What Do Men Want In A Relationship?

It is common for men to feel reluctant to talk on their needs and expectations in the relationship. When you need to move to the relationship or even when you are already in, it is important to know what your partner needs. Understanding them is the right thing to have a happy relationship. Here are some important factors that all the men love to have from his wife.

Things men want in a relationship


It is not the right act to behave like disrespect towards him, his career, his family or anything that he loves the most. This will start creating some hatred on you that leads to a serious issue in your marriage life. If a man feels the disrespectful attitude towards his passion or path he may try to maintain some distance from you.


Romance is all about your man and it is your duty to find what he really needs on romance. Some may not like to have any flowers or chocolates but they just need some occasional sweet text from you or he may love to have some kisses on his lips for no reasons. Having good romance will show how passionate, spontaneous and generous you are towards him in your lovely relationship.

Physical contact

If a woman can connect through communication then men can connect only through some physical intimacy. This is one of the important things to be in a happy relationship from the side of both men and women. Men expect different thing from you during your physical contact and this depends on your man. Know exactly what he needs from you and try to be the best with him on the bed.

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His personal space

No matter how strong your relationship is it is important to have some space for him in the relationship. He will like to take some decisions on his own or he has his own and personal needs etc. Provide him a bit of freedom even when you have all the rights on him.

Emotional maturity

When you are in a relationship it is important that you need to have some maturity no matter what age you are, and this is more important to create some understanding as well. It means you are expected to communicate when with his family care him when he goes low and for several other activities as well.

Some level of acceptance

For both of you, each other is really important to live a happy life. He may not remember some small things or he may be busy with his official works, etc. It is important to be with some acceptance. You should try to understand how he would feel in that situation and why he actually forgot those tiny things that you felt important. Committing mistakes are quite a nature for any human. So be with some patience and acceptance for peaceful family life.

What can a wife do to make a man happy?

A man is one who spends most of the time outside his house. He expects more from you but not speak out most of the times. Here are some things that you can do to make him happy and to have a lovely relationship with him.

  • Respect him: This is one of the most important that every woman has to do. Being a man it is his nature to expect some respect towards him from you. Do not degrade him in front of others. When he is angry do not speak even if you are right. Let him calm down and try to make him understand his mistake. He will definitely understand and never repeat the mistake.
  • Make love in bed: Sex is one of the important things to enhance love and to draw his attention towards you. Explore each other’s body keeping all the stress, pressure and tension apart. If you are uncomfortable, let him know and open up with what you need. Create understanding and be comfortable to enjoy your moments.
  • Give some surprise: He will have a list of desire and he may or not may disclose them to you. Try to find and fulfill those desires. This will create some bond in your relationship and your husband would be happier with you.
  • Be supportive: This is one of the important things that a woman needs to do for her man. Not all the time he can be cheered and having success. During his failures, you should be with him with some supportive words. This can create some energy to overcome his failure and to achieve in his life.
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No one is perfect in the world; everyone has some flaws and also each person have their own great qualities. Marriage life cannot be a bed of roses; it needs to have some ups and downs. The way you manage is all about being flexible towards your partner. Understand each other and have a great life!