22 Creative Baby Shower Party Ideas in 2021

A baby shower is a very special occasion for any expecting mother. It is the first party she will throw for her baby and a way to celebrate her pregnancy. If you are hosting a baby shower, then you need some creative baby shower party ideas to impress your guests and friends. The success of a baby shower is measured by the fun and excitement that takes place. Maybe you are just starting to plan a baby shower and need help deciding on the theme, or maybe you want to know more about the latest baby shower ideas in 2021. Either way, we have got you covered! We will discuss 22 creative baby shower party ideas to help you throw a memorable celebration of your own.

Best Baby Shower Party Ideas in 2021

There are a lot of baby shower party ideas out there. But when it comes to creative ways to celebrate the big event, it’s hard to beat these 22 baby shower party ideas in 2021.

1. Organize Buffet Party

One of the most enjoyable baby shower ideas is having a buffet party, with lots of finger foods that everyone loves to nibble on. There are also some interesting appetizer recipes for baby showers that you could try as well. In addition to some appetizing samplers, it’s always nice for guests to have plenty of things they can munch on while visiting and chatting away freely.

2. Choose your invitation cards

The invitations are the most critical detail of your baby shower party. It’s the first thing that will catch people’s eyes so you have to be creative when choosing your invitation cards. You can choose a card in the shape of an elephant or ice cream or anything that shows the theme of your party.

3. Add fun games

Introduce games to your baby shower ideas at home. It will add excitement to the guests and give a new twist to the environment. There are now plenty of baby shower ideas and games that you can incorporate into your shower. These will liven up the party and ensure that everyone has fun.

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4. Balloons are great to get started

Getting a bunch of balloons and stringing them up in all your favorite colors is one of the easiest party techniques there is for a baby shower. Not only are they fun to look at, but balloon decorations also lift the spirits of your guests.

5. Lemonade bar

A lemonade bar is a great idea that will make your party fun. All the guests can enjoy different flavors of homemade lemonade and freeze some for later. It is one of the beautiful baby shower ideas that are practical and simple to execute.

6. Party outside

Party outside the house is most popular these days. Instead of having your guests in a setting that is restrictive and contains limited activities, why not host the party outside? It’s fun, very friendly and a good way to spend time with your best friends.

7. Decorations are important for the party

A party is not just about food, drinks, and entertainment. It must have everything that will make the party livelier and more colorful. A celebration cannot be considered successful without baby shower decorations.

8. Pampering the expectant mother

A baby shower party is the best memorable moment for the mom-to-be. It is a great opportunity to bond with other mothers-to-be. An expectant mother should be pampered as much as possible during this stage and you can never go wrong with gifting her the best baby shower gifts.

9. Hit the shower with a theme

A theme is all you need when you are looking for next-level fun party decorations. A baby shower theme can be minimalistic without being boring or not matching the party set properly. Think of creative themes that your lovely guests will remember for years to come.

10. Don’t forget the photography booth

A photo booth is also a nice addition to any good party. As well as offering guests the opportunity to take fun photos, they make great mementos that might be displayed in people’s homes for years to come.

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11. Tea party

A baby shower tea party can be one of the best baby girl shower ideas in 2021. It’s also more interesting and amusing for the baby shower guests. There are some games that you can play with your female friends while sipping tea and enjoying the exercises.

12. Make it suitable for children

It is also essential to select decors for the food table that will be suitable for babies and children. The most suitable are cute foods like candies, cakes and the like. Decorations for the food table should be put in a place that is within reach of the kids or where they feel safe reaching out.

13. Decide return gifts

Return Gifts is a personalized and one of the creative baby shower themes. You bring your unique personality to the party when you pick one of these fun invites to impress your guests.

14. Include craft activities

Baby shower party ideas should offer a range of activities to entertain children, plus adults. Craft activities are likely to appeal to both groups. the children will take a lot of pleasure in making these craft activities.

15. Secret notes for mom-to-be

To make it even special for expectant mothers why not keep a secret jar for wishes for her? Ask your guests to write a note for the mom-to-be. Keep different color slip notes on which guests can write blessings.

16. Plan a brunch

Everyone loves brunch! Whether it’s because we need a mid-morning pick-me-up, or it’s because it makes us feel like we’re doing breakfast right. Brunch is hands down the best occasion to start your day off right. And that’s why it should be the choice of a baby shower party idea!

17. Make it a just-for-mom shower

With “just-for-baby” showers becoming more normal, many mothers-to-be are opting for a “just-for-mom” party. You may think this is a little overboard – but it could make the mom-to-be very happy. Get a few friends together and make it a shower just for mom.

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18. Homemade baby shower favors

Make your homemade baby shower favors instead of buying them. You can make something simple like baby washcloths or something a little more advanced like a personalized photo album.

19. Beach party

Beach parties are fun and relaxed and this theme will provide many activities for you and your guests to engage in throughout the day. You only need to find a proper beach location that will allow you to rent out their space for your party. It is one of the baby boy shower ideas.

20. Serve bottle drinks

Bottle drinks are always welcomed by the guests at any party. They help in increasing the fun level of the party especially if you are serving them for a baby shower party.

21. Try jungle theme party

A jungle theme party is the best baby shower party idea in 2021. A lot of different themes and decor options that you can match with your personality. You can serve fruits in the form of bamboo sticks to give this theme a firmer grip on your party’s concept.

22. Sensational ideas for seating at a party

As the party host, it is your job to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that the seating arrangements do not end up a disaster. The best way to approach a seating plan is to put all of your guests at random spots and let them sit where they want.


Baby shower parties are very special events in your life since the first time you welcome a new baby into this world. You want the baby shower party theme to be a memorable one for yourself and your close friends and family members. But it is hard to create a party that everyone will like. This is why most people seek baby shower ideas before they plan anything. You can consider our creative baby shower party ideas in 2021  if you want to host a successful baby shower party.