12 Gifts for Mom She Would Never Buy for Herself

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Moms are simply the best. From kids and spouse to parents and siblings, mom will always put everyone else’s needs above hers. Although she may say she doesn’t want you to get her anything, it’s your turn to make mom feel loved and appreciated with a thoughtful gift. Whether you are looking for gifts for Mother’s Day, her birthday or just doing some planning for your Christmas shopping session, mom deserves the best gifts – and we’ve curated the very best ideas below.

For the Stylish Mom: Fine Jewellery

If your mom loves to look put-together all the time, always sporting something chic and elegant whenever you see her, this one is the right gift for her. She probably has her eye on a beautiful pearl ring, a feminine bracelet, or a pair of gold earrings, but she would never think to spend that much money on herself. As your mom will always prioritize her family’s needs over her own, expensive fine jewellery isn’t something she would ever buy for herself, which makes this just the right gift for your stylish mom. To make it extra special, personalize the jewellery piece with her birthstone or engrave it for a truly unique, memorable gift.

For the Fitness Fanatic: Active Gear & Gadgets

Is your mom an outdoorsy woman who loves to spend her weekends going on hikes? If so, active gear and gadgets are the perfect gift for her. Upgrade your mom’s fitness tracker with the latest version, with all the features she needs to keep track of her activity. She probably wouldn’t change something that is still working, so gifting her such a present will make her feel special. If she already owns the latest fitness gadgets, a new pair of hiking boots or a fashionable yoga set would be ideal gifts for any active mom.

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For the Coffee Lover: Coffee Subscription

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee every once in a while, but for your mom, coffee is more than a drink designed to wake her up in the morning – it’s her special alone time and a valued ritual. Gift your coffee-connoisseur mom the unique experience of trying out different aromas from around the world with a monthly subscription. Tasting all these different flavours will make her feel like she is traveling from Costa Rica to Brazil with one cup of the bitter blend.

For the Foodie Mom: Fancy Dinner

Show your mom how much she means to you by taking her out to dinner at that fancy restaurant she loves, but rarely dares to go to. It will give you a chance to talk and bond while enjoying delicious meals and tasty desserts. Make a random Wednesday feel like a special occasion with this unique thoughtful gift that doesn’t come in a gift box.

For the Avid-Learner Mom: Online Masterclasses

For moms who love to keep busy learning new things all the time, gifting them online classes based on their hobbies and interests is the ideal choice. There are plenty of categories you could choose from, like the more practical ones, to the ones designed to develop your intellectual skills and boost your knowledge. Alternatively, you could opt for a gift card which allows your mom to choose her own classes.

For the Sentimental Mom: Family Portrait

Get all the family together and surprise mom with a custom-made family portrait. Hire a local artist to sketch your portrait or go for the more digitalized version and print a photo of the entire family. Frame your art in a beautiful picture frame and you’re ready to show mom your special gift. She probably never thought of doing such a thing, so the surprise will be even bigger.

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For the Adventure Seeker: Fun Experiences

To that mom who loves to spend her free time doing something adventurous, gift her experiences instead of tangible gifts. Organize a rafting trip for the family, send her on a glamping trip with her friends, or rent a few ATVs and go on a discovery tour. Whatever you choose, just make sure you match your gift to your mom’s adrenaline needs and don’t go overboard with the experiences. After all, not everyone is up for skydiving, right?

For the Mom Who Loves to Be Cosy at Home: Weighted Blanket

Your mom is probably very aware of all the expenses that her household needs and she doesn’t like to spend money on extra things. If she already has a few blankets at home, she would probably not buy a new one any time soon. However, a weighted blanket is not like your ordinary knitted quilt. Besides keeping you warm, the weight of the blanket covering the body is proven to ease stress and anxiety while also improving sleep quality.

For the Travel-Enthusiast: Airbnb Gift Card

It feels like your mom is always traveling to exotic destinations, vacationing in the mountains and always planning her next getaway. Help her settle that need for traveling by gifting her a flexible Airbnb gift card which never expires. Perfect for renting a beachside villa, a cosy mountain cabin or a chic apartment for a city escape, your thoughtful gift will definitely be appreciated by your travel-lover mom.

For the Mom Who Needs to Relax: Luxury Aromatherapy Set

After working all day and running the house (or the office), your mom needs some time to relax. Gift her a set of luxury scented candles which come with delightful aromas, perfect for creating a relaxing spa-like atmosphere at home. You could also choose an elegant essential oil diffuser that doubles as décor, in addition to wrapping the home in inviting aromas.

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For the Sweets Lover: Gourmet Chocolate

We all enjoy a good chocolate every once in a while, but not many of us splurge on expensive treats too often. If your mom is a sweets-lover like us, gift her a box (or more) of assorted gourmet chocolate she probably wouldn’t buy for herself. Choose both unique and classic flavours and create a treat designed to satisfy mom’s sweet tooth.

For the Mom Who Loves Fresh Blooms: Flower Subscription

If your mom loves nature and enjoys displaying a lovely bouquet of freshly cut blooms on her coffee table every once in a while, give her a special gift and send fresh flowers to her doorstep every month. Choose a flower subscription service which offers a variety of classic, seasonal, and luxe bouquets specially created for your mom each month. Your gift will brighten her space and bring a smile to her face over and over again.