9 Signs of Unhappy marriage

Everyone might have had several dreams regarding their married life. Unfortunately, for some people that…

Everyone might have had several dreams regarding their married life. Unfortunately, for some people that life will is not so happy. Here are some signs that show that you are in an unhappy married life. Also, you may have some severe effects of such a miserable life. Make sure you take a step to overcome and enjoy the happy life.

Signs of Unhappy Marriage

Ineffective communication

It is essential to have excellent communication between the couple and if not here is something missing in the relationship, and it is the sign of an unhappy relationship. In these cases, you may not speak to each other and communicate with some signs and actions. It represents that you do not have anything to say to your partner. Also, this happens as the result of ego where each other will wait for their partner to open the conversation.

When there is no proper planning for the future

It is not a good sign when the couple is not ready for foreseen of their future since marriage is the point where you need to plan more for you and your children. If you do not visualize your future, it means that you are not in a good bond or possess love with your partner.

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When there is no sex or physical interaction between the couple

Sex is one of the most important sign to show interest towards each other. When both of you are active in sex, but if you do not have sex at least ten times in a year, it is not the right sign for happy marriage life.

When you do not feel a connection between each other

The moment you think that you both are not in proper respect to each other means that you are in an unhappy relationship. Married life should provide some connection between you both. When you are in bed together but when you cannot feel the connection or when you are together in the room but just spending time with mobile or computer it is the sign of unhappy marriage.

When you feel insecure

When you feel uncomfortable, anxious, or uncertain in your wedding or when you do not know where you actually stand and who is there for you, it is the sign of the unhappy marriage. Marriage should provide some security that your partner is all for you and your life.

When you have separate entities

When you decide on your own without any discussion with your partner or when other is not ready to lend the shoulder in your difficult times is a sign of unhappy married life. You should have some discussion in certain aspects, and that creates a bond of love. Also, your partner is your better half, and they should be ready to help you emotionally.

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When you do not feel the care

It is always important to care for each other in a family. When you think that your partner is maintaining some distance or also when you are sick, they need to show some care towards you and help to get well soon. If these are lacking, it is a sign of the unhappy marriage life.

Spending less time with your partner

If you are in a healthy relationship, you will find some time to spend with your partner even when you are busy and this time is the source to bring you closer. When you or your partner is not ready for spending time with each other, it is the sign of the unhappy marriage life.

When the priority changes

For a healthy relationship, there should be a top priority for the partner. When you lose that essential part of your marriage, it is a sign of the unhappy marriage. Try to have some priority and importance towards your partner.

Effects of an unhappy marriage in your life

          • Your attention will be decreased, and there will be high-risk in some kinds of illness


          • The risk of dementia and Alzheimer will be increased


          • You will gain more depression, anger, mind swing and other feelings of anxiety


          • It leads to some other physical issues like the weaker immune system, weight gain, shirking of the brain, digestive problems, hormone imbalance, and even your wounds will take more to heal.

How to fix an unhappy marriage?

          • Look for help from the people who care for you
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          • Open up to your partner with the things in your mind and take measure to correct yourself


          • Do not think of the option of divorce and come back to the happy life


          • Try to spend time together

Life is all about your take and considers things. When it comes to marriage life, it includes the presence of two people, and it is essential to protect them. Take appropriate steps to move your life in the right direction and lead a happy life!