Writing a Resume as a Mom Returning to Work

re you a mom who is looking to continue her career? We all know it is very difficult for mothers to return to work after having a child. Being a mom is already a full-time job, so finding the time to look for and be selected for another position can seem almost impossible at times. The first step towards securing a new job is updating your resume. Here are a few tips and some advice about how to write the perfect resume as a mom returning to work.

Whether you have been away from your job for a few weeks or for several years, continuing your career after becoming a mother requires real strength, determination and commitment. Luckily, these are skills you will have picked up or strengthened through motherhood. While returning to work after having a child can be difficult, the perfect resume will give you an edge in the job market, and you don’t have to be William Shakespeare. Follow this advice to writing the perfect resume:

You don’t have to follow the traditional format.

We know, a lot of resumes look the same and follow the same style. When revising your resume, remember that there aren’t any steadfast rules when it comes to writing a resume. For example, instead of listing your previous work experience in reverse chronological order like many people do, you can instead list your past jobs in opposite order, therefore putting less focus on your employment gap. Instead of focusing on listing specific dates and length of employment, you can also make sure your resume highlights your skills and experience.

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Include an objective.

Including a summary or objective at the top of your resume is becoming increasingly less common, but for moms returning to work it can be a good idea and lets the hiring manager get a chance to know you outside of a list of bullet points about your work experience. In a short paragraph or a few short sentences, talk about your qualifications, skills and experience in a way that will help your future employer see how you could be a benefit to their organization. If you feel comfortable, you can even mention your hiatus from work and assure the employer that you are ready and eager to get back to work to continue your career.

Are you a volunteer or freelancer?

Don’t forget that you have skills and experience beyond just what you have been paid to do. As a mother, you have more strengths and learned experiences than you may give yourself credit for. While away from work, have you participated in any community projects or completed any volunteer work? Many employers are impressed by candidates who take active roles in their community. Make sure to include any volunteer work you have completed in your resume. You never know if your potential employer is also affiliated with or a member of a club, group or cause that you care about also. Don’t miss your chance to let your employer know who you are and what you stand for.

In addition to including any volunteer work, you should also definitely include any freelance or contract work you have completed on your resume, whether paid or unpaid. Letting potential employers know that you are still using your skills and remaining active in your line of work will give you an edge in the selection process, and also shows them that you have passion for what you do.

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Share your references

If you are a mom who has been out of a work for a few months or longer, it might be a good idea to share a list of 3 solid references at the end of your resume. While some employers will ask for references after they have reviewed your resume, it can be a sign of confidence if you include your references upfront. If you know someone who works at or has some tie with the company, don’t be afraid to mention this either. When selecting references, try to include as many professional references as you can, especially former coworkers and managers if possible. As a mom returning to work, it is good for potential employers to see you in the most professional manner possible.

Returning to work as a mother can be a difficult process for many women. However, success in finding a new job for many moms often comes back to having a good resume. We hope these tips were helpful and bring you good luck if you are planning to return to work in 2021.