Tips To Simplify Event Planning for Special Occasions

Whether you’ve got an upcoming baby shower event to plan, or an exciting birthday party, event planning can be a bit tricky even for the best of us, as it entails preparing for a range of varying details. And if you have previously planned an event, you already know just how stressful the task can be.

However, there are several ways to simplify your event planning approach. So, regardless of the type of special occasion you need to create a memorable event for, these straightforward tips will help you simplify the process and endure less stress along the way.

1. Rent The Things You Need

Unless you regularly host events at your home or a rented venue, it’s far more affordable to rent the items you need for the day. You can find tent rentals at A & R Party Tent Rentals, and the available selection will simplify choosing suitable tents for your event. With that said, you should also rent tables and chairs and any other structures or furnishings as you must stay on track with your budget.

2. Planning The Theme

Of course, you don’t want to go overboard with your decor choices and exceed your budget in the process. Fortunately, there are several theme ideas readily available online. And it’s generally best to keep things as simple as you can when it comes to decor. So, instead of incorporating as many elements as possible, stick to an average of 3-4 decor details scattered over the premise.

3. Catering Or Preparing the Menu Yourself

The most straightforward approach will be to rely on an expert catering company to feed the guests. And if you can’t afford the costs of a catering company, you can prepare the menu yourself as well. However, you will need to consider available event menus that match your chosen theme. The food you prepare must not spoil days before the event, and you must have enough helping hands on board to help you design the menu, so ask friends and family for some help and stick to simple snacks and meals to prevent mishaps.

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4. The Invitations

You’ll need to get the invitations sent out as soon as possible to ensure everyone frees up the day to attend the event. Be sure to include a visible and clear RSVP by date so you can budget appropriately according to how many people secure their seats at the event. In addition, it’s generally best to opt for pre-designs available on the internet that include adjusted details to match your event specifics; creating your own invites could take quite a while. And these should be sent out at least one month before the big day.

5. Planning For the Weather

It can be challenging to consider the weather, especially when planning a month in advance. However, the best approach is to choose a venue that will allow guests to be seated outside and indoors if necessary. The rain is infamous for destroying events, although planning ahead will keep your event going even if a storm should arrive on the day.