5 things no one tells you about being a new mom

So, you’re about to become a mom? Congratulations! Having a newborn is one of the most amazing and frightening things, in equal measure.

You’ve probably been organized and read books, attended parenting classes and asked your friends for advice. But there are some things that people just don’t tell you about becoming a new mom. Here are some of them.

You’re always tired

OK, so you probably know that you’ll be tired as a new mom. What with childbirth and then the constant crying of a newborn, it’s not exactly news. However, what people don’t tell you is that the exhaustion is like nothing else.

You’ll feel like a zombie for a while, and you’ll need to be careful doing dangerous activities like driving, as it’s one of the biggest risks you take on a daily basis (yes, accidents can easily happen when you drive on little sleep. See a Kissimmee PI lawyer for more information if you are affected). Try to get as much sleep as possible and if you’re tired, don’t get behind the wheel.

You might not be able to breast feed

You’re probably aware of the many debates surrounding breastfeeding. Should you do it in public, how long should you do it for, should you do it at all? For some women, breastfeeding feels easy and natural, but for others, it’s a lot more difficult. For some, it just doesn’t happen. Don’t be ashamed if you aren’t able to breastfeed and, equally, don’t be ashamed if you don’t want to. While there are many benefits, plenty of women don’t and there is no issue with this. Do what feels right for you.

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You’ll be shamed

It’s a horrible fact that people love to shame parents – and especially moms. While dads can push their child on a swing and be viewed as a saint, moms get a lot more stick. Unfortunately, at some stage, you will be judged. Perhaps your sister used a different parenting method, or a stranger thinks your child isn’t being quiet enough in a coffee shop. There’s always that one friend who raised their child on a vegan diet. Try to let it wash over you and don’t get wound up. You know your child and you know what’s best.

Clothes won’t be comfy

Your body has been through some huge changes, so it’s no surprise that clothes don’t fit the same or feel comfortable. After childbirth, you won’t want to squeeze yourself into jeans anytime soon. Find what’s comfy and wear it as much as you want. And don’t stress about losing pregnancy weight instantly. This is a time to be kind to yourself (and buy some new clothes, if necessary!)

Your baby can never gross you out

So, you think you’re easily squeamish? Think again. Now that you have a precious baby to care for, literally nothing can gross you out. When you care unconditionally for someone, they cannot disturb you. It’s probably for the best.