7 Great Gifts to Give a New Mom

Most expectant moms will be showered with gifts for their little ones at their baby shower celebrations. However, with all of the focus on the new addition, many friends and family members will forget about the soon-to-be mother herself! If you’re keen to help a new mom feel special, loved, and cared for, here is a list of seven great gift ideas to consider.

A professional newborn photoshoot

Those babies really do grow up fast. With that in mind, there is no doubt that the new mom and dad will be looking for ways to remember just how tiny and adorable their little one was when they first made their debut into the world. Why not pay for a professional photoshoot so that they can savor a collection of gorgeous photographs of this incredible time? Just make sure you do your research before choosing a newborn photographer!

Weighted blanket

As wonderful as having a newborn can be, there is no doubt that the transition from being a regular person to becoming a parent is stressful and exhausting, too! In fact, most new parents will suffer from significant anxiety once they return home from the hospital and try to figure it all out for themselves.

Weighted blankets are a great gift because they can help to quell these feelings of anxiety through deep pressure stimulation, which is known to encourage the release of serotonin and melatonin within the brain. For safety reasons, ensure that you make it clear that the blanket is for mom, not for baby!

Homemade meals or a snack basket

Looking after a newborn is a full-time job, and the new parents will often struggle to find time to cook, especially during those first few weeks following the birth. Sending some homemade meals or a healthy snack basket their way is sure to be a heart-warming gesture that they won’t be quick to forget!

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A baby carrier

There are many babywearing benefits associated with babywearing. For example, it prevents flat head syndrome, ensures that baby cries less frequently, and allows mom to have her hands free to do other tasks, such as eating or cleaning. Having her little one so close in a comfortable baby carrier is also excellent for peace of mind.

Your time

Can’t decide on the perfect gift? Why not give the gift of your time? Offer to pop round to help with the laundry, cook a meal, or do the dishes while the new mom takes a much-needed nap.

Pamper products

When taking care of a baby, many moms will end up neglecting themselves. Encourage her to indulge in some hard-earned ‘me-time’ by gifting some luxurious pamper products, such as bubble bath, body lotion, and aromatherapy massage oil. Better yet, book her a day at the spa and offer to babysit!

A comfy bathrobe

After a night of minimal sleep, a cozy bathrobe can provide a new parent with that extra push to make it through the morning! It is also certain to come in handy following a relaxing bath or an indulgent me-time session, as mentioned above. While a baby shower celebration means so much for the mother-to-be, nobody said it has to be boring. To spice things up, you can lace the occasion with exciting baby shower games. This will not only make the mother smile, but will also ensure active participation of guests. Go ahead – make that new mom’s day!