Find some Games and Learning Activities for your Baby

A new thing, new scenes, and new activities keep the baby happy that helps to learn about new activities in their life. A regular nap and tight schedule say love u baby, you are my world, regular song for more than hundred times will definitely keep them content.

Find some simple and interesting games and some best learning activities like colors, shapes, sounds, noise, personalities, maps, colorful flags will definitely make them happy and attentive. Spread the happiness of love and love to see happiness.

Bring Laughter to the baby’s world with tickling games

Belly Raspberries

Babies love raspberries and bubbles in their belly. Blowing a raspberry or making a Bronx cheer to make a noise on a little one stomach make them laugh out loud.

It is a phonemic play towards a child to encourage the activity of the child. Sometimes baby loves to blow in the adult stomach it is a delight of both parties. They enjoy the game and make us repeat.

Razzies teach the baby to regulate the voice, change the volume and its pitch. It shows them how to navigate the diaphragm, mouth, tongue, and lips. It also helps for muscle work out and independent movement of jaws and lips. This crucial skill helps them in eating chunkier foods.


Flash a goofy grin and show wider eyes to show what happy really looks like. Lean in close and kiss the nose of the baby, do Eskimo kisses and play peek-a-boo.

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Your activity and sound make the baby follow you and smile at you. In their vision, all-new smiling is the thrill one and they always respond to your happy smile.

Eskimo kisses

Babies always love to see you. When you hold your little ones close to your face, rub the noses few times for sharing Eskimo kisses and your lovely baby giggle away and you too.

Sing a song

If you are a well-versed singer, sing a beautiful song. If you are new to singing try some few funny songs with some dance steps will definitely make your baby giggle.

Hold your baby hand and make them dance along with you, they show some funny steps and chuckle at you. This work out helps for muscle activities and they know what is dancing.

Start the ball rolling

Take a cute little color ball. Allow the ball to roll down or do catch and throw. The babies love to watch the color of the ball, rolling, jumping, throwing, and catching activities.

Babies are fascinated and certainly laughing at these game activities. Laughing is one of the most wonderful activities and these ball rolling activities make your little one with beautiful ha-ha smile.

Show the baby an object

This is another important activity that helps the baby to laugh and learn new things. Take an object like a ball, toy, colors shapes, etc. Allow the baby to examine the toy and feel the touch for a few minutes.

Now hide the toy or cover the toy with a towel and ask them to search. Now show the object, they sure laugh at the object and show surprise face at you.

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If the baby is object permanence, allow the baby to open the toy from cloth and see the baby’s cute reaction. Sure they will be able to pull off the cloth and identify the object with color and shape.

Same time, instead of object cover your face and create some good sound against the baby. Now the baby will search for you and open the covered face and really have fun with you. Do this repeatedly for more fun-filled moments.

Get other children to join in the game

This is a great way for a sibling connects with the baby or new friends. As we are old baby loves to play with us, but baby enjoys playing with small infants or kids. Their energy level is totally high when they play with the sibling or neighbors kids.

In this task, we don’t want to enter. Just stay back and watch funny creative moments. Kids have a different understanding world that nobody can enter to their joyful life.

They start to play together with whatever games object or toy with them. They enjoy playing with each other and laugh continuously for no reason throughout the game.

Bring the cute pet in

Nothing entertains babies like a lovely pet. Let your baby watch & Play with your pet that is rolling around, showing the cute face, jumping and panting away. The baby is fascinated and certainly laughing at the activities of the pet.

Hope this fun filled game and learning activities give 100% guaranteed to get loads of giggles and laughs in baby-mother relation. Baby always loves to see you. Always show your lovely face with smiling Beauty and make your baby more energetic and enthusiastic for the whole day in your life.

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Make your baby talk and you talk to them daily. There is no greater gift for encouraging communication and social interaction simply by talking, playing and engaging with more activities. Love your child and spread the love of happiness around the house.