15 Awesome Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Everybody knows someone who is crazy about cats. If you happen to know someone, these popular gift ideas will make your cat lover friend’s day.

1. Cat Themed Jewellery

You can find cute and dainty cat themed jewellery pieces like cat rings, cat pendants and even cat shaped earrings for your friend.

2. Socks

There is no cat lover who will say no to cozy cat themed socks. You can either get socks with cat prints on them or socks which have a hilarious cat quote on them.

3. Earmuffs

Earmuffs or ear warmers are very useful in the winter time. If your cat lover friend gets cold easily, why not get her some adorable and fuzzy cat earmuffs?

They are available in numerous colors and designs so you will have plenty of choices.

4. Pajamas With Cat Prints

Noone can own too many pajama sets! If your cat lover friend loves pajama sets, this is the perfect opportunity to get her a cat themed pajama set.

5. Cat Themed Clothing

Proud cat lovers love to show off their love for cats by wearing clothing which is cat themed. T-shirts with cat pictures or humorous cat quotes are a popular gift choice for cat lovers. The “Cat Kisses Fish T-Shirt” from CatifyCo is the one I like the most.

6. Kit – Cat Klock

You have probably heard about the famous Kit – Cat Klock with the swinging tail and the rolling eyes. Ever thought about gifting this to your cat lover friend? I promise you that this gift won’t fail to make them smile.

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7. Stationery set

People are generally more productive in their work when they love the stationery they use. With cat lovers, it is no different. By getting your friend some cute and personalized cat stationery like journals and pens, you could possibly be contributing to their productivity.

8. Cat Shaped Moulds

If your friend loves cats and baking, then look no further. With cat shaped moulds, your friend can bake cat shaped cookies and other delicious treats. You will get the added advantage of trying out her treats!

9. Measuring Cups And Spoons

This is another amazing gift option for people who love cats and cooking. Measuring cups and spoons are a must have for every kitchen so why not get your friend some cat shaped ones?

10. Cat Toys

Cat toys make perfect gifts for a woman who wants nothing. If she is someone who would rather buy stuff for her cat than herself, why not get her some cute cat toys? This way you can make both the cat lover and the cat very happy.

11. Picture Frames

There are two ways you can consider using a picture frame as a gift. You can frame your friend’s favorite picture of her cat and gift it to her.
A cat themed picture frame is also another great gift idea and your friend can use it to frame any picture of her cat.

12. Mugs And Coasters

Does your cat lover friend love drinking tea or coffee? If the answer is yes, you should get her some unique cat themed mugs and coasters.

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13. Cat Décor

We all have a friend who is crazy about decorating their room with all sorts of trinkets and décor pieces. Trust me, your cat lover friend will have a new appreciation for you if you get her some aesthetic cat trinkets or décor pieces.

14. Sleeping Mask

Some people love to sleep in style. Or they wear a sleeping mask just because it helps them to sleep better. If your cat lover friend is one of them, a cat themed sleep mask will absolutely delight them.

15. Water Bottle

Help your cat lover friend stay hydrated with a cat themed water bottle.


Next time you are confused about what to give your friend, don’t hesitate to use any of the above ideas. You can also come up with other creative ideas but make sure they are cat themed!