Fun Baby Shower Games Ideas

Now is the time when almost everyone wants to make the most out of their social lives. All credit goes to the advanced social media. People love to celebrate each precious moment and take photographs to recollect these moments in the times to come. Those are the days when moms-to-be were so shy to even speak out about their pregnancy. Here are Some Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family . Now, women show their baby bump pictures proudly and blatantly on social media to share with friends.

People are celebrating the baby shower event more than ever. Every next person adores a bouncing baby, however very few love the mundane baby shower games. If you are looking for some fun and fresh baby shower games then check out our following list. It incorporates everything from fun and simple to inexpensive and most hilarious baby shower games.

1. Do not say the word ‘baby’

One of the simplest and most hilarious baby shower games is going to be this one. Give each person a diaper pin to be put on their shirts at the entrance door. When all of the guests get arrived then make an announcement which says that nobody is going to utter the word ‘baby’ throughout the function or until it is the time to open the gifts. (If you have Twins baby You might be looking For the best baby shower gifts for twins Select baby Shower gifts For your Twins ). Tell them that they can use the word ‘mommy’ (or whichever you like). Anyone who hears that forbidden word from anybody shall steal the rule-breakers diaper pin. The person who has the most pins will win a prize in the end. Isn’t it a funniest baby shower game?.

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2. Guess the baby game

This baby shower game is for the large groups. You will prepare it right at the time of sending out the invitation cards to the shower. Tell every guest to bring their one childhood photograph in the function. You will have to dedicate a wall on which you will paste the photographs of each guest with a number assigned to each. Give a pen and paper to everyone and ask them to write down their guesses. The person with the maximum matches that matched up will win the prize in the end. Believe me, it is one of the best baby shower games that involve large groups.

3. Guess the baby items game

This game lies in the simple baby shower games. Fill a diaper bag with some useful baby goodies such as a teething ring, pacifier, bottle, diaper, bib, socks, gloves, baby cushion etc. Pass this bag on to every guest while giving each person a minute to feel around the goodies and make their guesses. Once everybody has had their turn, observe who had the most correct guesses. The winner will be given a prize for it.

4. Find out the baby food game

Looking for the fun baby shower games ideas? Here is one. Take the baby food jars in different flavors as many as eight to ten. Remove the labels and number each lid. Let the partakers of this game guess each flavor. The person with the most sensitive taste buds is likely to win. Bestow a prize upon him.

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5. Drink up, baby game

The drink up baby game is undoubtedly going to be a most hilarious baby shower game. Fill baby bottles with any of your favorite beverages, be it apple, mango, or orange juice, for example. The partakers will have to suck the feeder dry as fast as possible in the given amount of time. The winner will get a prize.

6. Feed the baby game

Another fun baby shower game is ‘feed the baby game’. For this, divide your guests into teams. Each team comprises of two members. Arrange some jumbo-sized napkins. Blindfold each participant and let them put on their bibs. Give every person a bowl of baby food which he will have to feed his or her partner. Every two people in a team will feed the other person. The quickest duo to finish the bowls will win and get a prize.

7. Baby Dec-a-cake game

It is one easy baby shower game, yet having a lot of fun. While baking the cupcakes for the shower, put a miniature synthetic plastic baby in any random cup. Distribute each cup to the guests and let the parents-to-be guess who has got that specific cupcake. The person who gets that pregnant cup will win a prize and you can also make fun of him/her by telling them that they are going to be a parent soon.

8. The baby sketch game

The baby sketch game is another full of fun game. For this game, all you need to have will be paper plates and pencils. Hence, this game will keep your budget safe. Give every person a plate and ask them to draw a picture of a baby. So easy it is. Is not it? Ask the participants to draw the picture while putting the paper plate on their heads. Hahaha! Now, you must have known that the game is not as easy as you had thought of it in the first place. This game is going to be one of the hilarious hits. Find out the person who has had the closest baby sketch and give him a prize.

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9. Place the baby on the mommy’s tummy

It is another easy and fun baby shower game. Get a poster-sized picture of mom-to-be and place it on a wall. Provide every participant with a small picture of a baby and blindfold them. Subsequent to that, ask every partaker to pin their baby’s picture on the mommy’s tummy. The person whose picture will be closest to the tummy will win in the end and get a prize.

If you are planning a baby shower event then give our suggested games a try. Trust me, you are going to enjoy the event to its fullest and your guest will also make the most out of it. We wish you all the very best in the family way.