New Mom Essentials: Get to Know Baby Carriers

It is estimated that 140 million babies are born each year. That means there are around 140 million new moms each year.

Have you recently become a new mom?

You’re probably overwhelmed with your mommy to-do list, but we want to help you out with that. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about baby carriers!

What Is a Baby Carrier?

A baby carrier is what you strap your baby into on the front of you to carry them around easily. Baby carriers come in handy when you need to be hands-free, like doing the laundry, going on a walk around town, or shopping for new clothes that will fit your changing body.

Baby Carrier Safety

As a new mom, you care the most about the safety of your new baby. There are a few things you should look for when buying a baby carrier.

Hip Placement

When buying a baby carrier, you’ll want to make sure the hip placement falls correctly on you. This will ensure that your baby has proper hip development and avoids developmental dysplasia.

You should position your baby to have bent hips and needs with the thighs supported. This is called the spread squat. This position will help with proper hip development.


The best baby carriers are the most comfortable. Since you’ll be wearing it often, you want to make sure it is comfortable for the baby and you. As a general note, it is best not to wear a carrier during hot weather since it can increase your baby’s temperature.


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Following the safety checklist, TICKS will make sure your baby is always safe and comfortable! This safety acronym was put in place to ensure your baby does not suffer from suffocation after being placed in a dangerous position. The acronym will also help you never forget each step of the process.

In view at all times
Close enough to you to kiss baby’s head
Keep their chin off their chest
Support their back in a comfortable position

Following these safety guidelines will keep your new mom jitters at bay. Once you go through this checklist, you will never have to guess if your baby is comfortable or safe.

General Tips for Securing Your Baby

Before buying a baby carrier, you should read the tags for height and weight suggestions.

When putting your baby into the carrier, always make sure that the carrier straps are snug and secure to ensure it is safe for the baby. When you start with a new carrier, have someone else help you secure your baby to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

New Mom Jitters?

Hopefully, reading this article helped calm some of your new mom jitters!
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