The Best Way to Maintain a Healthy Relationship After Having Kids

Being a parent can extremely burn you out, and most people have drifted from relationships with their partners. So, how exactly do you rekindle the love and romance after having kids? This is an issue that a lot of couples face, and solving it requires various effective ways to make sure everything is back to normal.

Staying lovers while still raising kids is not easy. However, it is not impossible if both of you are willing to work through it.

As age catches on, some health issues might crop up and mess your relationship if the right measures are not taken.

For men, you are likely to develop erectile dysfunction due to a host of reasons. When you do not have the right approach as a couple, then ED can completely ruin your relationship. Most of the times, your ED will be as a result of psychological reasons, and you should be able to discuss this with your partner in light of getting a solution.

In this post, we’ll outline some of the best ways to maintain a healthy relationship even after having kids.

1. Make Time for Each Other

One thing that most couples with kids fail to do is to make time for each other. It is easy to be overwhelmed with family stuff, work, and kids. Therefore, when this happens, couples tend to lack time to talk and spend time with each other. This is one of the main reasons why most parents fail to maintain a healthy relationship once they get kids.
However, you need to make sure that you create time for each other alone once in a while. Although it may be challenging to do that, both of you need to try hard and have time alone just to talk and know how each of you is doing. The casual “How was work?” and “How was your day?” questions aren’t enough. You need more than that, which includes making time for each other often.

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2. Create Fun Things To Do

Most couples get rid of fun activities once they have kids since they blame it. “Having too much to focus on now that the family is growing.” However, this shouldn’t be the case. If you still want to maintain a healthy relationship, you need to incorporate fun activities to do either as a whole family or just the two of you.

Healthy relationships are not built by people who allow circumstances to wear them out. You need to overcome that and designate fun activities such as going out often, giving each other massages, and even date night. These activities may seem small, but they are worth it, in the long run, to help maintain your relationship.

3. Communicate

Communication is the key to a better relationship. Therefore, most healthy relationships are built upon better communication among couples. There is no way you can understand each other if you both don’t share how you feel and what plans you have ahead.

When you communicate, it helps you better understand your partner and even builds a strong bond between you two, which helps to keep your relationship strong. Therefore, strive to make sure that you always communicate after having kids, even if it seems too complicated.

As the man in the relationship, you should not shy away from discussing your ED issues as this is the right path to getting help. You will discuss ways in which you can get a solution, and support from the other partner will greatly reassure the man. The man will feel adequate if the partner is supportive, and they can get professional help together.

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4. Appreciate Your Partner

One thing that causes healthy relationships to fail is a lack of appreciation about what your partner sometimes does. Most people take each other for granted, and that is usually a recipe for disaster. You need to show appreciation to your partner and not just take it as an ordinary thing when doing something for you, such as cooking and caring for the kids.
According to research, grateful people are happier. Remember, a little gratitude goes a long way, and this is something that you need to take seriously. Therefore, strive to make sure that you show as much appreciation to your partner as possible if you want to maintain a healthy relationship in your marriage after having kids.

5. Prioritize Sleep

The transition to parenthood is challenging because the little bundle of joy tends to wreak havoc in your sleep. Therefore, this can cause either of you to be unhappy or in distress, thereby affecting your relationship. When you don’t get enough sleep, getting irritated becomes easy, which may result in hostile reactions.

This is something that you both need to ensure that you check. You designate time for each of you to sleep, whereby one can check the baby one night and the other one the next night. That will help you prioritize sleep for both of you. When your body has had ample rest, you will have the energy needed to reduce stress and strengthen your relationship.

6. Consider Getting a Babysitter

Parenting isn’t easy, and that’s not a bad thing. However, sometimes it can help to get a babysitter when things become too much for either of you to handle. If you are both working and you have kids, things might get too overwhelming.

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The only way to solve this problem properly is by hiring a babysitter to help ease the work. Hiring a babysitter will help ease the work for both of you, but it will also enable you to have more time for each other and strengthen the relationship you have.


Healthy relationships require couples to work through them properly and ensure they do the right thing to help keep the spark going. Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and getting a little bit of help isn’t such a bad idea. Therefore, you need to consider these factors if you want your relationship to remain strong.