How To Keep Your Skin Glowing in Pregnancy: 5 Tips For Moms-To-Be

When you’re pregnant, that glow that’s associated with pregnancy doesn’t always appear. Sorry! Pregnancy brings…

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When you’re pregnant, that glow that’s associated with pregnancy doesn’t always appear. Sorry! Pregnancy brings with it a lot of hormonal changes that can cause your skin to become dry, meaning that on top of everything else, you’ll be itchy and may even get acne.

So, what are some simple tips to follow to help keep your skin looking its best when you’re pregnant?

1. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

This is a supplement that can be found in chicken and salmon, but during pregnancy, it can be better to simply take it as a tablet, especially if you have extreme morning sickness. Nicotinamide mononucleotide, or NMN, is safe to consume during pregnancy and can help to reduce acne, rashes, and stretch marks.

2. Stay Hydrated

It sounds obvious, but many people don’t drink enough water, and the end result is dry, itchy skin. One way to avoid this and to keep yourself healthy and happy is to drink a lot of water. Yes, during pregnancy, you may already feel like you need to pee all the time, but upping your water intake can help to keep you and your baby healthy, as well as helping to add moisture to your skin. Also, try to avoid drinking things that may cause dehydration, such as coffee and other caffeinated products.

3. Use Moisturizer (all over!)

The hormonal fluctuations that occur throughout pregnancy can cause the skin to become dry and itchy, especially on your back. So, it’s well worth upping your skincare routine and investing in some oils and moisturizers to use every day.

On the subject of dry skin, it’s also worth avoiding hot baths when you’re pregnant or at least limiting them, as they can cause the skin on your back and your legs to become dry and itchy.

Many moms-to-be choose to use gentle, natural moisturizers, like cocoa butter and baby oil, both of which can also help to reduce stretch marks and keep redness at bay. If you have someone with you, ask them to rub lotions into your back once a day, as this will help you to feel more relaxed and keep everything nice and moisturized.

4. Do Gentle Exercise

A great way to keep your skin glowing through pregnancy is to do some gentle exercise every day. The keyword to take away here is gentle. Many moms-to-be like to engage in gentle exercises each day, such as yoga and walking. Of course, if you can handle more exercise, then that’s great, but don’t overdo it! There’s nothing to be gained from exercising excessively during pregnancy and pulling a muscle!

5. Eat Well

OK, so pregnancy cravings could cause you to want to eat pickles that have been dipped in peanut butter. While that’s fine in the short term, to help keep your skin glowing during pregnancy, you need to eat a balanced diet.

For pregnancy, this will involve eating lots of lean meat, fish, vegetables like sweet potatoes, and fruit like apples. Also, beans and lentils can be very beneficial during pregnancy, which can help with your complexion and skin hydration.

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