Try These Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Work Colleagues

When holiday shopping starts, you typically aren’t thinking about your colleagues at work. But you…

When holiday shopping starts, you typically aren’t thinking about your colleagues at work. But you may want to factor those presents in early before you find yourself scrambling to find something perfect.

The idea is not to buy something that’s expensive, but something you know they will appreciate. You can find a gift for under $25, and often for less than that. In this case, it really is just the thought that counts.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that eat up too much of your shopping budget this year.

For the colleague who is never comfortable with the office temperature

As many workers returned to the office this year, they no longer had the pleasure of working in a space with the temperature set at their ideal level. Instead, it was back to the office, which for some is always too cold.

Consider small comfort items you can buy for that colleague who always complains about the cold office. There are sofa throws & blankets they can wrap around themselves in the office or wrap around their legs. There are small electric heaters that fit nicely under their desk. It’s a nice way to show you understand what they’re going through at work.

For the colleague who likes to plan a week of meals

If you have someone at work who likes to share their experiences of meal planning, you have a chance to buy them a practical gift they will always appreciate. Consider sets of plastic storage containers that feature various sizes to accommodate every part of the meal, from salad dressings and spices to a roasted chicken or a baked ham. They are inexpensive and a great way to store meals safely for later use.

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You can usually find the container sets at large retail outlets or online. If you really want to impress your co-worker, buy the color-coded containers for different days of meals.

For the colleague who can’t get enough coffee

Another great gift idea for a co-worker who always has a cup of coffee at their desk is a unique coffee mug or tumbler they can use to keep it warm. Again, it’s about practicality and affordability. This gift can feature a customized mug you can order online that features photos from your colleague’s social media or their name on it to ensure no one mistakes it for their own.