195+ Unique And Royal Marathi Names For Girls

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Marathi is a beautiful language that originates from the ancient Maharashtrian culture. It is one of the oldest languages in India, with a rich history and literature attached to it. Marathi names not only have a deep meaning but also have a royal touch associated with them.

Naming your baby girl in Marathi is a wonderful way to honor your culture and heritage. But what royal Marathi names for girl is unique and meaningful? To help you out, we’ve shared some of the best Marathi baby girl names that not only sound beautiful but also have a significant meaning behind them. So, scroll down to find out more!

Best Royal Marathi Baby Girl Names

Baby girl names in Marathi have a strong connection with nature, mythology, and Hindu religion. Parents often choose names that have a deep meaning and relate to their culture. Generally, Marathi names are derived from Sanskrit, and some have a beautiful meaning attached to it. Below are some best Marathi baby girl names that you can consider for your little princess:

Marathi Girl Names Starting With A

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  1. Aarohi: This name means ‘musical note’ and symbolizes creativity, melody, and beauty.
  2. Anika: It is a popular Marathi name which means ‘grace’ or ‘sweet-faced’.
  3. Amruta: Derived from Sanskrit word amruta meaning nectar, this name signifies immortality, purity, and divine grace.
  4. Aishwarya: Meaning wealth, prosperity, and beauty; it reflects the divine grace of Goddess Lakshmi.
  5. Ananya: Signifying uniqueness and exclusivity, this name emphasizes the individual’s connection with the divine.
  6. Anjali: Representing an offering or tribute, it is a gesture of devotion often associated with sacred verses.
  7. Aruna: Inspired by the first light of the sun, this name reflects the dawn and new beginnings.
  8. Avani: Meaning Earth, it highlights the sacred connection with the planet and nature.
  9. Aditi: A Vedic goddess representing the boundless and limitless nature of the cosmos.
  10. Adhya: Signifying the first power, it represents the primordial energy and the beginning of creation.
  11. Akshara: Meaning imperishable or indestructible, it signifies the eternal nature of the soul.
  12. Ankita: Representing a marked or engraved symbol, it signifies a divine connection.
  13. Arunima: Reflecting the glow of the morning sun, it symbolizes radiance and vitality.
  14. Aparna: A name associated with Goddess Parvati, emphasizing purity and devotion.
  15. Ashwini: Named after the Ashwini Kumaras, celestial twins in Hindu mythology known for their healing abilities.
  16. Asmita: Signifying pride and individuality, it reflects a sense of self-awareness.
  17. Arya: Meaning noble or honorable, it signifies a person of high moral character.
  18. Aakanksha: Representing aspiration or desire, it reflects positive ambition and goals.
  19. Advaita: Derived from Advaita Vedanta, it signifies non-duality and the oneness of the soul with the divine.
  20. Anuja: This name means younger sister or younger woman. It is a popular name in Marathi culture and signifies the bond between siblings.
  21. Amisha: Meaning beautiful and truthful, it reflects qualities associated with inner and outer beauty.
  22. Anagha: Referring to someone pure and sinless, it embodies qualities of innocence and virtue.
  23. Anjani: This name is derived from “lord Hanuman” Mother’s name. It means someone who is gracious.
  24. Anisha: This name means nightless or endless which signify the light of life, a never-ending energy.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With B

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  1. Bhavani: Meaning “Goddess Parvati; Goddess Durga,” this name signifies strength and power.
  2. Bella: Derived from the word for “jasmine flower,” Bella represents beauty and grace. It is also the name of a musical instrument used in Indian classical music.
  3. Bhagyashree: This name means “fortunate and lucky.” It reflects the belief in destiny and brings a sense of positivity.
  4. Bhavana: Signifying “feeling” or “emotion,” Bhavana represents the depth of emotions and a soulful connection to life’s experiences.
  5. Bhakti: Meaning “devotion” or “sacred verse,” Bhakti is a name that conveys a strong spiritual connection and dedication to one’s beliefs.
  6. Bhanupriya: This name combines “Bhanu,” which means “sun,” and “Priya,” which means “beloved.”
  7. Bhairavi: Representing the fierce form of Goddess Durga, the name Bhairavi signifies strength, courage, and protection.
  8. Bhavya: Meaning “grand” or “magnificent,” Bhavya captures the essence of something majestic or awe-inspiring.
  9. Bhoomika: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “earth,” it symbolizes the rootedness, stability, and nurturing qualities of nature.
  10. Bidisha: This name means “knowledgeable” or “learned.”

Marathi Girl Names Starting With C

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  1. Chaitali: Named after the month of Chaitra in the Hindu calendar, this name signifies new beginnings and springtime.
  2. Charvi: This name represents beauty and grace, reflecting a charming and attractive personality.
  3. Chaaru: Meaning “beautiful” or “graceful,” Chaaru reflects the essence of inner beauty and radiance.
  4. Chhavi: Signifying reflection or image, Chhavi symbolizes a person’s unique personality and identity.
  5. Chitra: It means “colorful” or “painted,” representing the vibrant and diverse nature of life.
  6. Chaitvi: Chaitvi means “intelligent” or “clever.” It is often associated with a sharp mind and intelligence.
  7. Chanchal: Referring to someone restless or playful, Chanchal embodies the spirit of youth and energy.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With D

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  1. Dia: Signifying a small lamp or light, it represents illumination and positivity.
  2. Darshini: Means one who sees or observes, it reflects awareness and perception.
  3. Diti: Representing the earth, it symbolizes the grounded and nurturing aspects of life.
  4. Devanshi: Signifying a divine presence reflects the idea of a celestial being.
  5. Dhara: Meaning the earth, it emphasizes the stability and foundation in life.
  6. Dhriti: Reflecting patience and courage, it embodies the strength to endure challenges.
  7. Durga: Named after the powerful Goddess Durga, symbolizing strength and protection.
  8. Dhruvi: Signifying the steady and unwavering nature, it represents constancy in life.
  9. Divisha: Meaning goddess of beauty, it reflects aesthetic qualities and grace.
  10. Drishti: Symbolizing vision or gaze, it represents the ability to perceive and understand.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With E

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  1. Ekanshi: This unique name means “unity” or “oneness,” reflecting the idea of being a part of something bigger.
  2. Ekta: Signifying “unity” or “harmony,” Ekta emphasizes the importance of togetherness and familial bonds.
  3. Elakshi: Meaning “one with bright eyes,” it signifies beauty and radiance.
  4. Eisha: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “desire” or “pleasure,” this name represents a sense of longing or fulfillment.
  5. Ekanta: A name that means “solitude” or “devotion,” it reflects the focus and dedication towards one’s goals.
  6. Eklavani: Reflecting the concept of self-learning or self-study, Eklavani signifies independence and determination.
  7. Evisha: An amalgamation of “Eva” and “Isha,” it represents a combination of strength and divine grace.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With G

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  1. Garvanshi: This name means “proud” or “full of pride.” It signifies a strong sense of self-worth and confidence.
  2. Gautami: Named after the river Godavari, Gautami represents flow, purity, and nourishment.
  3. Geetika: Meaning a musical composition, it signifies the beauty and grace of Indian classical music.
  4. Girija: Derived from the word for “mountain,” Girija symbolizes strength, stability, and a deep-rooted connection to nature.
  5. Gauri: Signifying “fair” or “white,” Gauri is another name for Goddess Parvati, the epitome of feminine energy.
  6. Grishma: Meaning “summer,” Grishma embodies the warmth, vibrance, and energy of this season.
  7. Gaurangi: This name means “fair-colored” and symbolizes beauty, grace, and radiance.
  8. Gargi: Named after a Vedic female scholar, Gargi signifies knowledge, wisdom, and intelligence.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With H

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  1. Hamsika: Meaning “goddess Saraswati,” Hamsika signifies knowledge, wisdom, and creativity.
  2. Harini: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “deer,” Harini symbolizes gracefulness, gentleness, and agility.
  3. Hetvi: In the Marathi language, this name means “love” or “affection.”
  4. Hemangi: This name is a combination of the Sanskrit words for “gold,” and “body” and signifies someone with a radiant and golden complexion.
  5. Hamshika: Meaning “beloved,” this name reflects the deep affection and love felt towards someone.
  6. Hinal: Meaning “to remove darkness” or “lamp,” Hinal represents a source of light and hope.
  7. Hrithika: Derived from the word for “heart,” Hrithika symbolizes pure emotions, compassion, and kindness.
  8. Hardika: Meaning “full of love,” Hardika signifies deep affection and fondness towards someone.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With I

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  1. Isha: Meaning “lord” or “ruler,” Isha represents inner strength, leadership qualities, and a commanding presence.
  2. Ishani: This name is derived from the Sanskrit word for “Goddess Parvati.” It symbolizes femininity, grace, and beauty.
  3. Ishika: Meaning “sacred,” Ishika embodies purity of thoughts and actions and a connection with the divine.
  4. Ishita: Representing the direction or willpower, it signifies determination and focus in achieving one’s goals.
  5. Ishaanvi: Derived from the name of Lord Shiva, it represents strength, power, and auspiciousness.
  6. Iccha: This name means “wish” or “desire.” It reflects the importance of following one’s heart and inner desires.
  7. Iksha: Representing “sight” or “vision,” Iksha denotes the ability to see things clearly and have a clear sense of purpose.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With K

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  1. Kalyani: Meaning “joyful” or “blessed,” Kalyani embodies happiness and brings a sense of joy to those who bear this name.
  2. Kamya: Derived from the word “kamya,” which means “desirable,” Kamya represents someone precious and highly valued.
  3. Kashvi: This name signifies “shining” or “radiant.”
  4. Kanak: Representing “gold” or “precious,” Kanak symbolizes the value and beauty that lies within every individual.
  5. Kaira: Meaning “peaceful” and “unique,” Kaira embodies serenity and individuality, bringing calmness to those around her.
  6. Kusum: Derived from the word for “flower,” Kusum represents the beauty and grace of nature.
  7. Kirti: Signifying “fame” or “glory,” Kirti represents success and recognition.
  8. Khushi: Meaning “happiness” or “joy,” Khushi brings a sense of joy and positivity wherever she goes.
  9. Kiara: Derived from the Italian name “Chiara,” meaning “bright” or “clear,” Kiara represents someone who shines brightly, like an angel.
  10. Kanika: This name signifies “a small particle” or “a fortune.”
  11. Keya: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “flower,” Keya represents the beauty and delicacy of a flower.
  12. Kamana: Meaning “desire” or “wish,” Kamana signifies ambition and the pursuit of one’s goals.
  13. Kavya: Representing poetic expression, Kavya symbolizes creativity, beauty, and depth of emotions.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With M

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  1. Madhura: Sweet and pleasing, this name conveys a delightful and affectionate nature, creating a positive and harmonious aura.
  2. Manasi: Reflecting intelligence and mindfulness, this name signifies a woman with a thoughtful and perceptive mindset.
  3. Medha: Symbolizing intellect and wisdom, this name embodies a person characterized by sharp intelligence and deep understanding.
  4. Mohini: This name suggests a captivating woman with a mesmerizing presence, leaving a lasting impression.
  5. Mrunalini: Representing the lotus stem, it signifies a woman of beauty, purity, and elegance, akin to the serene lotus flower.
  6. Madhavi: Linked to Lord Krishna or spring, this name evokes divine love, warmth, and blooming beauty.
  7. Mayuri: Symbolizing grace and beauty like a peahen, this name paints a picture of elegance, charm, and natural allure.
  8. Maitreyi: Signifying friendliness, it embodies a woman known for her amicable and sociable nature, fostering harmonious relationships.
  9. Malini: Garlanded with flowers, this name conveys a sense of adornment, beauty, and a connection to nature’s vibrant elements.
  10. Meera: Devotee of Lord Krishna, representing love and devotion, this name embodies a deep spiritual and loving nature.
  11. Mansi: Symbolizing a woman of heart, it suggests emotional depth and a capacity for profound feelings and connections.
  12. Mugdha: Characterized by innocence and charm, this name paints a portrait of a person with a simple and delightful demeanor.
  13. Minal: A precious gem, this name denotes value and rarity, reflecting the uniqueness and significance of the individual.
  14. Mahima: Conveying greatness or glory, this name suggests a person with a remarkable and impressive presence or achievements.
  15. Meghana: Meaning cloud, it embodies coolness and tranquility, creating an image of a calm and soothing personality.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With N

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  1. Naitiki: Derived from Niti, meaning ethics or moral principles, this name signifies someone with strong values and a sense of right and wrong.
  2. Namrata: Representing modesty and humility, this name reflects the balance between inner strength and outer grace.
  3. Nandini: Meaning “delightful” or “joy-giving,” it is also associated with the sacred cow and symbolizes abundance, nourishment, and motherly love.
  4. Nisha: The name means “night” and reflects the beauty of the darkness that brings rest, rejuvenation, and dreams.
  5. Nikita: This name means “unconquered” or “undefeated,” reflecting strength, determination, and resilience.
  6. Nishtha: Representing dedication and faith, this name reflects a strong commitment to one’s beliefs or cause.
  7. Nirali: Meaning “unique,” it also signifies something extraordinary, exceptional, and beyond comparison.
  8. Nitya: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “eternal” or “constant,” Nitya represents the unchanging, ever-present nature of the divine.
  9. Nupur: This name refers to anklets worn by women and carries connotations of beauty, grace, and femininity.
  10. Niharika: Meaning “dewdrop,” it represents freshness, purity, and new beginnings.
  11. Nalini: It means “Lotus” and signifies beauty, purity, and spiritual growth.
  12. Nirupa: This name means “without form” or “formless,” representing the transcendental nature of the soul.
  13. Nimisha: Derived from the Sanskrit word for “minute,” it signifies someone with a sharp and analytical mind.
  14. Nityashree: Combining the words “eternal” and “beauty,” this name represents timeless grace and inner radiance.
  15. Navika: Meaning “boat” or “ship,” it symbolizes a journey, progress, and navigating through life’s challenges.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With P

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  1. Prisha: Symbolizing beloved or dear one, it conveys a deep affection.
  2. Pari: Meaning fairy, it represents a magical and enchanting persona.
  3. Pooja: Devotion and worship, reflecting a spiritual and reverent nature.
  4. Pranjal: Pure and honest, signifying a person of genuine and sincere character.
  5. Palak: Eyelash; symbolizes delicacy, grace, and attention to detail.
  6. Paridhi: Boundary or limit; suggesting a person with a balanced and grounded outlook.
  7. Pritha: Earth; representing a down-to-earth and nurturing personality.
  8. Pragati: Progress or advancement, indicating a forward-thinking and ambitious nature.
  9. Pihu: Chirping sound, reflecting a cheerful and lively disposition.
  10. Pranita: Leader or guide; signifies a person with leadership qualities and influence.
  11. Preeti: Love and affection, embodying warmth and caring in relationships.
  12. Pranavi: Melodious or musical, suggesting a person with a harmonious and artistic spirit.
  13. Parina: Fairy or angel, symbolizing grace, beauty, and ethereal qualities.
  14. Prerana: Inspiration; indicating a person who motivates and encourages others.
  15. Purnima: Full moon, representing completeness, radiance, and a luminous presence.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With R

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  1. Rujuta: Honesty and sincerity; representing a person with transparent and truthful qualities.
  2. Rupali: Beautiful like silver; conveys a stunning and graceful presence with a silver-like glow.
  3. Radhika: Beloved of Lord Krishna; symbolizes devotion, love, and a spiritual connection.
  4. Riddhi: Prosperity and success; embodying a person blessed with wealth and achievements.
  5. Ruchira: Radiant and bright; suggesting a woman with a vibrant and glowing personality.
  6. Rupal: Beautiful form; conveying physical and inner beauty in a harmonious combination.
  7. Rukmini: Consort of Lord Krishna; symbolizes devotion, loyalty, and divine love.
  8. Rhea: Stream; reflecting a flowing and adaptable nature like a serene river.
  9. Rameshwari: This name derived from Lord Rama and Goddess Parvati, represents strength, power, and divinity.
  10. Reshma: Silken; representing a smooth, soft, and refined character with an elegant demeanor.
  11. Riddhima: Prosperous; embodying a person blessed with abundance and good fortune.
  12. Rishika: Saintly; suggesting a woman with a spiritual and virtuous disposition.
  13. Ruchika: Shining; reflecting a person with a bright and radiant personality.
  14. Rasika: This name signifies a person with a deep appreciation for creativity and aesthetics.
  15. Ruposhi: Beautiful like gold; conveys a stunning and radiant presence with a golden glow.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With S

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  1. Saumya: Meaning gentle and mild, reflecting a calm and graceful demeanor.
  2. Shreya: Signifying auspiciousness and prosperity, it represents the goodness in life.
  3. Shubhika: A name associated with good fortune and positive energy.
  4. Sakshi: Meaning witness, this name embodies the concept of observing life’s experiences.
  5. Sanika: Reflecting the idea of continuity, it signifies the eternal nature of life.
  6. Sarayu: Named after the sacred river, it represents the flow of life and time.
  7. Shalini: A name denoting grace and beauty, emphasizing aesthetic qualities.
  8. Sharanya: This means surrender, it reflects a sense of devotion and trust in a higher power.
  9. Siddhi: Signifying spiritual attainment or accomplishment, it reflects a sense of fulfillment.
  10. Sohana: A name associated with the first rays of the morning sun, symbolizing new beginnings.
  11. Swara: Reflecting the concept of musical notes, it signifies harmony and rhythm.
  12. Smita: Meaning smile, this name embodies joy and happiness.
  13. Sadhika: Signifying someone who practices devotion and virtue.
  14. Shivani: A name associated with Goddess Parvati, emphasizing the divine feminine.
  15. Sukanya: Representing a beautiful young girl, it signifies purity and charm.
  16. Sahana: This means patience, it reflects the ability to endure and remain steadfast.
  17. Surya: Named after the sun, it symbolizes the life-giving energy and light.
  18. Shivangi: This name is derived from “Lord Shiva” meaning a part of the divine energy.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With T

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  1. Tanvi: Delicate and beautiful; reflects a woman with a slender and graceful appearance.
  2. Trisha: Thirst for success and knowledge; symbolizes ambition and continuous pursuit of goals.
  3. Tanya: Of the family; embodies a sense of belonging and familial connection.
  4. Tanaya: Daughter; signifies the precious bond between parents and their beloved daughter.
  5. Tanushka: This name means “graceful” or “elegant,” reflecting a poised and refined personality.
  6. Trisha: A shortened version of the name Patricia, it embodies strength and nobility.
  7. Tanvi: Delicate and beautiful; reflects a woman with a slender and graceful appearance.
  8. Tarushi: This name means “young girl” in Sanskrit and symbolizes youth, vitality, and liveliness.
  9. Tripti: Meaning “satisfaction” or “fulfillment,” Tripti embodies contentment and inner peace.
  10. Tejaswini: Signifying radiance and brilliance, Tejaswini reflects a woman filled with light and positive energy.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With V

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  1. Vaishnavi: Derived from “Vishnu,” the name of the preserver God in Hinduism, Vaishnavi signifies devotion and faith.
  2. Vandana: Meaning “worship” or “prayer,” Vandana represents a deep reverence and respect for the divine.
  3. Varsha: Derived from Sanskrit word Varsh, meaning “rain,” this name symbolizes abundance, fertility, and growth.
  4. Vasudha: Signifying the earth or the entire universe, Vasudha represents the interconnectedness and oneness of all beings.
  5. Vidya: Meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom,” Vidya is a name that emphasizes the importance of education and learning.
  6. Varruchi: The ancient scholar of Sanskrit grammar, Varrochi, has contributed to the development of this holy language. This name signifies the love for learning.
  7. Vidhushi: Meaning expert or scholar, Vidhushi is the feminine form of “Vidwan,” which refers to a person with extensive knowledge and expertise.

Marathi Girl Names Starting With Y

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  1. Yavni: Meaning “quick” or “swift,” Yavni embodies the qualities of agility, speed, and vitality.
  2. Yemaya: This name is derived from a Nigerian goddess of the sea and represents strength, fertility, and feminine power.
  3. Yuvika: Meaning “young lady” or “princess,” it signifies youthfulness, grace, and royalty.
  4. Yashi: Representing the glory of success, Yashi signifies triumph and achievement.
  5. Yaksha: Derived from Hindu mythology, Yaksha refers to a class of deities who personify nature’s hidden powers and mysteries.
  6. Yashika: Meaning “success” or “glory,” Yashika embodies positive attributes associated with achievements, prosperity, and good fortune.
  7. Yuti: Signifying the union or connection between two souls, this name reflects harmony, love, and partnership.
  8. Yogya: Derived from Sanskrit, Yogya means “worthy” or “capable,” emphasizing the qualities of competence and deservingness.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, Marathi names are rich in meaning and symbolism, often reflecting the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the region. These names not only hold significance to the person who carries them but also contribute to the diversity and beauty of Indian culture. Whether it is a name representing strength, intelligence, or beauty, each name holds its own unique story and essence. So if you’re looking for a meaningful and beautiful name for your child, these Marathi names are definitely worth considering!

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