3o Meaningful Unique Christian Baby Boy Names

Christian Baby Boy Names

Are you looking for a Unique Christian boy baby names? Generally, the beautiful and significant names are included in the Bible. However, go through the names mentioned in the Bible is a quite time-confusing and confusing process. Most of the parents prefer the Christian name for their boy baby from the outside source instead of searching in the Bible. Initially, you have to deice, which types of a name you are expecting for your boy babies. Just go through the internet, you have a variety of options are available. You have to choose the latest and meaningful name for your boy child. Now you are going to see the unique Christian boy names:

Biblical Boy Names with Meanings:

You have to give more importance to select a unique name for your boy child. Selecting a name for your child will give a sense of purpose to them in god. Let see some of the unique Christian names with meaning:

  1. Abdiel – The meaning of the name Abdiel is a servant of God.
  2. Aaron – The person is filled with enough strength.
  3. Dishon – The name Dishon is nothing but jumping
  4. Ephraim – Ephraim is nothing but suspicious
  5. Eran – the person who is named, as Eran is very sharp
  6. Erastus – The person is loved by everyone, who is named as Eratus
  7. Felix – The name Felix is nothing but prosperous or happy
  8. Hebron – The boy name Hebron is nothing but a Union or company
  9. Helek – The name Helek means, portion or evenness
  10. Ishuah – The person who is named as Ishuah is self-satisfied
  11. Jada – The Boy name Jada means, intelligent or knowing.
  12. Jairus – He has great knowledge to understand about a particular thing
  13. Jason – The person is healthier or become sound
  14. Lael – The name Lael is nothing but devoted to god
  15. Lucifer – a boy name Lucifer nothing but bringing light to their life.
  16. Lucius – The person is too brilliant or bright
  17. Mishael  – The name Mishael is nothing but high place who is compared to god
  18. Nahalal – He is praised by everyone
  19. Rufus – A boy name indicates the color name Red
  20. Saul – According to Hebrew Bible, he was the first king of the kingdom of Israel and Judah.
  21. Nekoda – A boy name Nekoda is nothing but popular or herdsman.
  22. Nereus – A boy name is derived from the Greek word neros that means water
  23. Othniel – The name indicates the lion of god.
  24. Philemon – The person who is affectionate or friendly
  25. Sergius – A boy name Sergius means, to serve or to guard
  26. Sheba – The name Sheba means seventh
  27. Theudas – The baby name Theudas means flowing with water
  28. Timon – The name Timon means, most honorable person
  29. Uri – the name Uri means, the person who has enough knowledge
  30. Zemira – This name can be also spelled as Zemirah, which means.
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Thus, these are all the meaningful unique Christian baby boy names. Make use of this information, if you are looking for the latest name.