175+ Latest Indian Baby Boy Names of 2020

Every parent prefers a meaningful and trendy name for their babies. Parents in this modern era do a lot of research while choosing their baby name. From the early on, in the first trimester of pregnancy, parents heart fills with curiosity, excitement, happiness and anxiety also. Parents are so excited that a new member is entering their family dynamics who will hold a special place in their heart. At the very beginning, parents started planning for the arrival of the unborn baby. They started preparation right from shopping for his/her baby clothes, baby care products, soaps, and toys etc. Including this preparation for coming soon baby, parents mind must be flooded with all lovely and unique baby girl or baby boy names. Most parents today are visiting sites online or using naming apps when deciding on baby boy names and baby girl names.

If you are expecting a baby coming soon or you have recently welcomed your baby to this world, here we provide you with a list of 175+ latest Indian baby boy names with their meanings. This new Indian boy names list definitely saves a lot of time and effort of parents. These unique baby boy names have been trending since 2019 and shall continue to be popular even in 2020. This Baby boy name list will help you decide the perfect name for your baby. 

Best Indian Baby Boy Names of 2020:

Choosing a unique name for your baby boy can be difficult, as there are so many options nowadays. Do you want something cute and more unique baby name? Get here some new baby boy names with their meanings. 

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With A

Aadrik – The name Aadrik means “the sun rising between the mountain”.

Aahan – First ray of sunlight, sunrise. (If you like the idea of sun-themed names, here are some more ideas: names meaning sun).

Aakil – Aakil means Intelligent, Smart.

Aarav – Aarav means wisdom, one who is peaceful.

Ahil– Ahil means prince.

Avi– The sun and air.

Adi– Begining, firstborn.

Ainesh– Ainesh means the glory of the sun.

Ayaan – Ayaan means gift of god.

Aarnik- Aarnik refers to something unique.

Ayushman- Blessed with long life.

Abhay- Abhay means fearless man, brave.

Adhyan- The name Adhyan means the man who is rising.

Adyant- The name Adyant is from the root of Sanskrit. The name means the beginning of the End. 

Ahem – It means Proud, Necessary, and Important.

Ahim – Ahim means Cloud, Water, and Traveller.

Akar   – White Crystal, Shape, Form, Flowing Stream.

Ajit– Victorious, Unconquerable, Invincible.

Aasu   – Tears, Tear Drop.

Aash – Meaning of Aash is Hope, Expectation

Akki – Meaning of Akki is Lovely, Soul, Rice, Irrigator.

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Anay – Name of Ganesha, Leader of God, Valuable, Completed, Warrior, Calm.

Aman – Symbol of Peace, Peace, Security, Safety, Honest, Protection, Faithful, Trustworthy.

Amay– Fair, Without Bounds, Lord Ganesha, Immeasurable.

Amod – Amod means Pleasure, Joy.               

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Biswas – Meaning of Biswas is Faith

Beemraj – Strength of Hill

Bhaviesh- Lord of Existence, Lord of the World.

Bhavil- Very Beautiful

Bhavin – Lord, Existing Touching, Winner, Gladiator; 

Bhavit – Pleasant, Impress;

Bhavya – Name of God, Auspicious, Suitable, Excellent, Water, God of Ocean

Bhumil – Derived from Bhoomi (earth)

Bhumip- King, Sovereign, Protector of Earth;

Bhupal – King                      

Biswas – Faith

Bashkar – The Sun

Bhaavik – Devout, Virtuous 

Bhimeshwara- Lord Shiva

Bhuvneshwar – Abode of God

Baladitya – Risen Sun, Young Sun

Bhairvesh- The Name of Lord Shiva, Lord of Terror.

Bhavajeet– Bhavajeet means Full of Emotions

Baskaran- Cute, the Sun

Bhaviesh- Lord of Existence, Lord of the World

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With C

Cherish – Free Man, Person who loves Dearly, Dear

Chand- Shining Moon, moon.

Chava- Salvador, Life-giving.

Chahal – Loving

Charak- One of the Founders of Ayurveda, an Ancient Physician.

Charat- Success, On the Way to Victory.

Charvik- Cute, Intelligent, Handsome, Smartness.

Chenraj- A Kings Chain           

Chiraag- Allaudins Lamps, Lamp

Chirush – Smile      

Chyavan – Divinely Inspired Sage, Name of a Saint

Chakradev- Lord Vishnu

Chaitanya- The Name of a Saint, Consciousness, Life, Knowledge, Movement.

Chadaiyan – Lord Shiva

Charukesh – With Beautiful Hairs                                                                           

Chiranjeev- Lord Hanuman, Lord Vishnu, Immortal, Long Lived.

 Chandeesh – Lord Shiva

Chhatrajit – Protector of Mankind

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With D

Dhir – Patient, Wise

Darpak – God of Love, Kamdev

Dev- Nobody can Destroy, Lotus that Blooms in Moonlight, A Star, Respect, Immortal, Boundless, Without Limit.

Deep- Superior to Infinity, A Lamp, Light.

Dhir – Patient, Wise

Dugu- Lovely Son

Dahak – Powerful, Destroyer

Daksh-  Lord Shiva, Fire, Gold, Son of Lord Brahma, Son of a Perfect Being, Expert.

Dansu – Of Wonderful Strength

Darsh- Lord Krishna

Dashu- Sacrificing, Worshipping.

Darya- Sea

Devay –  Part of Lord, From Divine.

Dhrey- Target, Aim, Patience

Dhyom – Divine, Holy

Dibas- Good Day

Dalpat – The Leader

Darpak – God of Love, Kamdev.

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With E

Ekagrah- Focused

Ekan – To Suggest

Easan- The Supreme Ruler

Edhas – Happiness

Eepsu – Wishing to Gain, Desirous

Eerav – Faith

Ekagr- Peaceful, Complete Concentration

Emman- Faith

Erish- Harmony

Ervar- Befitting a Hero

Eshit- Desired

Eswarn- God , Lord

Evavad – Truthful

Ebadaah – Prayer to Allah

Ekagrah- Focused

Eshanya – East

Etesh – Friendly

Eehaan- The Sun

Eeshaj-  Produced from God, Son of Lord

Eeraja – Herb

Ehsaas- Feeling

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Fareed- Unparalleled; Peerless, Unique; Incomparable;

Fadl – Favour; Virtuous; Generous, Outstanding; Honourable; Gracious.

Faiza- Winner, Victorious.

Fagun- A Calendar Month, Holy Month in spring;

Flak – Till End

Fakar- Proud

Faraj- Remedy; Improvement; Complete, Happiness; Ease; Relief; Relief from Bad Times.

Fatik- Lethal, Crystal; Deadly;

Fenil- Name of French Flower

Fidaa – Ransom; Redemption, Sacrifice

Falesh- Desire of Fruit

Faaris- Horseman; Knight

Fareed- Unparalleled; Peerless, Unique; Incomparable; 

Fateen- Clever; Smart

Faquir – Of Saintly Ways

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Garv – Proud

Gaur- Giving Attention

Gyan- One who has Divine Knowledge

Gagan- Heaven, Lord Shiva, Sky;

Gulsan- A Flower Garden

Guneet- Excellent, Meritorious

Gunesh- Lord of Virtues, One with Good Character

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Gyanav – Full of Knowledge

Ganpath- Lord Ganesha

Garvesh – Proud, Lord Ganesha

Gathrik – Singer

Gaurish- Husband of Gauri (Goddess Parvati)

Geethes – God of Sangeet

Girivar – Lord Krishna      

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With H

Hinesh – Lord Shiva

Harit – Lion, Green

Harry – Army-power, Estate Ruler, Henry, Army Ruler

Hasas- Enjoy

Hasan – Beautiful, Handsome, Always Happy, Looking

Hemdev – Lord Hanuman

Hemish- Lord of the Earth

Herish – Lord Krishna, Doing is with God’s Wish

Heshan – Brilliant

Hetraj- Lovable

Hinesh – Lord Shiva

Hridyaansh- Piece of Heart

Hrishikesh – Name of Lord Vishnu, River

Hrudayansh – Part of Heart

Heerchandra- Diamond like moon

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With I

Ivaan – Undefeatable            

Imon – Truthful, Starred

Iraj – Born from Lord of Wind, Lord Hanuman

Isan – Supreme Ruler, Lord Siva

Isav – God of Jesus

Itul – Full Moon

Iresh – Lord of Earth, Vishnu

Ishan – Name of Lord Shiva, One who have the power of Control the Universe

Ishay- Will of Getting Something

Ishit – One who Desires to Rule

Ishay- Desire of Getting Something

Ivaan – God is Gracious

Inshaf – Equity, Justice

Izhar – Clearness, Expression, Submission, Declaration           

Ikshan – Sight

Inayat – Concern Attention,, Loving, Bounty, Kindness, Favour

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With J

Jai – Victory, Conquero, Lord Shiva ,Winning.

Jesh – Pride of Money

Jith – Warrior Arjuna

Jiwa – A Living Being

Jyan- Victory             

Jagan – Universe; World

Jajal – Lotus; Powerful

Jiyan – Name of Moon; Reborn

Jivam – Live, Life

Jodha – Warrior, Eatrior

Joash – Given by the Lord

Joyab- Loyal

Jugal – Name of Krishna, Couple

Jumah – Born on Friday

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With K

Kant – Beloved, Brilliant

Kaku – Lord Krishna

Khem – Peace and Joy

Kris-  Follower of Christ

Kunj- Sweet Voice

Kahil – Friend; Lover

Keval – King, Only

Kevit – Lord Krishna

Keyur- Jewellery of Lord Krishna, Flower

Kewan- Handsome

Kiaan – King of Heart; Grace of God

Kuppa– Attitude

Kuval- Wishdom

Kuvam – Sun

Kunsh- God Gift

Kunna– Good

Kunja– Trees Grove

Kunar- Graceful

Kuber- Lord of Money

Krush– Happy

Kiash– Lord Shiva

Khwab– Dream

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With L

Lalit – graceful, handsome, charming 

Lakshit– “ambition” or “aspiration

Lavish – God of Love

Laksh – Destination

Loukya- Another name of Goddess Lakshmi

Lohit – made of copper

Lusha- another name for Saffron

Lithvik- Bright

Likhil – Goddess Sarasawati

Laalit – Pampered; Beloved; Close to heart; Dear One

Labaka- acquired, obtained  

Lachan- Brilliant and Beautiful Eyes

Lailush – Name of Lord Vishnu

Laghu – Young; Faultless

Lailesh – One of many names of Lord Shiva

Ladu – Leader, Chief

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Maahir – Skilled 

Maan -Mind

Maari -Rain 

Madesh- Lord Shiva 

Madhavan – Lord Shiva 

Madhuram – Sweet 

Madur – A bird 

Mahabahu – Arjuna 

Mahant – Great 

Mahatru – Lord Vishnu 

Maharshi – A great saint 

Mahindra – A king 

Mahmoud – Praised 

Makhesh – Lord Krishna 

Malay – A mountain 

Manan – Repetition 

Manan – Repetition 

Manmeet – Friend of mind 

Manmeet – Friend of mind 

Manoj – Born of the mind 

Manth – Thought 

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Naabhas – Appearing in the Sky.

Naabhak – Belonging to the Sky

Naagarjun – An ancient Philosopher

Naagesh – God of serpents 

Naakesh– Moon

Naanak – First Sikh Guru

Naavinya –New

Naayagan – Hero, handsome

Nabh – The Sky

Nabhayan – Fearsome

Nabhith – Fearless

Nabin –new

Nadarajah – Famous dancing pose of Lord Shiv

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Nadish– Hope, Lord of water

Nagabhushan – One who wears snakes as ornaments, Lord Shiva

Naggar– Lord Krishna

Nagsen- Superior

Nahusha – A mythological king

Nair – Lord Krishna, Leader

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Omarjeet– Lord of Om

Omanand– Joy of Om

Omkar– name for Hindu Gods

Omeshwar– Lord of the Om

Oneesh – Lord of mind

Ovian – Artist

Ogaan – United

Onkar – God is only one

Om – sacred syllable in the Hindu religion

Onveer – brave

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Paal – Guardian, King

Paalit – Precious, Protected

Paandu – Father of the Pandavas

Paanik – Hand

Paarthiv – Son of the earth

Paasy – One of the kauravas

Paavak – Brilliant, Pure

Paaventhan – King of singing, singer, poet

Padman -Lotus     

Pakshaj – The Moon, Produced in a fortnight. half a month

Pallab – New leaves

Panay – BlossomYouthful

Pancham – The 5th not of classical music, Intelligent, Attractive

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Q

Qaabeel – Famous son of Adam (Adam)    

Qaadir – able, powerful           

Qaanit – Obedient to God, Devout, Silent     

Qaazi – Judge, Justice 

Qabis – literate, educated        

Qabool – Accepted

Qadarat – Nature;       

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With R

Rabinesh – God’s Pet

Radhak – liberal

Ragab – lord of god

Raghavendra – Lord Ram

Raivath – Wealthy

Rajak– Ruler

Ratik  – joyful, loved

Ratujit– conqueror of truth      

Ravidasa– devotee of the sun, a poet

Rayana   – ever moving, forceful

Revanth – Horse Rider

Rishan – Good Human Being

Ranveer– Hero of The Battle

Ratujit – conqueror of truth

Rayappa-Strong Man    

Renesa – lord of love 

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With S


Sachetan- Rational

Saharsa- joyful, glad

Sahvan – powerful, mighty

Sajiva – full of life, living

Sakash – Illumination

Sakvara- mighty, powerful, stron

Saksham- Capable

Samaksh- In front

Samesh- Lord of Equality

Sanatan- Permanent

Sanjan- Creator

Sanyam- Patience


Sanjiva-possessed with life

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With T

Taarush- Conqueror   

Talank – lord shiva      

Tamal- dark tree

Tanav- flute

Tanay- Son


Tapesh – The Holy Trinity

Taraksh- Mountain

Tarpan – Refreshing

Tatya-lord shiva

Tejash – Brightness


Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With U

Uccedin- resolving difficulties

Udarathi- Lord Vishnu   

Udaya – ascending, prosperity, the rising of the sun

Uchit proper

Ucchreya- high lofty

Udarathi-Lord Vishnu

Udath-kingly, gentle

Udayasooriyan- Rising Sun          



Uddish – Lord Shiva

Udyaan – garden

Ujjal- Bright       

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With V

Vaanavan- From the Sky, Godly

Vachan – Speech

Vadish- Lord of The Body

Vaikunth- Abode of Lord Vishnu

Vairat- Gem

Vajrajit- Lord Indra

Vamadev- Lord Shiva        

Vanshya- Cloud

Varesh- Lord Shiva

Vasavana- preserver of wealth 

Vartik- rose

Vasuman- Born of Fire

Vayunand- Lord Hanuman

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With W

Warun- Water

Wazir- Minister, Vizier, Helper


WyomSky- Sky, From Wyoming

Wasan- Idol

Wali- Protector

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With X

Xenos- Stranger

Xesus – God is salvation

Xhiva Assamese version of Lord

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

Yaatiesh- Lord of Devotee

Yadavendra- lord Krishna

Yaduraj -Lord Krishna

Yahva- restless, swift, active      

Yamajit – Lord Shiva

Yatesh- Lord of Devotees

Yatish-lord of devotees

Yashpal – who protects fame

Yatan- Devotee

Yatindra-lord indra      

Yekshit -Finisher

Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

Zian – Self Peace

Zesaan- One who stay with the style

Zehan- Brightness

Hope this above Modern Boy Baby name list helps you find out the perfect name for your little boy.