6 Things To Consider While Choosing The Perfect Playpen For Your Baby

A playpen is one of the most popular solutions for parents who wish to contain and organize their kids in one place. A playpen is also commonly used by traveling parents to keep their babies safe wherever they go. There are different kinds of playpens on the market, and all have various advantages and disadvantages. Here are some things that you should consider when choosing a playpen for your baby.

Before choosing a playpen for your baby, there are several factors or features that you should consider. You obviously want a safe and secure place for your child to stay, but there are many other things that should be taken into account when making this critical decision.

Playpens offer many advantages for babies as they offer extra security and prevent the possibility of injuries. It is important to choose a good quality playpen which is safe and allows your baby to move around easily. Given below are 6 things you should consider while choosing a playpen.

1. Budget

There are both inexpensive and expensive models of playpens depending on the size, material used and presence of extra or detachable features.

  • Starter playpens range from $40 to $90. These playpens are usually small and come with basic features like a mesh wall or foldable panels.
  • Models ranging from $100 to $150 offer extra features like a bassinet or canopy. They also tend to be bigger in size.
  • Playpens which are above $150 come with a variety of features. They might come with gates, playing materials like balls and adjustable panels.
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According to your budget, decide on what kind of playpen you want. If you are going to be using it for a long time, go for a premium model.

2. Durability

The durability of your playpen will depend on its build quality and type of material which is used. There are different types of playpens depending on the material which is used. You must also give special consideration to resistant materials if you want to use the playpen outside.

  • Panel playpens are usually made from hard plastic. They will last you a sufficient amount of time and they are decently sturdy.
  • Playpens made from strong mesh fabric are called pop up playpens. They are not as durable as panel playpens since they don’t have a strong support system but much easier to work with.
  • Wooden playpens are quite strong and sturdy. They will last you a good amount of time if they are properly maintained.

3. Maintenance

Playpens should be easy to clean and maintain to remove any germs which might settle over time. Babies are very active and the playpen can get dirty very easily. Inhaling and coming in contact with germs constantly can damage your baby’s immune system. Make sure you choose a playpen which won’t be a hassle to clean. If there are separate parts, check if they can be easily detached for separate cleaning.

4. Physical Dimensions According To Your Baby

You will need to take your baby’s height and weight into consideration when buying a playpen. Some playpens come with flooring so you should make sure it supports the weight of the baby properly. The sides of the playpen should be at least 50 cm tall. You should also make sure they are taller than the baby so he/she won’t be able to get out. A large baby playpen will give the baby more space to move around.

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5. Shape And Portability

Playpens are available in a variety of shapes. Rectangular and square playpens are the most common shapes which are used for babies. They are easy to set up and come with panels which can be attached to each other easily. These shapes also tend to provide more space for your baby to move around. Hexagonal and octagonal playpens are also available. However, they tend to be smaller and more enclosed. Bigger variants are available but they can be quite expensive.

You should also check whether the playpen is portable in case you want to shift it from one place to another. Some playpens are difficult to move around so make your choice accordingly.

6. Safety Features

This is a very important factor you should consider when buying a playpen. Safety should be the first priority for your baby and playpens which don’t appear to be safe should be avoided. Here are a few safety features you should consider,

  • The playpen should not be too suffocating. Make sure it allows proper ventilation through holes or small spaces between the bars.
  • Make sure the flooring is soft and well padded. Babies are susceptible to falls and the landing place should be soft to avoid injuries.
  • The sides of the playpen should be firm, secure and tall otherwise your baby will get out easily.

Make sure you buy a playpen from a trusted company and do proper research before you make your purchase. Don’t compromise on the safety of your baby by investing in cheap and low quality playpens.

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