of Colton: Coal Town, City of Colt-breeding)

Carl (Meaning of Carl: Free Man, Planter)

Corvin (Meaning of Corvin: A Wolf, Raven-haired)

Corwan (Meaning of Corwan: Heartily Friend, Heart of Friend)

Baby Boy Names that Start With D

The name starts with D represents determination and diligence. Are you looking for U. S. Baby boy names beginning with D? Get some beautiful and unique male names that start with ‘D’, along with their meaning.

Derrik (Meaning of Derrik: Who rules over People, Gifted Ruler)

Dylon (Meaning of Dylon: Loyal)

Dax (Meaning of Dax: Reference to the Town)

Donte (Meaning of Donta: To Tolerate, Contemporary Phonetic)

Dee (Meaning of Dee: Brave, Uncertain)

Del (Meaning of Del: Honoured Friend)

Dev (Meaning of Dev: Heavenly, Poet, God)

Dell (Meaning of Dell: Tree Valley from the Yew)

Dago (Meaning of Dago: Teaching)

Dale (Meaning of Dale: Who lives in a Valley)

Dana (Meaning of Dana: God is My Judge, Peacemaker, Judge)

Deus (Meaning of Deus: God, Strain Mythical Creature)

Dijon (Meaning of Drew: Kind, God)

Dylan (Meaning of Dylan: Who wins mind, From a Large Sea)

Dilan (Meaning of Dilan: Caring, Son of Waves, Faithful)

Dain (Meaning of Dain: From Denmark)

Donne (Meaning of Donne: The Ruler of World)

Drew (Meaning of Drew: The wise person)

Donny (Meaning of Donny: Form of Donald, World Leader)

Donta (Meaning of Donta: Dedicated, Enduring)

Doran (Meaning of Doran: Displaced, Stranger)

Baby Boy Names that Start With E

Are you searching for a cute baby name beginning with the most popular letter E? Here get some top Baby Boy Names that Start with E and browse the trending list of baby names starting with E to find the best name.

Elin (Meaning of Elin: Glow, Shining)

Elmo (Meaning of Elmo: God’s Protector, Descendant)

Eloy (Meaning of Eloy: Selected One, the Highest)

Enzo (Meaning of Enos: Humanity, One Vigour)

Ernesto (Meaning of Ernesto: Person with a serious-minded, sincere person)

Elvy (Meaning of Elvy: Fairy Warrior)

Emil (Meaning of Emil: Challenger, Industrious)

Enos (Meaning of Enzo: Who rules House, Winner)

Eusebio (Meaning of Eusebio: Devout, Moral)

Eoan (Meaning of Eoan: Strong)

Esteban (Meaning of Esteban: Crowned, Crowned in Victory)

Erasmo (Meaning of Eoan: Dearer / Dearest, Loved one)

Emon (Meaning of Emon: Featured, Truthful)

Enright (Meaning of Enright: Son of the Attacker)

Erskine (Meaning of Erskine: Top of the Knife, Dweller of the top …)

Estevan (Meaning of Estevan: Modified of Stephen)

Evander (Meaning of Evander: Primary Founder of Rome, Benevolent)

Baby Boy Names that Start With F

If you are searching for a modern baby name for your new bundle? Get the best baby names starting with F here. Just browse the list for boys’ names beginning with F and choose the right one.

Fame (Meaning of Fame: One who is Popular)

Fane (Meaning of Fane: Man with Crow, Pleased, Joyful)

Farr (Meaning of Farr: Traveller, Adventurer)

Faber (Meaning of Faber: Bean Cultivator)

Fabio (Meaning of Fabio: Derived from the Roman word name Clan)

Fagan (Meaning of Fagan: Little Passionate One)

Flo (Meaning of Flo: Peaceful Soul, Flourishing)

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Foy (Meaning of Foy: Travel, A Journey)

Fabi (Meaning of Fabi: Short form of Fabian, Bean Grower)

Fain: (Meaning of Fain: Satisfied, Joyful)

Flag (Meaning of Flag: A Patriotic Man)

Flex (Meaning of Flex: Fortunate)

Fagen (Meaning of Fagen: Warm Tempered, Passionate)

Fahim (Meaning of Fahim: Prudent, Learned, Wise)

Faine (Meaning of Faine: Delighted, Good-natured)

Farad (Meaning of Farad: Unequaled, Unique)

Favio (Meaning of Favio: Thoughtful)

Fayne (Meaning of Fayne: Happy)

Febin (Meaning of Febin: The Light of Moon)

Foren (Meaning of Foren: One who is Bold)

Baby Boy Names that Start With G

Want a cute and trendy name to suit your new handsome man? Don’t worry, Here you can find a list contains all of the most popular and attractive baby boy names that start with G.

Gus (Meaning of Gus: Numerous, Form of Gustave)

Guy (Meaning of Gus: Expert Guide)

Gabe (Meaning of Gabe: God’s Boldest Man)

Galt (Meaning of Galt: From the Town on the Tallest Ground)

Gann (Meaning of Gann: Sensitive, Light Skinned)

Gard (Meaning of Gard: Garden Keeper)

Giga (Meaning of Giga: Large)

Gino (Meaning of Gino: Famous Fighter, Well-born)

Glen (Meaning of Glen: Forested Valley, Dweller of Valley)

Goby (Meaning of Goby: An Audacious Man)

Gogo (Meaning of Gogo: just like Grandfather)

Garry (Meaning of Garry: Enormous with a Spear, Spear)

Garth (Meaning of Garth: Guard of the Garden)

Gerri (Meaning of Gerri: Bold with the Spear)

Gerry (Meaning of Gerry: Mighty with a Spike)

Gibby (Meaning of Gibby: Cheerful Pledge, The Son of Gilbert)

Giles (Meaning of Giles: Kid, baby, Young Goat)

Gilly (Meaning of Gilly: Lively, Well-known)

Gines (Meaning of Gines: Harvests or Produces Life)

Gismo (Meaning of Gismo: One who is Playful)

Garwood (Meaning of Garwood: A Wood with shaped Triangle)

Gervase (Meaning of Gervase: Respectable, Servant)

Giannis (Meaning of Giannis: Yahweh is Kind-hearted / Gracious)

Baby Boy Names that Start With H

Are you worried about where to get the best baby name for your soon boy baby? If you need some help, we bring you a list of unique boy names starting with H. Choose one from the below mentioned cute baby boy name that represents strength and creativity.

Huck (Meaning of Huck: Like the Fruit)

Hasil (Meaning of Huck: Creator, Farmer)

Haz (Meaning of Haz: Fortune, Luck)

Huy (Meaning of Huy: Sunny, Sending Light out)

Haas (Meaning of Haas: A Decent Man)

Haig (Meaning of Haig: From the Circumvented Enclosure)

Hank (Meaning of Hank: God is Kind)

Hare (Meaning of Hare: Full Grown-up Charles, Manly)

Harp (Meaning of Harp: Player)

Hania (Meaning of Hania: Spirit Warrior)

Hanly (Meaning of Hanly: From the High Meadow)

Hart (Meaning of Hart: Wild Runner, Jogger)

Hud (Meaning of Hud: Hooded, Those who Ask Pardon)

Huw (Meaning of Hud: Cheerful in Mind and Spirit)

Huey (Meaning of Huey: Happy Mind, Form of Hugh)

Huli (Meaning of Huli: Strength, Power)

Hulk (Meaning of Hulk: So Strong)

Hamza (Meaning of Hamza: Smart, Clever, Lion, Strong)

Handy (Meaning of Hamza: Expert with One’s Hands)

Hoyt (Meaning of Hoyt: Spirit, Tall, Mind)

Haven (Meaning of Haven: A Shelter, Refuge)

Baby Boy Names that Start With I

Are you looking for the American baby boy names that begin with the letter I? Get some adorable names with their respective deep meanings. You can find the perfect Christian baby name for your Boy.

Ian (Meaning of Ian: God is Forgiving / Gracious)

Ike (Meaning of Ike: One who brings Happiness)

Ira (Meaning of Ira: Observant, Alert, Wind)

Isi (Meaning of Ish: Just like a Deer)

Imon (Meaning of Imon: Honest, Starred)

Ivo (Meaning of Ivo: Archer’s Crossbow, Yew)

IbnSon (Meaning of IbnSon: Person who is Usually Loved)

Ivy (Meaning of Ivy: The name of Ivy Tree)

Iye (Meaning of Iye: Smoke)

Ilan (Meaning of Ilan: Tree Name, Noble Person)

Ish (Meaning of Ish: Who rules, Master of the World)

Ilex (Meaning of Ilex: Variant of Alex)

Ignatius (Meaning of Ignatius: Burning Unique, Passionate, Burning)

Ilia (Meaning of Ilia: I love my God)

Isai (Meaning of Isai: God Brings)

Ivar (Meaning of Ivar: The bow of Archer)

Iain (Meaning of Iain: Gift of God, God’s Gracious Gift)

Ivey (Meaning of Ivey: Climber)

Izaiah (Meaning of Izaiah: God is Salvation)

Ibrahim (Meaning of Ibrahim: My Father is Noble)

Izzi (Meaning of Izzi: Gift of Isis)

Ives (Meaning of Ives: Young Archer)

Infinity (Meaning of Infinity: A Man Infinite by Space / Time)

Isom (Meaning of Isom: One Village which is on the Ise River)

Immanuel (Meaning of Immanuel: God is with us)

Baby Boy Names that Start With J

The letter J is one of the most used start letters for boy names. If you want to give your new son with this letter J then check out the U. S. baby name list. Choose the best name for your newborn or expected baby Boy that starts with J from the list below:

Jas (Meaning of Jas: Replaced, Supplanted, Gift of God)

Jax (Meaning of Jax: God is Sympathetic)

Jay (Meaning of Jay: The Lord is Rescue)

Jaz (Meaning of Jaz: Uncertain)

Jeb (Meaning of Jeb: Next after)

Jed (Meaning of Jed: God’s Friend, Beloved One)

Jem (Meaning of Jem: Supplanted, the Lord Praises)

Jim (Meaning of Jim: Resulting after, supplanted)

Joe (Meaning of Joe: Divinity Raises)

Jon (Meaning of Jon: The Lord is Polite)

Joy (Meaning of Joy: Happiness, Delight, Success)

Jym (Meaning of Jym: Container of Heel)

Jade (Meaning of Jade: Precious Green Stone)

Jahi (Meaning of Jahi: Dignified)

Jair (Meaning of Jair: Sunny, One who spreads Light)

Jaka (Meaning of Jaka: Young Man)

Jake (Meaning of Jake: supplanted; Held by the Heel)

Jaks (Meaning of Jaks: Yahweh is Compassionate)

Jale (Meaning of Jale: Happy)

Jame (Meaning of Jame: Holder of Heel, to Protect)

Jayk (Meaning of Jayk: Holder of Heel)

Jett (Meaning of Jett: Gemstone; A Profound)

Jhan (Meaning of Jhan: Gracious)

Jhon (Meaning of Jhon: The Lord is Polite)

jian (Meaning of Jian: Man of Power)

Jill (Meaning of Jill: Youthful)

Jean (Meaning of Jean: God is Compassionate)

Baby Boy Names that Start With K

Give an amazing identity to your little one from this name list. Here you can find Unique US baby names for newborn baby Boy starting with K letter with their respective Meaning. Get the latest 2021 name list of adorable and modern baby Boy Names here.

Kam (Meaning of Kam: Dearest, Work)

Kay (Meaning of Kay: Fire, Clean, Joy, Delight)

Kee (Meaning of Kee: Peace, Love)

Kei (Meaning of Kei: Wise, Power, Blessing)

Kel (Meaning of Kel: Gulch, Swampy Land, Trowel Worker)

Kem (Meaning of Kem: The Sun)

Ken (Meaning of Ken: Good-looking)

Key (Meaning of Key: From the Keen Hill)

Kit (Meaning of Kit: Supporter of Christ)

Koz (Meaning of Koz: Attractiveness, World, Order)

Kacy (Meaning of Kacy: Successor)

Kade (Meaning of Kade: From the Marshes, Rounded)

Kage (Meaning of Kage: Shadow)

Kale (Meaning of Kale: Loving, Calm, Ocean)

Kamy (Meaning of Kamy: Loving)

Kane (Meaning of Kane: Tribute, Warrior’s Son, Bright)

Kari (Meaning of Kari: Breeze of Wind, Curly-haired)

Karl (Meaning of Karl: Agriculturalist, Free Man)

Kemp (Meaning of Kemp: Sportsperson, Player)

Kenn (Meaning of Kenn: Attractive, Bright Water)

Keno (Meaning of Keno: Society, Clan, Brave)

Kent: (Meaning of Kent: Happy, White, Edge)

Keon: (Meaning of Keon: Sweet, Helpful, Intelligent)

Kert (Meaning of Kert: Simple Pleasures)

Keya (Meaning of Keya: Hurry, A Bengali Flower)

Kian (Meaning of Kian: Rulers, Royal, Early)

Kiel (Meaning of Kiel: Living near a Narrow Channel)

Kien (Meaning of Kien: Imperial, Kings)

Kiev (Meaning of Kien: Open-minded, Kind, Calm)

Baby Boy Names that Start With L

If you are expecting a baby and wondering what to name your baby if he will be a boy baby, here is a sophisticated guide of US Baby Boy Names starting with L. This Name list would define the distinctive personality of your baby!

Lad (Meaning of Lad: Associated)

Lak (Meaning of Lak: Dear, Wave)

Lew (Meaning of Lew: Well-known Warrior)

Lan (Meaning of Lan: Boundary, Orchid Flower)

Lee (Meaning of Lee: From a Clearance, Glade, Poet)

Len (Meaning of Len: Shortening of Leonard)

Les (Meaning of Les: Holly Spinney)

Lait (Meaning of Lait: A Charming Young Man)

Lev (Meaning of Lev: Lion, just look like to Leo)

Lex (Meaning of Lex: Protector of Mankind)

Ladd (Meaning of Ladd: Linked, Young Man)

Lais (Meaning of Lais: King of Jungle, Lion)

Lalo: (Meaning of Lalo: Rich Defender)

Leal (Meaning of Leal: Correct, Loyal)

Leif (Meaning of Leif: Beneficiary, Beloved)

Lear (Meaning of Lear: From the River Legra)

Leer (Meaning of Leer: Clearing)

Leo (Meaning of Leo: Brave Man, Bold like a Lion)

Lele (Meaning of Lele: Faithful)

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Lena (Meaning of Lena: Robust, Brave, like Lion)

Liam (Meaning of Liam: Strong-minded Protector)

Lexx (Meaning of Lexx: Defender of Mankind)

Lian (Meaning of Lian: Truthful, Soft)

Lawley (Meaning of Lawley: From the Hill Meadow)

Live (Meaning of Live: Heart of the Lion)

Lott (Meaning of Lott: Share, Part)

Loyd (Meaning of Loyd: Blessed, Grey)

Lexy (Meaning of Lexy: Protector)

Lauren (Meaning of Lauren: Capped with Laurel)

Laurie (Meaning of Lauren: From Lauren)

Baby Boy Names that Start With M

A baby brings so much happiness into the house. Every parent wants to give a unique name to their baby. If you will have a little boy baby, why not gift him a beautiful name? Check out our list of the latest collection of modern and new American baby boy names.

Monte (Meaning of Monte: From the Rich Man’s Mountain)

Monti (Meaning of Monti: Cute, Fort, Large)

Mel (Meaning of Mel: Person who Glooms, Sword Friend)

Mia (Meaning of Mia: Mine, Always Laughing)

Mic (Meaning of Mic: Just like Yahweh)

Morey (Meaning of Morey: Shady Skinned, Form of Morris)

Myc (Meaning of Myc: One who is like God)

Myk (Meaning of Myk: One who is like Spirit)

Marl (Meaning of Marl: Pleasing Wood Marl)

Marv (Meaning of Marv: Friend of the Ocean, Form of Marvin)

Maaz (Meaning of Maaz: Timber, A Friend of Forecaster)

Mark (Meaning of Mark: Like War, Mars)

Myron (Meaning of Myron: A Person who Tracks a Religion)

Mackie (Meaning of Mackie: The name of Kenneth’s Son)

Madden (Meaning of Madden: Puppy, Minor; Little Dog)

Mato (Meaning of Mato: Brave)

Mary (Meaning of Mary: Uprising, Bitter)

Merv (Meaning of Merv: Who Loves the Sea, Lover of the Sea)

Miah (Meaning of Miah: Whole, Legend)

Marz (Meaning of Marz: Manly)

Mich (Meaning of Miah: Just like God)

Baby Boy Names that Start With N

If you are on the hunt for beautiful and unique modern US boy names beginning with N, then your search ends here. Explore baby boy names starting with N List for newborn babies that are perfect for your little one!

Neo (Meaning of Neo: Fresh, New Life / Moon)

Nic (Meaning of Nic: Noble People of Victory)

Nik (Meaning of Nik: Publics’ Victory, Winner)

Nim (Meaning of Nim: Hunter)

Niv (Meaning of Niv: Foundation)

Nix (Meaning of Nix: Fearless)

Ned (Meaning of Ned: Flourishing Guardian)

Nel (Meaning of Nel: Sacred, Pure)

Nygel (Meaning of Nygel: Winner, From the Irish)

Nykko (Meaning of Nykko: Victory of the People)

Nyles (Meaning of Nyles: Victor, Form of Neil)

Nadine (Meaning of Nadine: Filled with Confidence)

Nahele (Meaning of Nahele: Forest)

Nero (Meaning of Nero: Robust, Energetic, Powerful)

Nery (Meaning of Nery: Light)

Neil (Meaning of Neil: What came from Clouds)

Neka (Meaning of Neil: Bare Goose)

Nels (Meaning of Neil: Main, Son of Neil)

Niyol (Meaning of Niyol: Wind)

Nolan (Meaning of Nolan: Honorable)

Neon (Meaning of Neon: Robust, Fresh, Strong Man)

Nanook (Meaning of Nanook: Polar Bear)

Nantai (Meaning of Nantai: Chief)

Neer (Meaning of Neer: Aquatic, Clear, Pure)

Noton (Meaning of Noton: The Wind)

Newt (Meaning of Newt: New Town)

Nixen (Meaning of Nixen: Son of Nick)

Nixon (Meaning of Nixen: Short form of Nicholas)

Baby Boy Names that Start With O

If you are confused about choosing the best name for your soon boy baby, then the list of Baby Boy names starting with letter O can prove useful. Here are the trendiest O-names for baby boys in the United States with outstanding options.

Omarr (Meaning of Omarr: Maximum, Supporter of the Prophet)

Omega (Meaning of Omega: Last-born Kid)

Obie (Meaning of Obie: Being Obedient)

Odie (Meaning of Odie: Otter, Jingle, Gorgeous)

Oggy (Meaning of Oggy: Fun, Happy)

Ogie (Meaning of Ogie: Great)

Omer (Meaning of Omar: Expressive or Bundle of Grain)

Oram (Meaning of Oram: From the Riverbank Enclosure)

Oren (Meaning of Oren: Pine Tree, Ash Tree)

Orik (Meaning of Orik: From the Old Oak Tree)

Oran (Meaning of Oran: Little Light Green One, Green)

Orrik (Meaning of Orrik: From the Ancient Oak Tree)

Orrin (Meaning of Orrik: English River Name)

Odell (Meaning of Odell: Otter, Fortune)

Olin (Meaning of Olin: Holly, Predecessor, Hallowed)

Omar (Meaning of Omar: A Period, the Uppermost, the Highest)

Ogden (Meaning of Ogden: From the Oak Tree Valley)

Ollie (Meaning of Ollie: Olive Tree, Form of Oliver)

Odin (Meaning of Odin: Motivation, Wealthy Defender)

Odis (Meaning of Odis: Prosperity)

Omari (Meaning of Omari: The Uppermost of Muhammads … )

Orren (Meaning of Orren: Orren is one of the English River)

Baby Boy Names that Start With P

Whether you prefer baby names which start with ‘P’ for your baby boy, then check out our collection of some good boy baby names starting with P. This list will be beneficial for parents who are searching for a latest name for their new baby boy.

Patrice (Meaning of Patrice: Upper-class, A Nobleman)

Paul (Meaning of Paul: Minor, Tiny)

Pax (Meaning of Pax: Pacific, From the Peaceful Farm)

Pay (Meaning of Pay: He is coming)

Pol (Meaning of Pol: Small, Little, Humble)

Pako (Meaning of Pako: Permitted One, Bare Eagle, Frenchman)

Patsy (Meaning of Patsy: House Lad, Honorable)

Paula (Meaning of Paula: Slight, Small, Little)

Parrish (Meaning of Parrish: Who resides near the Church)

Peet (Meaning of Peet: Sympathy, Loving)

Pell (Meaning of Pell: Cloak)

Pasha (Meaning of Pasha: Modest, Capture)

Paulo (Meaning of Paulo: Minute, Petite, Lesser)

Pavel (Meaning of Pavel: Self-effacing, Slight, Small)

Patch (Meaning of Patch: Form of Peter)

Paton (Meaning of Paton: From the Soldier’s Town, Imperial)

Parkins (Meaning of Parkins: Parkin’s Son name)

Parnall (Meaning of Parnall: Tiny Rock)

Penn (Meaning of Penn: A Mount)

Phil (Meaning of Phil: Fan/ Friend of Horses)

Baby Boy Names that Start With Q

If you want to unique name for you boy baby then choose the letter Q which is one of the more unique letter when you are giving your baby a name. Here are the latest Q-names for baby boys in the US so scroll down below and check out boy names that start with other Q.

Qamar (Meaning of Qamar: Satellite broadcasting, Moon)

Quade (Meaning of Quade: One of the Tribe name)

Quang (Meaning of Quang: Pure, Excellent, Good Status)

Quent (Meaning of Quent: Fifth, Last name)

Quinn (Meaning of Quinn: Realistic, Understanding, Chief)

Quint (Meaning of Quint: 5th, Last name)

Quincy (Meaning of Quincy: Fifth, Derived from Roman Clan)

Qussai (Meaning of Qussai: Distant)

Qochata (Meaning of Qochata: Snowy Man)

Quenten (Meaning of Quenten: Person who born in 5th Month)

Quentin (Meaning of Quentin: Faithfulness)

Qaletaqa (Meaning of Qaletaqa: Guardian of the People)

Quanah (Meaning of Quanah: Aromatic)

Baby Boy Names that Start With R

Looking for Baby Names Beginning with the letter R? Take a look at our Unique R letter catholic names for new born Christian baby Boy list along with meanings below:

Remy (Meaning of Remy: Who came from the Raven Farm)

Rene (Meaning of Remy: A person who Reborn)

Rex (Meaning of Rex: King of the World)

Rey (Meaning of Rey: A person who came from a Rye Farm)

Reno (Meaning of Reno: Gamester)

Rett (Meaning of Rett: Talker, Advice)

Reve (Meaning of Reve: Steward, Vision)

Reyn (Meaning of Reyn: God Gift, Celebrity)

Rhet (Meaning of Rhet: Lecturer, Advice)

Rahm (Meaning of Rahm: Arrogant, High)

Rahn (Meaning of Rahn: The Advise of King)

Raif (Meaning of Raif: Kind, Kind)

Rain (Meaning of Rain: Night, Ample Blessings)

Regis (Meaning of Regis: Ruler, Imperial, Kingly)

Rad (Meaning of Rad: A Analyst, Who advise)

Rif (Meaning of Rif: Brainy, Knowledgeable, Wise)

Regal (Meaning of Regal: Born into Royalty)

Ran (Meaning of Ran: Strong Protector, Desert)

Raf (Meaning of Rad: Raf )

Rai (Meaning of Rai: Protector, Defender, Patron)

Baby Boy Names that Start With S

If you are looking for the perfect baby name for your little one? Check out our list of US baby Boy names starting with S. Latest collection of Modern American baby boy names starting with S along with their meaning.

Samm (Meaning of Samm: Said by God)

Samy (Meaning of Samy: Intelligent, Monk Rose, Hollow)

Sib (Meaning of Sib: Fortunate, Caring)

Sol (Meaning of Sol: Passive)

Savy (Meaning of Savy: Space, Sun)

Shaz (Meaning of Shaz: Beautiful)

Shea (Meaning of Shea: Excellent, Fine)

Sher: (Meaning of Sher: The Beloved One, Lion, Brave)

Shoe (Meaning of Sher: Guard, Defend)

Seaton (Meaning of Seaton: From Baron’s Park)

Sako (Meaning of Sako: Brave man, Hunter)

Sami (Meaning of Sami: Noble One, Tall)

Sebert (Meaning of Sebert: Glory at Oceanic, Shining Sea)

Seeton (Meaning of Seeton: From the City near by the Sea)

Seldon (Meaning of Seldon: From the Racket Basin)

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Saye (Meaning of Saye: A Man who talks more)

Sham (Meaning of Sham: Solid Person)

Shan (Meaning of Shan: Superiority, Respect, Famous)

Shad (Meaning of Shad: Pleased, Fight)

Shai (Meaning of Shai: Current, Well-mannered)

Somar (Meaning of Somar: Born in Summer)

Sonic (Meaning of Sonic: Golden, Superb)

Sonny (Meaning of Sonny: An Early Boy, Son)

Suhay (Meaning of Suhay: Well, One who is like Yellow Corn)

Sully: (Meaning of Sully: Astonishing, Good-looking, Kind)

Saba (Meaning of Saba: One who born during the Morning time)

Samual (Meaning of Samual: God has received)

Scot (Meaning of Scot: Man who come from Scotland)

Sefton (Meaning of Sefton: Village of Flashes, Urgency Settlement)

Selden (Meaning of Selden: From the Paddle Dell)

Saaz (Meaning of Saaz: Sniff, Tune)

Baby Boy Names that Start With T

Are you thinking about the name for your coming baby boy, you will find the perfect name that starts with the letter T here. Find some fabulous US Baby Boy names that start with “T”. This name list definitely helps you find the awesome name for your baby.

Tae (Meaning of Tae: Permission, Gold)

Tet (Meaning of Tet: Who born on New Year)

Tip (Meaning of Tip: Twin)

Tod (Meaning of Tod: Fox, Form of Todd)

Tait (Meaning of Tait: Pleased, Measure of Property)

Tank (Meaning of Tank: A Big and Strong Man)

Tex (Meaning of Tex: Who comes from Texas)

Tai (Meaning of Tai: Massive, Capacity, Excessive)

Taj (Meaning of Tai: Brow, Ornament)

Troi (Meaning of Troi: Troy Arises)

Tron (Meaning of Tron: Growing)

Troy (Meaning of Troy: Twisted Haired, Foot-soldier)

Tash (Meaning of Tash: Ruler of Heart)

Tate (Meaning of Tate: To be Joyful, Countless)

Tavares (Meaning of Tavares: Offspring of the Old Man)

Tavaris (Meaning of Tavaris: Bad luck, Child of the Hermit)

Tigger (Meaning of Tigger: Powerful)

Tan (Meaning of Tan: Build, Lion, Leather-tanner, Original)

Tav (Meaning of Tav: Son of the Recluse)

Tigran (Meaning of Tigran: Firing an Arrow)

Tilden (Meaning of Tilden: From the Fertile Dell)

Thom (Meaning of Thom: A Like, Eldest One, Great)

Thad (Meaning of Thad: Emotion, Admired, Courageous)

Thaw (Meaning of Thaw: Ice that has melted)

Tryp (Meaning of Tryp: Traveller)

Tal (Meaning of Tal: Rain, Droplets Drop)

Baby Boy Names that Start With U

U is one of the more unique letters to name your baby boy, if you are searching for a baby name with this letter U, then Check out this awesome latest 2021 name list and choose the best for your little one.

Udolf (Meaning of Udolf: Prosperous Wolf)

Ulmer (Meaning of Ulmer: A Popular Wolf)

Ugis (Meaning of Ugis: Shield)

Ukya (Meaning of Ukya: From the Profound Valley)

Ulan (Meaning of Ulan: First-born Matching)

Uri (Meaning of Uri: Bright, My Light is my God)

Uzi (Meaning of Uzi: Command, Strength)

Udale (Meaning of Udale: One who came from the Yew Tree Valley)

Usher (Meaning of Usher: Who keeping Gate- Gatekeeper, Attendant)

Unwin (Meaning of Unwin: New Friend, Unfriendly)

Upton (Meaning of Upton: One who came from the High / Upper Town)

Urban (Meaning of Urban: One who came from the Urban City)

Ujarak (Meaning of Ujarak: looks like a Rock)

Ulises (Meaning of Ulises: Full of Anger)

Uriah (Meaning of Uriah: Graceful of the God, Light of God)

Uriel (Meaning of Uriel: Brightness of God’s Light, Flame of God)

Umber (Meaning of Umber: to Optimistic Fighter, Blush of Earth)

Udolph (Meaning of Udolph: Rich Wolf)

Usoro (Meaning of Usoro: The time of the Festival)

Udall (Meaning of Udall: One who came from the Yew Tree Valley)

Ullock (Meaning of Ulises: The Sport played by Wolf)

Ulysses (Meaning of Ulysses: To Dislike, Furious, To be Angry)

Baby Boy Names that Start With V

The letter V is one of the less used starting letters for boy names, so you can find a unique and strong name for your baby. Just browse here some collection of Boy baby names starting with the letter V and choose the one from this list.

Val (Meaning of Vel: Authority, Durable, Healthy)

Vern (Meaning of Vern: Young, Alder Tree)

Veon (Meaning of Veon: Heavens, Sky)

Verl (Meaning of Verl: Truth)

Viho (Meaning of Viho: Principal (Cheyenne))

Valentin (Meaning of Valentin: Healthy, Fit, Strong)

Venedict (Meaning of Venedict: Form of Benedict)

Victoria (Meaning of Victoria: Victor, Successful)

Ving (Meaning of Ving: Green Canal)

Videl (Meaning of Videl: Lifespan)

Vinny (Meaning of Vinny: Successful, Delightful)

Vinn (Meaning of Vinn: Conqueror)

Villamor (Meaning of Villamor: From a City or Village)

Victor (Meaning of Vester: Winning, Conqueror, Champ)

Vernon (Meaning of Vernon: Young)

Vester (Meaning of Vester: Forested, A Woodland)

Vance (Meaning of Vance: From the Hills, Very High Places)

Vidal (Meaning of Vidal: Energetic, Life)

Baby Boy Names that Start With W

The names which start with the letter W have been one of the most trending W S boy names. If you want a perfect baby boy name that begins with the letter W, Get here a list with some cute names.

Wait (Meaning of Wait: To Delay, Pause, Guard)

Wayna (Meaning of Wayna: Immature)

Westin (Meaning of Westin: A name of Wester Town)

Walt (Meaning of Walt: Military Ruler)

Wayde (Meaning of Wayde: From the Unsteady Aspen Tree)

Willful (Meaning of Willful: Cheerful, Wild Boar)

Wayne (Meaning of Willful: One who Drives Waggons)

Wayra (Meaning of Wayra: Gust of Wind)

Wap (Meaning of Wap: So Lucky Peron)

Whip (Meaning of Whip:To Attack / Flay, Knowledge, Life with full of Wian)

Walton (Meaning of Walton: Enclosed, Torrent Town)

Warner (Meaning of Warner: Army Protector, Who Protecting Military)

Watson (Meaning of Watson: Great Soldier, Son of Walter)

Waylon (Meaning of Waylon: Conflict Land)

Wale (Meaning of Wale: One who Yields to God)

Wali (Meaning of Wali: Guard, Governor, Noble)

Weave (Meaning of Weave: Cloth Weaver)

Baby Boy Names that Start With X

Do you want to give a strong-sounding baby name for your baby boy? Search here from the list of baby boy names that start with X. It is the perfect list of excellent baby names.

Xaivian (Meaning of Xaivian: Lifecycle, Fighter, Big Heart)

Xavier (Meaning of Xavier: Cheerful, Superb)

Xander (Meaning of Xander: Superb, Guard of Mankind)

Xandy (Meaning of Xandy: Protector of the People)

Xabiere (Meaning of Xabiere: Selected One)

Xakery (Meaning of Xakery: The spelling of Zachary)

Xerxes (Meaning of Xerxes: Well-known Persian King)

Xzavier (Meaning of Xzavier: A New Family, Owner of the New Home)

Baby Boy Names that Start With Y

Scroll out list of US baby Boy names starting with y and select the best name that starts with Y for your newly born or expected baby Boy.

Yardley (Meaning of Yardley: Forest of Tinder)

Yevgeny (Meaning of Yevgeny: , Born to Dignity, Well-born)

Yas (Meaning of Yas: Child of the Ice, Snow (Navajo))

Yev (Meaning of Yev: Robust, Dominant)

Yul (Meaning of Yul: Instinctive at Christmas)

Yahel (Meaning of Yahel: Shine)

Yahto (Meaning of Yahto: Blue)

Yakar (Meaning of Yakar: Favourite, Luxurious, Precious)

Yamin (Meaning of Yamin: Towards Correct, Quick Action)

Yael (Meaning of Yael: Spirit’s Strength, Mountain Goat)

Yairv (Meaning of Yair: He will Inform, God will Show)

Yaa (Meaning of Yas: Seized by the Heel)

Yadiel (Meaning of Yadiel: Associate; Darling Friend)

Yancey (Meaning of Yancey: Foreign man)

Yannik (Meaning of Yannik: Pure Soul)

Baby Boy Names that Start With Z

If you’re expecting a child, and want to give an amazing name to your boy baby, then check out this great list of little one’s names that start with the letter ‘Z’.

Zoli (Meaning of Zoli: Blessings of God)

Zues (Meaning of Zues: Sunny, Divinity)

Zivan (Meaning of Zivan: Dynamic and Alive, Basis of Life)

Zuri (Meaning of Zuri: Who have White-skinned, Delightful)

Zaden (Meaning of Zaden: The Growth)

Zackery (Meaning of Zackery: God Recollects)

Zavier (Meaning of Zavier: New Homebased / House,Protector Bright)

Zona (Meaning of Zona: Belt, Band)

Zebulon (Meaning of Zebulon: Homebased, Dwelling of Respect)

Zedrick (Meaning of Zedrick: Brave, Ruler of All)

Zubin (Meaning of Zubin: Who is so Smart, Toothy; Spike)

Zavion (Meaning of Zavion: New House, Cheerful)

Zayden (Meaning of Zayden: Attractive, Grandfather, Indistinct)

Zoltan (Meaning of Zoltan: Who rules, King)

I hope you like above listed Unique and latest American baby boy names, Many people from many countries have different habits and cultures that make them unique in their own way. Similarly, these countries have their own cultures which they follow when it comes to naming their children or naming any other member of their family. In this case, there are a lot of large families in America and as a result, new names and patterns are being developed across the nation every day.