Unique Arabic Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Arabic baby names are adorable and unique as have heart-touching meanings! If you are looking for popular…

Arabic baby names are adorable and unique as have heart-touching meanings! If you are looking for popular Arabic baby names or something different that will stand out from the crowd, here your search ends. We understand and well know that out of several baby names picking one name for your little bundle of joy can be quite overwhelming. So, to make your searching job less Overwhelming, we have quoted 70+ Unique Arabic Baby Boy Names with their beautiful Meanings which are currently trending all across the globe! Each name carries an interesting meaning and has a deep meaning attached to it! These modern Islamic baby boy names 2021 will show the strength and personality of your little one.

We wish that your kid grows up healthy and strong, intelligent and wise, and in the future will become a person of good personality.

Names are important as they have a purpose in our lives and can be a cause of blessings. Finding the perfect name for your new baby boy is one of the most main decisions, our baby name with meaning helps you to get perfect names for your children.

Popular Arabic Boy Names with Meanings

Most Arabic baby boy names are coming from traditional but here is the most trending and popular Arabic baby boy names list. You might want to consider and choose a name for your son. Below mentioned Arabic baby names that are presently trending all across the globe.

Abaas: Just like a lion

Malik: Who is just like a king

Aqa: Master, Holder, Owner

Aariz: A man who is respectful man

Awf: A Plant with a Pleasant Smell

Abeer: This name is an earliest Arabic origin name, which can also be written as Abir. And the meaning of Abeer is ‘fragrance of the rose’.

Aasim: Person who never done any sin

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Abderraouf: It means who believe in Allah and serve the most needed

Bilal: Bilal means the name of one of the Prophet’s friends, water

Baz: It means Hero, Royal person, Kingly; Eagle

Bahhir: A person who is brilliant

Barkat: It means growth

Cairo : Cairo is the latest unique Arabic origin name which a specific style and swag attached to it! In Arab language, Cairo has several meanings i.e ‘victorious’, and Cairo is also the capital city name of the country Egypt.

Camil : It is a modern Arabic name which means ‘he who is suitable, perfect or complete!

Daler : It is a famous Muslim origin name. And the meaning of Daler is ‘brave’ or ‘valiant.’ The name Daler is also common amongst the Punjabi population in India.

Elyas : Elyas is a suitable name for parents who are looking for a trendy, different, and short name with a perfect meaning! The word Elyas means ‘Lord is my God’ it is also known as the biblical name for Elijah in the Islamic religion.

Farooq : It is the most popular traditional Arabic origin name with a beautiful meaning ‘man who knows what is right and what is wrong.’ This name can be spelled invariants of the name include Farouk, Farouq Faruqi, or Farook.

Ghaffar : It is a common name amongst Arabian boy names in Muslim families which means ‘the worker of someone who forgives and forgets others crimes’ or ‘most forgiving’, or you can say ‘merciful.’

Ghiyat : Falling rain after a draught

Hanifdin : Hanifdin is the True follower of religion Islam

Haider : The meaning of Haider is attraction and the impression of this name is simply unparalleled. Haider is an old Arabic origin name that means ‘as bold as a lion.’

Hani : One with pleasant behavior.

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Iyaan : It is an Arabic origin name this is not so common these days. The meaning of Iyaan ‘a time,’ time,’ or ‘epoch.

Ibrahim : The national father

Iltutmish : It is a Turkish origin name and is so unique and rarely found name nowadays. The meaning of the Iltutmish is ‘gift of God,’ just like your child!

Junaid : It is a classic ancient Arabic origin name used for baby boy name! Junaid means fighter, ‘soldier’ or ‘warrior,’ the qualities and opportunities of which you’ll ever want your son to possess.

Jawad : A man who is open haned

Kaliph : It is also a classic name and the meaning of this name is ‘Islamic leader’ or ‘the title of the inheritors of Mohammed. It is also spelled as a variant of the name is Kaleph.

Latif : It is a very cute and modern Islamic origin name that means ‘gentle’ and ‘kind.’

Maheer : It is an Arbian name that means a person who is brave,’ ‘bold,’ and ‘courageous.’ All parents want the qualities their son to possess!

Merab : It means master of water.

Mohsin : The name Mohsin means helper, humanitarian

Nobeel : Who is very noble or distinguished

Noman : It means the man who is blessed by Allah

Naeem : Naeem means very comfortable.

Naadim : It is an unusual Arabic origin name that means a person who is regretful or repentant.

Najjib : Born in high family, excellent

Owais : It means a little wolf

Parwez : It is a true Arabic name that means ‘an effective man who is a king.’

Rayan : Rayan means Gate in Paradise devoted to those who fast always, splendor

Ridwan : It is the rare name of Arbian boy, It means contentment

Rafeeq : It means ‘a kind-hearted person.’

Rahat : It is a rare arbian name for baby boys which means ‘rest’ or ‘relaxation.’

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Sadiq : A nice most used name in Arabic speaking countries, Sadiq means someone who is an honest person and trustworthy.

Safuh : Man who forgives others.

Samien : The conversation which is heard

Shaadi : Who sings well

Saqib : It means shining star

Shading : The arbian meaning of Shadin is young deer, fawn

Talal: An admirable person

Tamir : A person who is the owner of many date palm trees
Talib : Talib means truth seeker

Tamam : Tamam means generous

Tarif : Rare and not used often

Tawfiq : Tawfiq means a person who is success in life

Usman : It is a typical Arabic origin name that means ‘the chosen one.’

Ubaid : A cute Arabic boy name which means ‘realistic.’

Urwah : Urwah means people who is supportive

Umar : A person has a long life

Vahid : Vahid is a modern and slightly unusual Arabic name that means ‘single or one.’

Walid : Walid means newborn baby

Waqas : Who is a brave warrior

Yazeed : It means God will increase

Youssef : The person with more power

Yusri : Yusri means a person with good health

Yahya : God is merciful

Yasher : Yasher means man who converts things hard to easier

Zaim : Zaim is brigadier overall

Zain : Zain is also spelled as Zayn is an Arabic name that has achieved popularity in the last years, it means one who is very beautiful.

Zehaan : It is the latest and unconventional Arabian name which means super ample, prosperous, or rich.

Zubair : Who is powerful

Hope this unique Arabic boy names list helps you to get a perfect name for your little son, choose your baby name as per your choice by knowing the name meanings. The name of a man reflects on his/ her personality. Every parent wants to give a perfect name to their kids.