37 Fun Birthday Gifts for Kids in 2022

Do you need some ideas for a fun birthday gift for a kid? Check out these 37 great suggestions! From toys to games to books and beyond, there’s something here for everyone. From unique toys to creative experiences, there’s something for every youngster on this list. So take a look and find the perfect present for your favorite kid!

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your child? Many parents have a difficult time finding the perfect gift for their children’s special day. Not only do you want to get your child something that is age-appropriate. But you also would like to find a gift that they will love.

To help out, we have put together a list of 37 fun birthday gifts ideas for kids. These great gift ideas are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and children in kindergarten. We hope that you will find our list helpful when searching for the perfect gift idea. These are great options that don’t Cost much at all so they can really fit into anyone’s budget. Whether your kid likes art or sports there’s definitely something here for everyone.

Best Birthday fun gifts for your kids!!

Every parent wants to make their children happy on their birthday. But shopping for a birthday present can be very difficult especially if you have no ideas what your child is into lately. And for your child we have listed best kids love fun game sets and another cool toy that you can give them on their Birthday and they are

1. Cello ColourUP Hobby Bag

Cost: $4.68

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This would be a great idea for all art lovers and it’s save money and you can have fun activities with your child. By giving them some cartoon pictures and asking them to fill them with color. The Cello Colour Up hobby bag comes with everything they need to keep their instrument safe. They also have ten different colored pencils so the child can draw on the cello bag, which makes it very artistic.

2. Space explorers

Cost: $7.97

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For young children, the skillmatics educational space explorers are exactly what parents looking for enhancing their child’s fine motor skills or problem-solving skills. The space explorers create natural curiosity among kids. The set includes 6 double-sided activity mats, 2 Skilly Billy pens, 1 Duster cloth, and 1 Skilly Billy Achievement Certificate. All the activity mats come with an instruction manual that is easy to understand. The durable geometrical shapes are made of non-toxic plastic that is safe for young children to play with. And you can have so much fun with your little one with this special gift.

3. Loog mini Acoustic Guitar

Cost: $89.00

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This is a mini guitar that kids will be able to learn how to play the guitar easily. Includes flashcards with chord diagrams and it has full access to the loog companion app. An acoustic guitar is great gifts for a little girl and boy. For having fun imaginative play with their best friends. Mini guitar will be a classic gift and many kids begged their parents to have one. And we are sure that your kids will absolutely love this toy and can have so much fun with it.

4. Haba Little Friends Townhouse Villa

Cost: $99.99

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This beautiful townhouse is a great gift for your children. The kids will love this house because it has everything they need to play and have fun. It has 8 features rooms and a staircase. And 10 pieces of furniture including 2 cozy chairs, coffee table, dining table with 2 chairs, bed, desk, chair and rocking horse. This villa is beautifully crafted of natural beech and plywood or half the fun decorated with colorful drawings.

5. Toniebox Audio Player

Cost: $69.99

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The audio player is the best gifts for kids and they can have super fun with it. This music system is great as it is a portable speaker that enables you to listen to your favorite songs or playlists. It comes with an internal rechargeable battery and for open-ended play, it operates by an external power supply. If you want, you can set a timer for the device to automatically switch off. After a certain period as it is designed to be used as a nightlight as well. For older kids it is great for bedtime stories, music, and education. So start shopping for it to give surprise gift to your kids.

6. Kid Made Modern My First Arts and Crafts Library

Cost: $19.96

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Let your kids unleash their creativity with this arts and crafts library. This library comes with over 200 art templates, stencils, stampers, fine tip markers to help your child build their little masterpiece. This kids arts and craft library are easy to use so even preschoolers can join in on the fun. The pretend play is an essential part of your child’s development and this arts and crafts library is the perfect tool to help them develop their creativity. Although for enhancing your child’s skills craft supplies play set can be good gifts for kids.

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7. Boon Marco Light-Up Bath Toy

Cost: $16. 49

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This Light up bath toy has a unique floating disc ring, and the mat is made from 100% non-toxic material so it’s safe to use in the water. With their super colorful design, it will quickly become one of your kids favorites and they can use it over and over. This is perfect for entertaining children at bath time or any pool party. It has a built-in timer while that’s easy to use, just click the button and it’ll start spinning after provide hours.

8. Scrubbies bath set

Cost: $26.00

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Scrubbies bath set is super soft and this is the best gifts for kids. These are the only bath set that your child will use after they play with them. Scrubbies are made to scrub tough dirt off by just rubbing them lightly on the body, which makes the bathing experience more fun. Your children can have endless hours of fun, getting clean and playing fun games with their scrubbies friends.

9. Mobo Mity Sport

Cost: $129.99

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This game is great for combining learning and fun. It teaches your child how to count, build logic skills and develop a sense of direction at the same time. The game has three sides that rotate to form different shapes. With this tricycle, family members can pretend play to find hidden shapes and objects under obstacles. The game can also be used as a counting device by rotating the sides to display the different numbers. For older children this would be a fabulous gift ideas on their birthdays.

10. Block set by Lovevery play kits

Cost: $90.00

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Do you want to develop your children’s creativity and imagination through fun games? If yes then this Block set by Lovevery is the best gift ideas. This block set helps to build basic math, engineering, science skills in kids. Your kids can use their creative brains while playing with this game because it comes with nine different kinds of shapes. The blocks are made with quality materials that are completely safe for your kids.

11. Alphabet truck toy

Cost: $64.74

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This is a very interesting educational game that can help your kid in their learning ability. They will be having fun while playing with the toy and learning to identify different letters of the alphabet at the same time. You will also come across different numbers in the set when it goes off-road (hands-on & hands down). It is a unique gift that will keep your kid glued to it all day long.

12. Fat Brain Toys Coggy


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It is a folding, clicking puzzle of arranging gears to match challenge cards. The Coggy is a fun toy for kids of all ages. You can change it from 4 to 20 or 107 combinations with ease, the gears are on click hinges. Kids will start by learning simple patterns but soon be challenged to create their designs.

13. Stuffed animals dog toys

Cost: $20.10

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It is the best gift for kids’ birthday. Children are very fond of playing with dog toys. They can play with them in their rooms, sleep with them and keep them in the car. The best thing about these toys is that no matter how many times they get dirty you can easily wash them and make them look like new. It will surely jump on the top of their chart of favorite things to play with.

14. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair

Cost: $57.32

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It’s more than just a seat for your child, it’s where they can build social skills while playing with some fun effects. This is one of the best birthday gift ideas for 2-year-old girl and boys alike. Not only will they love playing with the fun sounds and music, but they’ll love interacting with the fisher price smart chair. Just bring your child to this chair and let them play, sit and even develop their role-playing skills. With the Smart stages technology, it will automatically adjust when you switch from one stage of development to another.

15. Shifu Orboot Earth World globe

Cost: $26.81

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The globe is perfect for kids who are a big fan of history. Plus it is interactive as well as educational. It is a computerized globe that has more than 40 countries and comes with awesome features. Like augmented reality where kids can catch characters on the world map, fun facts about each country, and much more.

16. Drawing Stencils Set

Cost: $31.10

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Kids love to draw and having these drawing stencils set in their room will give them a positive and creative outlet for their imagination. And by letting them express themselves through the creation of images and pictures. With using different styles and mediums available for this kit. There is two pack of multiple colors of the stencils and the children can have play-doh, four themed stencils, and color pens.

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17. Nizomi Fire truck

Cost: $16. 10

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This is perfect for boys that like playing with fire trucks. The Nozomi Fire Truck is a realistic model-looking truck that looks so cool. It acts as an indoor toy but it can also be taken outside because the design makes it easy to maneuver. Your child can use his imagination to play a different kinds of games with hot wheels. It comes in lots of different colors that make the play time more fun.

18. My Paw Patrol Pom-Pom Pups

Cost: $52.56

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This is a cute little pom-pom pup that your kids will love playing with it. This toy comes in different colors, and your child can collect them all. The toys are made in a manner that they will never get separated from each other for a long period. The pups are very soft and cuddly to carry around, which will make your child fall even more in love. Your kid won’t be able to put the toy down as its fun colors and textures are catching their attention. It has also voice changer features as well.

19. Sleeping bag

Cost: $33.5

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It is a good gift for kids as every child likes to sleep and take a rest. It’s like your child can carry their bed with them where ever they go. Sleeping bag toys for children are available in different colors and sizes and you can get one according to your child’s likings. It gives that rush of excitement to kids as they sleep with them. You can also buy some best sleeping bag at feathered friends.

20. Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain Game

Cost: $39.99

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Featuring five games in one, this tabletop cube is a portable electronic game of concentration and memory. Players race the timer to match and reveal identical symbols on all six sides before time runs out. With 600 combinations and three levels of difficulty, this fun game enhances memory skills while challenging the player’s speed and reaction time. And this set is available for all ages of kids.

21. Hover Soccer ball

Cost: $27.99

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This cool ball is also a soccer ball which you can play in your backyard. This is a very unique way to spend some great time with your child. The whole family of yours will be having fun with this cool ball that is available in the market right now. This is a great gift for your child on their birthday. This set is available for all ages of kids. Your child will surely enjoy playing with it as it gives them some time to relish some great moments.

22. Gentle monster stepping stones

Cost: $76.99

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This kids toy is a safe and fun way to create your own home backyard. It is a set of duck feet stepping stones that comes with colorful graphics, cute shapes, and butterflies which will give an amazing look to your backyard. This monster stepping stone has a weight limit of 200 pounds and the dimensions of this set are 5x 5x 2 inches. On your kid’s birthday Monster stepping stones would be the best gifts and they will love it for sure.

23. Meland camping set with tent

Cost: $33.99

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This set will let your child be creative and adventurous. It is a good gift for children who love to camp with their families. Hence, other moms and dads go camping every summer and they love to make their kids participate in the activities. Just imagine how excited your children will be when they see this set on their birthday evening.

24. LEGO 75283 Star wars tank

Cost: $106. 63

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If you have a LEGO lover in your home this is the great gift for them. Although giving your child this star wars tank toy will catch their attention and they can play with it for a long time. It is a perfect set for a teenager who loves starwars characters. And if your kid is still below the age of ten, you will have to help them build it because it’s harder.

25. 3D Galaxy moon lamp

Cost: $28.95

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This is a smart lamp that changes color and lighting with the touch of a button. The Lamp projects planets moon and stars on your ceiling or walls. So your child can enjoy watching this night light while laying in bed. 3D galaxy moon lamp is made of a plastic base and has a bright color-changing moon that rotates.

26. Osmo Coding starter kit

Cost: $69.99

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This cool game is a good choice for a birthday present because it helps children to learn to code easily. And it can be used by multiple players at the time, and child’s love that. It great toy that will help your child to improve their imaginations, imagination skills, creativity, and also focus. And it comes with a lot of pieces so kids can play together. It also has some magazine subscription for your kids.

27. Ole Fun shooting game toys

Cost: $43.99

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Ole fun shooting game toys are the best option for kids that they will love to play with. It has a target on it and when you throw it at the wall or floor game mat. It will stick to them which your kid can easily shoot, then Ole shoots out foam balls in all directions up to 20 feet which are safe for your childrens and you don’t have to worry about your kids safety. This set is available for all ages of kids.

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28. Super Gross chemistry set

Cost: $29.99

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If your kids are interested in chemistry then gift them an educational toy that is a gross chemical set. Which has all the tools that they need to learn about chemistry. It comes with a 30-page instruction book that tells you how to perform experiments. Kids will also love to play with it because it comes with very cool colorful containers and bottles, test tubes, mixing equipment, and much more. It helps your child to enhance their problem solving skills as well.

29. Rainbow Puzzle Ball

Cost: $10.99

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This puzzle ball set is the perfect combination of fun and challenge for children. It can be played at any level, therefore it will keep their brains active even when they are not in school. You can also select shapes for your child to play with. Kids can play with this toy at any place and participate in the endless fun it offers.


Cost: $28.99

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In this card set, instead of having all cards in a single deck, you have to play with three decks. It is both fun and a strategy that works together. With the different characters, it has for each deck your child can combine them in any way he or she likes. So he or she can grow his or her imagination to a great extend.

31. Scratch paper book

Cost: $19.99

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This is cool stuff that you can give them on their birthday. It will keep your children busy in scratching and drawing for hours together. This will not just add to the fun, but they will also learn from the drawings made using the magnets. Scratch paper books are widely available in various toy shops and you can choose the one that they like.

32. Race track car adventure

Cost: $49.99

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Your child can have great fun if you give them a race track car adventure. These are awesome cars that come with accessories like the addition of weapons for war, swords, and guns to kill your friends in the game. If your children love adventures then this is the one you should buy for them. This is a toy whose popularity among young people has been increasing day by day because of its fun nature.

33. Dinosaur lantern night light

Cost: $24.99

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This is a fun and awesome toy for your kid. They love this lantern at night when they sleep and it looks like a Dinosaur breathing firelight. This is very easy to use and it has an auto-off option too. It will create an awesome dark atmosphere in their room. awesome gift for your children. Dinosaur lantern night lights are available online on Amazon.com

34. Build on Brick Mug

Cost: $17.90

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Your child will love the idea of having this unique mug. It is a combination of building and drinking. It is made up of colored bricks along with two characters that can be built by your child. The mug keeps their hot drinks warm for a long time and the unique thing is it won’t spill over when kids play with it.

35. Jumbo Dino Egg Kit

Cost: $33.99

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This egg-making kit is one of the most trending products kids love these days. It’s easy to make and it comes with nineteen pieces which you can use depending on preference. It has all the colorful balls, shapes, and figures that your child will like. Now, this cool toy for birthdays is specifically made for three years and older kids. The jumbo egg kit makes awesome gift sets that you can bestow upon your kid this birthday.

36. Bliss light sky lights

Cost: $49.99

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This is one amazing night light that comes with multiple color-changing lights. No need to worry about the brightness of this beauty because you can dim it according to your own needs. This Blis light just floats in mid-air and thus brings magic to anywhere you decide to place it. The skylights will turn your room into a dreamy and aromatic place.

37. Gravity maze Marble Run

Cost: $29.99

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For those who have a creative kid, then you need to check out this gravity maze marble run. It has a multiple-piece set that has different obstacles for kids to build and play with. This will keep your kid busy for hours as they can create their masterpieces. The marble run is great for brain development for kids and is super easy to assemble.

The Conclusion.

Therefore, when it comes to birthday gifts, you want something that is fun and will keep your child entertained for hours. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift for your child, niece, nephew or grandchild. We hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration. With so many different options to choose from, it’s not hard to come up with a gift idea. Whether they’re into sports or science or just love being creative in their space, there are plenty of gifts out there to make them happy on their big day. If you have any queries regarding the above context share with us through a comment section below.