How to Enable Safe Browsing for Kids on IPad or iPhone?

We all know that our children spend most of their time with their iPhones, so how can you be sure that they are not watching inappropriate websites or adult content in their devices? Are you unsure what your kid is viewing on their iPhone or iPad? Are you concerned about your child accidentally viewing adult websites or inappropriate content? For an iOS device, there are many world-class browser solutions for kids of all ages to browse the site safely. For an iOS device, there are many world-class browser solutions for kids of all ages to browse the site safely. One of the best solutions out there is the Purified Porn Filter app.

If your children are under the age of 18 or 21, watching bad sites could be severe psychological and mental damage to your kids, both in the long and short-term. Today pornography is somewhat inescapable in our modern society. Parents can notice and warn when children turn on the television. But when children move onto the internet and see porn secretly, it will be dangerous because parents rarely notice it. It is found that about over 1,000 porn internet hits every single second of every single day. Watching an inappropriate website affects a kid’s healthy life. So it is up to the parents and important to set up safe browsing on the iPhone and iPad, you can also block porn on iPhone or Android.

Many parents don’t know that there are many restrictions already built-in iOS that they can set up the website restrictions for their child’s iOS device. You can enable restrictions to stop your kids from using specific features and applications on an iPad or iPhone, including blocking access to iTunes, enable safe browsing, restrict explicit content, and in-app purchasing. By doing this, parents can filter adult content, block apps, block websites, and keep their kids safe online.

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Here we provide essential things you can do to help kid-proof your iPad or iPhone and make it safer for your kids to use.

How to Make IPad or iPhone Safer for Your Kids to Use

Enable Restrictions on Ipad or IPhone

You can go to the settings app and then choose general, then go to the restrictions to display the restrictions window. Now in this window, tap the Enable Restrictions button, which you find on the top. And then you need to enter a four-digit restrictions passcode. And make sure your kid doesn’t know this passcode. If you want to change the passcode in the future, go back to the Settings app, choose General Restrictions, and re-enter your new restrictions passcode.

You can Disable Areas of the Screen.

When you don’t want your child interacting with specific areas of an app, for example, your kids are playing a web-based game, and you want to block off all the safari controls except the main browser window, so your kids can not open other websites. You can tap and drag a circle or rectangle around the controls you want to disable, then adjust it as required using the little grey circles around the mask.

Block A Specific Website

When you don’t want your kid visiting on a particular website or a list of websites, iOS’ Restrictions let you block them so that your kid can’t visit these sites. You can set up a Porn filter App for iOS on your kid’s device.
To do this setting, you have to make sure that you have enabled the Restriction button. And open the Settings app and choose General, Restrictions. And tap the Websites button under the allowed content group. In this window, A list of options you can find here such as:

  • All Websites
  • Limit Adult Content
  • Specific Websites Only.
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You can select the option from the list as per your need. By selecting “Tap Limit Adult Content,” the iOS will automatically block most well-known adult websites. And if you choose “Add a Website” under the Never Allow group, you can type in the website URL which you need or want to block (such as

You Can Allow Only Some Websites

“Allow only some websites” option is better than “blocking a website or two” since you know that your kid won’t be able to open a new unsavory website that isn’t in your block list. Allow only some websites are safer than blocking sites as well.

To do this, open the Settings app. Choose General – Restrictions – tap Specific Websites Only. Using this Specific Websites Only feature, you can allow and add a whitelist of approved websites to keep your kid safe online.

Parents Should Keep An Eye On Kid’s Device Usage

As there are many technological restrictions, but your smart kid may find a way around most of them. So you need to eye on your kid’s device usage. Ensure your child uses the mobile device in a place where you can keep an eye on them, if possible. Find some tips to help with keeping an eye on your kid’s device:

  • Kid Device usage in the open
  • Find out what your kids are doing on the device.
  • Keep the device locked with your fingerprint so that before using your phone, they ask your fingerprint or password, etc.