13 Fun Outdoor Activities with Toddlers!!

As well getting your child to play is important. Playing outdoor cultivating the physical or mental health of your children. If your child is a preschooler then research said that he or she needs 180 minutes per day in moving around physical activity under the sun. Outdoor fun activities have so many benefits for your children including brain function, concentration power, etc. It also helps in building core muscles and refining motor skills. Outdoor activities are also essential for CWSN (Children with special needs) kiddos. In this article, we will provide you best 13 fun outdoor activities for toddlers you can play with your kids. So, to know more about the context scroll up here.

Fun outdoor activities for toddlers!!!

There are so many fun ideas you can use to have outdoor fun for toddlers. Having outside fun with toddlers in their own backyard is a great way to keep your little one busy. We are sure that these outdoor play amazing ideas will help you to develop your child’s cognitive or motor skills.

1 Practice Gardening:

Practicing gardening with your child is the most famous fun outdoor activity you can have. If you have a garden. Then give your little one some focused activity by allowing them to help you in the garden. Planting flowers and trees in your garden area is one of the loving kids’ fun activities. These outdoor activities will help your child to be more focused and gaining their concentration power as well. If your child is in Montessori school then this outdoor activity is perfect for them. They also keep them close to nature and its beauty.

2 Practice swim in a kiddie pool:

Though practice swims in a kiddie pool is the best outside ideas for toddlers. During the hot day or spring, season water activities are the best way to soothe your little one’s body and spirit. Water play is fantastic fun idea parents can have with their kids. In fact, the preschool’s former teacher also suggests you do some water play activities for your kids. Play with water are easy ideas to have fun with toddlers and it’s also the cheaper activity you can have with your son or daughter.

3 Play with up and down rollercoaster:

Kids love to play with up and down rollercoasters. Toddlers love this kind of activity in the park with their friends. Up and down rollercoaster ride is one of the fun outdoor games you can enjoy with your kids. If you want to purchase this for your backyard so go for it. Your kids will love it and you can also spend some time with them. This is a good idea for a busy toddler who doesn’t have time to play with friends or family. Play with an up and down rollercoaster around nature is a creative activity that your toddler can devour independently.

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4 Sidewalk Art:

Sidewalk art is an ingenious outdoor activities for toddlers. In preschools, a former teacher also does this outside activity with your kid. Just give your kid a bucket of sidewalk chalk and let them draw what they want. Sidewalk chalk is an easy ideas to engaging with your kid’s imagination world. Parents can also know the interest of their infants. If you have your backyard tell your child to draw their favorite cartoon on trees and other areas. This is the perfect way of making arts for little pine learners and preschoolers.

5 Bug and leaf Bingo:

Bug and leaf bingo are simple activities you can do with your preschoolers. Maybe your toddler doesn’t know how to play bingo yet. But you can teach them with the help of Bug and leaf. If you have your backyard then you can play with your infants and find out various bugs or leaves to identify. And make cross them off as they become found by you. This type of outdoor activities helps your child in the growth of their brain and makes them more active. You can enjoy these outdoor activities in summer and can teach them about nature. And this fun-loving activity is mostly for a busy toddler.

6 Fastest Rope pullers:

For playing these outdoor activities you just need a soft and long rope. You can play these best outdoor activities with a group of children. You can divide two teams with equal players. And you need to tie one rope to the tricycle and hand the other end to the team of toddlers. And repeat this activity with other team and enjoy it. This outdoor activity is basically you can enjoy on summer days. These are great outdoor activities you can have with older toddlers and cherish them.

7 Garden hide and seek:

Everyone has played this particular outdoor activity in their childhood. In this game, you can play with your family and a group of children. Where you can lead your toddler team that hides and you be the seeker. You can play this particular game in your backyard and garden. This is a famous outdoor game which also playing by big kids.

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Research about outdoor activities for a toddler approved that hide and seek is the most popular fun activity among the toddler. You could make the activity more enjoyable by asking your toddler to call you. While you pretending like that you can’t find them easily. In summer playing this activity in the evening, time is good for your infants.

8 Spray Painting:

For having these outdoor activities you will need a large chart paper with a multi-color paint-brush. This is a fun and engaging activity for little pine learners or preschoolers. By spray painting, your kids will learn exciting crafts design and you can do a footer search for them. Don’t have this activity indoor because the walls of your house would get dirty. You just need to do spreading chart papers on the ground and let your child do what they want to do. Just don’t give obstacle course to your kid just make easy ideas to draw something on the chart and help them to fill up with multi-colors.

9 Pricking soap bubbles:

Though pricking soap bubbles outdoor activities help to develop your kid’s tracking skills and improve body movement coordination. You just need a soap bubble maker and a group of children. Kids also love bubbles outdoor activities. You can use a loop and gun to make bubbles and ask your toddler to prick them. You can also teach your little pine learners about the bubble solution maybe they can’t get what you want. But your kids can grow their learning skills as well. Pricking bubbles is a fun engaging activity that is loving by toddlers after crafts.

10 Hand impressions on Mud:

For having this outdoor activity for toddlers you just need mud. Teach your toddler how to make an impression of hands and legs on mud. You and your partner can also have fun with your kids. According to research about the best activities for the toddler approved that your little ones will love to play with mud. It helps your toddler to improve their tactile sensory development. After making impressions on mud you can also make the frame of the mud impression of your toddler.

11 Challenge of Hula Hoops:

As well Hula Hoops is the large rings that can be rotated by your kids around the waist. You can play this game with your little ones. It also improves the muscle dexterity and nimbleness of your child. You can show your toddler how to play with Hoops around the waist. You can also teach your toddler how to rotate rings around the ribs and neck. This is the best activity you can do outdoor with your kids. It’s perfect to play this game in the summer evening at the park or in your garden area.

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12 Treasure hunt:

Treasure hunt is a team played outdoor activity you can have with your toddler. You just need to divide a child group into a two-three team and provide their zone in the garden or backyard. Your partner can prepare a list of child treasures like candy, toys. And tell them to find everything you mentioned on the list. Those teams will find first you can declare them a winner.

You can also make this activity more interesting by adding your kid’s interest area. And you can also find some treasure hunt ideas on google. Just don’t go with reader interactions comments just focus on your child’s interest area. This fun activity will make your child more curious and help in grow their motor skills.

13 Passing the ball:

Passing the ball is fun things to do with toddlers outside. You can play this activity in your garden area or park with a group of giant ones. You just need to throw the rubber ball slowly towards your child and ask them to do exactly like you. If you increasing the passing speed of the ball then it makes your game more interesting. This outdoor activity makes your child more flexible and develops their concentration skills. This is an amazing idea you can have with your little one. Just do this one activity with your kids and see how wonderful it becomes for them. If your toddler seems nervous at first about a ball being tossed at them, cornhole bags make a great and soft substitute!

In conclusion!!

However, we hope that the above article will be helpful for you to decide on outdoor activities for your toddler. As we already said in this article that parents don’t need to thrust an outdoor activity on their children. They just need to focus on their kid’s attentiveness area for their skills development. Outdoor activities are the best way to help your toddler to develop their mental and physical skills. So, if you have any suggestions for us don’t hesitate to share with us through a comment below, respectively.