Making Time To Explore Old & New Hobbies As A Mom

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Spending time away from your kids can make you a better mom, according to HuffPost. Research shows that the average mom gets just 30 minutes to herself each day. But this is not enough time to enjoy the hobbies you love and to feel refreshed. So just how can you make more ‘me time’ in your days so you can explore your pastimes further?

Share the weekend

Pew Research Center reports that dads get an hour more leisure time at the weekend compared to moms. If both you and your partner have the weekends off work, then you need to share your leisure time evenly. The best way to do this is to each have a day to yourselves. It’s natural instinct to step in and start doing ‘mom duties’ when you’re at home, so aim to make the most of your free time away from your house. For example, you could join a yoga class and take time to destress and realign your body. You could even start a weekend class to learn a new skill, such as jewelry making, knitting, or creative writing.

Introduce an earlier bedtime

Around 30% of American children don’t get enough sleep, according to Newsweek. One of the main reasons for this is that kids are staying up too late. This means that, as a mom, you get less time to yourself. But it’s time to get your kids tucked up in their beds earlier. Research says that the moms of children who go to bed before 8:30pm are happier than the moms of little ones who go to bed late. They’re happier because they get a chance to relax and enjoy things such as watching their favorite TV shows, having a bath, and reading a good book. Reading before bed relaxes you and helps prepare you for sleep. Some books, such as the novels of Kristin Hannah, even expand your knowledge as they are set in the past. You get to learn about World War II and life after the Vietnam war in several of her stories. Whereas, other stories will make you think about relationships and conflict.

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Make the most of your lunch break

72% of office-based employees say they regularly work through their lunch break. This is unhealthy as it puts you at risk of burnout and it doesn’t give you a chance to do the things you want to do. You could use this time to do some retail therapy, to play a fun game on your phone, or to listen to your favorite music and unwind. If you really want to make the most of your lunch break, take up a new hobby. Going for a run, learning a new language, and card-making are all possible when you break for lunch. Plus, doing these things in small bursts will make you more likely to succeed with your new hobby.

Most moms don’t get enough time to themselves. But these tips show how it is possible to take part in both existing and new hobbies on a regular basis.