The Most Important Gift for Moms: A Good Night’s Rest

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Being a mother is exhausting. This is particularly true if you find yourself the main caregiver for your kids, and still work a job. That means you have two full-time pursuits, and one of those pursuits is 24/7 with no breaks. The one thing that moms can do that will drastically improve their quality of life, ability to parent, and give them the skills they need to do it all is a good night’s sleep (and naps) regularly.

If you can’t get that deep sleep, however, everything can feel like it’s falling apart. The good news is that things are still in your control. You can give yourself the most important gift of all and start sleeping better by following these top tips.

Upgrade Your Mattress

If your mattress does not support you, or worse, feels like you’ve slept on rocks through the night, then no amount of lavender or routine can help. That’s why the first thing you need to do for yourself is to upgrade your mattress. You can get Affordable mattress in Spring, TX just by avoiding the big box stores. A lot of the time, prices are marked up far higher than they should be just so that the mattress store can pay its rent. By going to a smaller brand, you can then enjoy having savings passed directly to you.

Next Up, Your Sheets

Your sheets will also make a huge difference to your quality of sleep. You need sheets and a duvet that can breathe. If it can’t, then you’ll just bake in your sheets, toss, and turn, angrily chuck your blanket away, and then potentially freeze. This is no way to sleep. Instead, choose all-natural materials that are breathable and insulating. This way, you can enjoy a soft, fussy warmth when you’re in bed that lulls you into a deep night’s rest.

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Block Out the Light

Living in an area with bright streetlights, cars whizzing past, and frequent noises is going to interrupt your sleep. That’s why you deserve to treat yourself to either blackout blinds or a sleeping mask. If it’s noisy, then you may even want to look into getting earplugs that are comfortable enough to sleep in. These small additions can make a world of difference to your ability to sleep.

Stick to a Routine

Work with your kids’ routines, especially if they’re older. What this means is you should brush your teeth when they do, start to slow down, and even go to bed at a similar time. You’ll find it far more relaxing to sleep early and then wake up in the morning than trying to enjoy your time “off” after their bedtime. By going to sleep when your kids do, you can then rest for longer, and even enjoy more peaceful quiet time in the morning instead.

Avoid Electronics After Sunset

Try to avoid looking at screens after the sun sets, or at least a few hours before bed. Make this a rule for the whole household to improve the quality of everyone’s sleep. Do this to get your circadian rhythm back on track. This rhythm is greatly influenced by blue-white light since your brain interprets it as daylight. By avoiding it after the sun sets, you can help your body naturally prepare for rest by the time it’s bedtime.