5 Easy Fitness Activities For Busy Moms

woman's fitness with baby at home

With so many daily obligations for busy moms, it could get pretty tough to insert exercise into your weekly routine. Whether you’re a full-time mom or you have a professional career to maintain, balancing your time for everything seems like an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. While being a career woman and a mom are essential roles in your life, you must also love and care for yourself.

Exercising benefits your physical wellness and supplies you with enough energy to sustain you through the other daily tasks that you have. Hence, it’s imperative to perform some easy and doable workouts for major muscle groups at least a few days each week You can do these exercises right after you wake up in the morning or before you go to bed at night.

If you’re wondering what fitness activities will best suit a busy mom like yourself, here are some ideas:

1. Yoga Therapy

Those who have practiced yoga regularly over the past few years have most likely heard that when you relax into a posture, you’re ‘releasing’ your fascia. Scientific research is currently being conducted in the field of fascia, an essential part of human anatomy that’s vital for yoga.

Myofascial yoga therapy is a form of yoga that helps relieve pain and increase mobility. Certain poses are essential to alleviate the knots in body muscles. If you’ve done several yoga poses and attended classes in the past, doing myofascial yoga therapy will be easy and doable for you. You can enroll in classes and retreat sessions to maximize your physique to become fully reenergized.

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2. Active Cardio Workout

Simply moving for 20 minutes a day is another active cardio exercise. It should be moderately intense and fun. Consider your lifestyle, schedule, preferences, and environment when deciding what cardio workout to do. You can take a walk outside every morning, stroll the park during lunchtime, or stroll with your baby around your neighborhood.

All these simple activities are cardio workouts that are easy and simple to perform. And if you have grown and hyper toddlers, you can enjoy a ball game now and then. Check out some fun outdoor activities with toddlers, and you’ll be able to sweat out for sure. Not only will this give you a good cardio workout, but it will form a strong mother and child bonding too.

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3. Resistant Bands Workout

One of the easiest ways to instantly boost your workout at home is incorporating resistance bands into your training. They come with versatile functions and are easy to handle. The key is to find good-quality elastic tubes that can resist your body weight.

With resistance bands, you can work out at home with the feeling of weightlifting. It’s excellent that resistance bands are compact yet offer many workout options. You can incorporate them in your regular planks and floor exercises. You can forego weights if you don’t have enough time to do them separately from your other workouts. Add the resistance bands into your current training, and you’ll still get toned muscles as a result.

Having good form while doing your exercises is essential for your safety. You can refer to video workouts or seek advice from a personal trainer to properly execute the resistance bands workout. There are beginner-friendly exercises and advanced exercises, so whatever level you want, a resistance band workout will be suitable for you to achieve your fitness goals.

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4. Jump Rope

Another simple and easy fitness activity for busy moms is to jump rope. It’s a powerful cardio exercise as it improves your reflexes and strengthens the muscles in your legs. It’s also healthy for your heart.

When you’ve got to stay in one place, you can practice cardio with jump rope exercises. Find a corner in your home or do it in your backyard for a few minutes every day, and you’ll reap healthy rewards soon.

5. Free Weight Training

Adding free weights to your training is easy to improve your results. However, using weights correctly is essential. The key is not to go overboard with the number of weights you need to lift. You can incorporate weights into some exercises at home. For instance, you can add them while you perform pushups, crunches, and squats. The added weight will provide sturdy balance for your physique while toning body muscles.


These mommy exercises will whip you into shape, no matter how hectic your daily schedule can be. Remember that although it’s crucial to become a hands-on mom and a successful career woman, you’ll only become the best version of yourself if you take some me-time to love and care for yourself too. Hopefully, the easy and doable fitness activities mentioned above are a great start to becoming healthier and happier than ever.