5 Memorable Mother’s Day Traditions From Around The World

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Mother’s Day is celebrated in almost every country in the world and rightfully so. In fact, given everything they do for us, mums should be celebrated every day.

However, if every day was mother’s day, then it wouldn’t be special anymore. Therefore, we’re here to talk about how one of the most important days of the year is celebrated all around the world.

You see, we live in a truly diverse world and one of the most amazing things about humanity is that we cherish this wonderful diversity. Other than the traditional Mother’s Day Gifts and cards, there are many unique traditions that revolve around this festive day.

In this article, we will discover some of the sweetest Mother’s Day traditions from across the globe.
First, let us begin with the home country…

1. Mother’s Day UK

Commonly known as Mothering Sunday, Mother’s Day in the UK is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent every year, which is a couple of months before American Mother’s Day.

On this day, mums are showered with some beautiful Mother’s Day Flowers, Gifts and Cards along with some delicious breakfast in bed.

Furthermore, a traditional Simnel Cake is baked by children for their mums. This unique tradition stems from medieval times when many families would bake Simnel cakes for their mother’s at the end of the Lenten Fast.

2. Mother’s Day in the USA

In the US of A, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. It was proposed by Anna Jarvis, the daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis who had contributed to the establishment of the Mother’s Day Work Clubs.

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The work clubs were started in the 19th century to teach mother’s how to care for their children. Thus, in order to honour the sacrifices of mothers all over the country, the day was coined as Mother’s Day.

This day, children wear carnation flower corsages, give their moms the day off and cook a wonderful meal for them. Pink corsages are worn to honour their living mothers and white corsages are worn to honour the mother’s who have deceased.

3. Mother’s Day in Mexico

Le Dia De La Madre or Mother’s Day is celebrated on the tenth of May every year. On this beautiful day, all families got out to eat at restaurants and enjoy the delicious Mexican cuisine.

Just like everywhere else, children express their love for their mothers and grandmothers with wonderful Mother’s Day gifts and chocolates. They also get together and stage a play dedicated to their mom’s lives.

Another unique Mother’s Day tradition is to join a mariachi band and sing some emotional songs for their moms. Children often hire mariachi bands to sing songs like “Las Mañanitas” and “Amor De Madre” to their moms at restaurants or at their homes.

4. Mother’s Day in France

The French Mother’s day is usually celebrated on the last Sunday of May. However, in the case that it falls on the same day as the Whit Sunday, it is moved to the first week of June.

Traditionally, children bake a delicious cake shaped like a flower bouquet for their moms and sometimes honour them with medals for their sacrifices as a mother. Families usually go out to dinners and have a great time.

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Other than the traditional Mother’s Day Gifts, flowers and chocolates, poetry is a unique way for French children to express their love for their mothers. On this day, children often recite beautiful poems written for moms and also give them handwritten poems.

5. Mother’s Day Japan

In Japan, Mother’s Day was first celebrated after World War II, as a way to console those mothers who had lost their children to the war. Ever since the day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May.

On this day, the Japanese cook some amazing dishes for their mother’s and help them with various household chores.

They also surprise their mothers with handmade gifts like portraits and calligraphy gift sets along with some delightful red and pink carnation flowers.


Make the best out of this beautiful day and take some inspiration from these amazing Mother’s Day traditions from around the world to give your mom a memorable Mother’s Day.
Shower her with lovely Mother’s Day flowers and gifts, hire a mariachi band or write her some wonderful poems. We wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and hope you have a  great time.