10 Great Gifts For Any New Mom-to-be

Most often when you search for gifts exclusive for a new mom, you are uncertain whether you will buy something for her or the baby. However, in the latter part, both are still appreciated.

As a beginner in parenting, it is a pick-and-shovel to pack all the things needed for the baby from swaddles down to diapers. Thus, it is best to give them presents in which it would be useful and much great help in easing their motherhood. Here, we provide you some ten baby gift ideas that you can wrap for a close friend, family, or relatives who are a new mom-to-be.

Baby Sunglasses

A few years back, getting your baby a pair of sunglasses is simply to make them cute. It is considered as another nice-to-have item. But things changed. Baby sunglasses provide more benefits now than just another novelty fashion. Lately, there has been an increase in the amount of UV radiation, which is very harmful to the delicate nature of very young eyes. So, if you are gifting a new mom-to-be with this accessory, try buying those that are stylish as well as functional.

Baby Carrier

This is the best gift idea for moms especially if she is new in parenting. This can help her do other house errands while watching over her baby. She can do multitasking without holding or carrying her baby. This can help new moms have some hands-free time, especially that most babies cannot stay in one place only.

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Diaper Backpack

A roomy bag that is disguised as a backpack. It is an ultimate carryall bag that is best to use to put all baby things like diapers, wipes, and clothes in one bag. It has a lot of zippers and pockets to put baby’s small-size things like pacifiers and powder. This is good to use especially when organizing things for the baby.


One of the best baby gift ideas is a swaddle blankets from Coco Moons. It helps the baby to sleep comfortably and avoid waking up early due to startling reflex. These swaddles also are good for hot climates as it offers cool fabrics. This comes with iconic floral prints in which new moms would love to have.

Baby Moccasins

A pair of shoe which is very affordable and adorable. It is perfect for any occasion and baby’s fashion. It is also not a worry to shop whether a boy or a girl because it comes in different colors and patterns.

Pacifier Thermometer

Babies are frisky by nature especially when they started to climb or walk or when they are quite curious about things. However, when they are feeling sick they become very sensitive that even a little touch to them will make them cry out loud. This made new moms harder to monitor their temperature whenever the baby has a fever. So, a pacifier that comes with a thermometer is very useful and one of the best gift ideas to send them.

Machine Bottle Warmer

Pumped milk or formula is best when it is a little bit warm. However, as new moms are still adjusting to feeding their babies, it is best to wrap a bottle warmer as a gift for them. This is very useful especially during night time because moms will only heat the milk a little warmer in a minute then feed the baby.

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Crib Mattress

A baby’s sleep is very important for their grow. So why not give the gift crib mattress that will help them sleep comfortably all night. You need to be careful on buying. It has to be from a trusted brand that are free from harmful chemicals and allergens. Be sure to read reviews before purchasing one as a gift.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Babies and toddlers often wake up very early yet find hard taking asleep during the night times which made moms upset. This baby rest sound machine with its white noise will be helpful to ease the child’s sleeping routine. This can be manipulated from an app.

Baby Bottle Newborn Feeding Starter Set

New moms go either breastfeeding or formula feeding, she needs baby bottles starter set. This is great for baby gifts since it comes with extra nipples of different sizes, pacifiers, and baby bottles. This is very useful for babies and surely a friend, sister, or relative who are becoming a mom soon will greatly appreciate this.


Now that you are already provided with ten great baby gift ideas for your friends, family, or relatives who are soon becoming moms, surprise them with one of the best baby gift ideas listed above. Surely, this will make them happy and feel loved.