Are Fertility Devices Worth the Hype and Money? Try Inito.

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In this time and age, conceiving a baby is as difficult (if not more), as carrying it to term or giving birth. A sedentary lifestyle, bad diet, stress, and a messed up sleep cycle wreak havoc on fertility hormones which are the very foundation of our overall reproductive health.

While exercising, a good diet, and medications take us closer to achieving our fertility goals, it takes too long to show visible results. Conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and not ovulating (anovulation) make things worse and add to infertility woes which affect at least one out of ten women.

And when you finally seek help after failing to conceive (after waiting for at least a year to meet the criteria in the US), medical bills and repeated blood tests can be extremely stressful.

If you are looking for ways to minimize the stress, effort, and cost that revolve around baby making, this fertility device is a *godsend*. Checking your fertility hormones at home with monthly urine tests and other fertility tests is a simple and effective solution to finding out what’s happening inside your body.

In this article, we debate the use and benefits of a fertility device with the most advanced and highly rated hormone tracker on the internet – the Inito Fertility Monitor.

Why choose Inito for hormone tracking?

The subject of tracking hormones has many layers to it. To begin with, there is a lot of debate about whether you should consider urine samples for hormone values over blood tests. According to medical journals, it is safe to say that urine sample results yield similar results as blood samples and the former can be considered a reliable source for tracking fertility hormones.

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There are four key fertility hormones – Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Estrogen, and progesterone, that play a central role in helping you conceive and keeping the fetus safe for the first few months. While there are tons of devices like ovulation kits and fertility monitors that track one, two or three of these hormones, there are only two devices that track all four of them.

The Inito Starter Kit (priced at $149 on Amazon) is the only affordable fertility monitor that tracks all four of these hormones on a single strip, with numeric values, graphs, and a dedicated fertility app. Other devices that track all four hormones are either too pricey or use multiple test strips for different hormones.

While ovulation kits are far cheaper and deliver results faster than other fertility devices, they only track LH which is not a reliable indicator of ovulation as it can rise more than once, in different ways, throughout your cycle. Other factors that improve ovulation predictions are wider hormone thresholds, tracking progesterone levels, and measuring Beta LH instead of Alpha LH. Inito ticks all of these boxes.

Now that you know what to look for in a fertility monitor, let’s have a look at all the benefits that make it worth your money.

It works well with irregular cycles

Tracking your ovulation can get tricky with irregular periods. Conditions like PCOS can set your cycle off-track when you miss your period and make it harder to track your fertile window.

The Inito Fertility Monitor tracks all the key fertility hormones that are responsible for the well-being of your reproductive health. When you log in to the app for the first time, it asks you for all the necessary details like body vitals, chronic conditions like PCOS, and past pregnancies. The app then curates results as per your past period dates and base hormone levels once you start testing.

One of the most reliable indicators of ovulation is progesterone levels rising after LH peaks. While the app makes sure you test on the right days, you can cross-check if your progesterone levels actually did rise by checking your hormone charts on the app.

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This way you won’t miss out on your fertile window even with irregular cycles and increase your chances of conceiving.

You won’t need blood tests to check hormone levels

Hormone levels change multiple times throughout your cycle. If you are battling infertility and have been trying to conceive for some time, you might need blood tests more often to diagnose and treat hormonal irregularities.

Inito tests hormone levels with a urine sample that needs to be collected only once a day, for two weeks or so. This is far more convenient and the results are reliable so they can be used for medical correlation.

The fertility monitor costs $149 and the pack of strips costs $49, which you can get at a discounted price if you subscribe for monthly packs. Blood tests, coupled with doctor visits can cost a fortune and comparatively, far more painful and tedious.

The right device boosts your chances of conceiving

We did a little digging to find real testimonials and pregnancy stories of couples who found Inito helpful while trying to conceive. Inito has a Facebook community of hormone trackers where we found testimonials of Inito users who have shared positive pregnancy test results.

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We also came across Amazon and Reddit reviews of Inito users where they speak at length about how tracking hormones eases the whole process of conceiving.

The reason why it works better than other fertility monitors and ovulation kits is due to a combination of factors like measuring Beta LH over Alpha LH, tracking progesterone (PdG), and having a wider range for reading the highest rise and drop in hormone levels.

You can learn more about these features on their website here.

You can leave all the heavy lifting on the fertility app

If you are worried about sticking to a ‘testing regime’ or making notes about test results when to test or digging around to find what your hormone values mean, you are in luck.

The Inito app makes note of everything and prepares a customized testing schedule for you and tells you when to test as well as what to expect.

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You will receive timely notifications on when to test and view app cards with helpful medical tips and notes if you are trying to conceive. For best results, we suggest testing for at least one cycle so the device can consider your base hormone values and overall trends to suggest more accurate days for testing.

The results are reliable and can be monitored for lifestyle modifications

The app translates hormone values into real numbers and data that can be shared easily with fertility coaches and doctors. By studying the data, you can make lifestyle/dietary changes and alter the medications based on real-time hormone values.

This can be useful for managing chronic conditions like PCOS by monitoring your hormone levels regularly.


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Whether you are trying to conceive, monitor hormonal fluctuations, or manage symptoms by tracking hormone health, the Inito Fertility Monitor is a great option.

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