37 Unique Gifts for Expecting Parents in 2022

One of the most exciting events in a person’s life is when they are expecting their first child. It can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re looking for some “unique” gifts for expecting new parents. There are so many options out there. It can be crippling when you’re trying to find a pregnancy gift for expecting parents in 2022!

Do you have someone in your family who is about to be pregnant? Have you thought about giving pregnancy gift or congratulation gifts for expecting parents? If no, then relax. This blog post will help narrow down your decision-making by giving you 37 unique gifts for new parent.

New parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort towards finding the “perfect” gift. You can keep in mind the needs and requirements of the expected parents when buying the gifts for them.

Here are some of the unique gifts for expecting parents in 2022.

37 Best Gifts for Expecting Moms

Finding the best gifts for pregnant women can be a difficult job. It requires thoughtful insights into the gifts finding journey. A good gift is one that expectant pregnant women can use in real life. Your gift will add value to them during their “expecting” phase.

It is not easy for expectant mothers to get around when they are heavily pregnant. You can help them buy gifts that make life easier for them. If your gift will be unique and special, expectant mothers will be thankful for it.

Let us dive into the list of 16 Best Gifts for Expecting Moms.

1. Custom Pregnancy Buttons

A custom pregnancy button is a necessary gift for an expecting mom. Wearing a pregnancy button with your wishes on it will make her life more convenient. A custom pregnancy button tells others that a baby is brewing. In this way, she will be well-taken care of and concerned by them. It is easy to design custom pregnancy buttons on GS-JJ. With the most professional online design system. They offer various shapes, colors, or other elements for you to design the most specialist buttons for pregnant moms. The custom pregnancy buttons designed by you will be a sweet and warm gift to let her feel prepared.

2. Knit and Crochet Gifts

Many women love to knit and crochet. They will appreciate your effort in getting them “knit” “crochet gifts.” When expecting a baby, the first thing every mother does is making clothes for their tiny angel! You can gift expectant mothers knitting or crocheting kits so that they can make handmade clothes for their “expecting” baby.

When you gift “knit and crochet gifts,” expectant mothers can work on it in between taking care of the newborn baby. It helps them relax during one of the most difficult times. You can also personalize the gift by adding some handmade clothes for newborns! Make sure you buy one that is easy to use.

3.”One-of-a-kind ” “Wall Art ” for Expecting Parents

Decorating the home becomes an important task during “expecting” times. As expectant parents are spending more time at home, they want to decorate their homes with suitable wall art. If you gift them “unique” “wall arts,” they will appreciate it!

You can personalize the gift by adding some artistic paintings on canvas or wood that reflects your relationship with them!

You can find many different types of wall arts available in all price ranges. Make sure you buy one according to their budget and taste preferences! It should be made using high-quality materials so that it lasts long.

4. Pregnancy Pillow for Expecting Moms

pregnancy pillow is one of the best gifts for expecting moms in 2021. It is especially useful during their “expecting” nights! A good quality pregnancy pillow can make a huge difference to an expectant mother’s sleep. It can be used for the baby’s nursery as well. You will see the new moms smiling and thanking you after they receive this unique gift!

When buying “nursing moms’ pillows,” consider their size, soft light filling material, comfort level, etc. The price varies according to different brands so compare prices before making your purchase decision! Make sure you buy high-quality products because it makes a lot of difference while sleeping at night on these pillows!

The pillow should be machine washable. Your product should be durable enough that lasts long while giving maximum comfort.

5. Gift Baskets for Expecting Parents

Another “unique” gift idea that you can consider is making a “gift basket.” You can gather different types of items and put them in one big “basket. This will be useful for expecting moms as they have to deal with many problems during their pregnancy period. It will help them stay happy, healthy, and prepared!

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You should include all the essential things needed by an expectant mother like face wash, hand cream, diaper bag for baby, etc. As it is a unique gift, you are free to add any type of item depending on your budget! You can add some “jewelry,” “candles,” “accessories, etc. to the basket.

6. Maternity Clothes for Expecting Moms

Buying maternity clothes for expecting mothers is one of the best gifts you can give them. They are likely to wear these clothes during their pregnancy period! As they spend most of the day at home, buying new outfits will make a huge difference in their life. You should buy high-quality products that last long.

When choosing “maternity” “clothes,” consider their fabric, color, size, etc. Price varies according to different brands so compare prices before making your purchase decision! It’s better if you choose stretchable fabrics like cotton or “chambray ” because “expecting” mothers need to wear them for a long time!

As they spend most of the day at home, buying new outfits will make a huge difference in their life. Funny maternity shirts are often the go-to choice here as they keep the mood elevated all day long. Likewise, you should buy high-quality products that last long.

7. Useful books on Pregnancy

As expectant parents are spending more time at home, they should read something interesting. You can gift them some good-quality books on pregnancy that will help them prepare for their new journey! Make sure you buy these books from a popular publisher because it is likely to have updated information about this topic!

You need to do your research before buying the book. Find out what type of genre they prefer and go through reviews online! It’s better if you choose fiction or non-fiction depending on their preferences. If possible, buy one that has pictures so that expecting moms can understand things easily.

8. Pregnancy Diet Plan

If you know that expectant parents are following a particular type of diet, you can gift them the appropriate plan. This will be extremely helpful for expecting moms as they have to follow some strict diets during their pregnancy time. The plan should include recipes and ingredient lists so that it’s easy for mothers-to-be to prepare different types of dishes!

When buying “pregnancy” “diet plans,” consider its price, ease in preparation, etc. Make sure there is an option available for those who cannot spend much time cooking or preparing meals. You can also buy various kinds of recipe books written by famous authors depending on your budget!

9. Best Pregnancy Tracker

Another good quality gift you can give expecting parents is a pregnancy tracker. It will help them track changes in their body during the nine months of pregnancy! As most women are usually very busy with work, they might not have time to go for regular checkups at hospitals or clinics.

You need to be careful when buying these products so that it provides accurate information. This item should also come from a reputed brand. Make sure you compare prices before making your purchase decision. Different brands sell this product for varying rates depending on its features and benefits!

10.Personalized “Pregnancy T-shirt

Personalizing clothing items for expecting mothers is another great ideal gift! You can buy some T-shirts with messages like “I’m having a baby!” and offer that to your loving pregnant friend.

This will be useful because they can wear these shirts while going out or even at home when the whole family comes together. It’s better if you choose good quality fabric so that it lasts longer.

You need to personalize the message on the shirt depending on its size, color, etc. Choose different colors according to their preference but make sure it looks good in combination. The different t-shirt will give them a happy vibe.


One of the best pregnancy gifts you can give anyone is a blanket. Make sure the blankets are hand-stitched and decorated with love. You can even personalize the blanket by adding any message in that. It will make pregnant women feel extra special. Keep in mind the quality and fabric of the blanket when buying it.

12.Personalized “Welcome Home, Little One!” Frame

The frame having pictures of the baby will make the expected parents feel good and special. This will make them remember a new member is about to be added to the family. The frame will even be useful after the birth of the baby.

You can even personalize the frame by writing any slogan or message on it. Make sure to check the different prices and options available in the market. You can even buy any scenery that you feel will make the expected parents happy.

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13. Best memory book

The memory book will work as a journal for the expected parents. They can write their experiences in that book. The journey of the pregnancy is so special. Giving a gift that can capture the emotions of the expected parents is the best way to say congratulations to them.

14. Baby shower guest book

Giving a baby shower guestbook is also an important thing to do. You can write down the wishes for your friends and family in that book for them. It will be something very special for the expected parents to have it in their home after they give birth to their child too.

15. Maternity Jeans and Leggings

Maternity jeans and leggings are “perfect for any mom-to-be”. They are made from high-quality materials that stretch well.

16. Best pampering gift basket

This is a “maternity basket” which includes all the pampering dermatologist-tested items for self care of sensitive skin. It includes Chamomile tea (for curing morning sickness) and Lavender soap (to smell nice and relax). It also contains maternity massage oil to give you relief from stretch marks.

21 Congratulation Gifts for Expecting Parents

Congratulation gifts make the parents feel more special and loved. When you give them the required gifts at the right time, they feel we got something on a special occasion. The gifts can be anything depending on your budget. However, make sure you give importance to the expected parents’ choices and preferences also.

1. Basket of love for expecting parents

This basket includes so many items which are needed by the newborn baby and his/her family too! It contains a small wallet, lotion, moisturizing soap, etc. All these things will be useful once your friend comes back home with her little bundle of joy.

You can also add some additional things in the basket-like chocolates, lactation cookies, etc. to optimize it. You can also put a diaper bag in the basket which will help the moms in the first few weeks when the baby arrives.

2.”Pregnancy Journal”

The journal has all the information about different stages that you have gone through during pregnancy alongside beautiful pictures. It includes every detail of the “newborn baby” growth. It is a very good memory book to have after your child is born.

3.”New mommy “topics covered books for expecting parents

The set contains all about newborn babies’ needs, “basic education”, how to deal with colic symptoms, etc. When the new mom to be will read the book, she will get an idea about the new topics. The information will help her to prevent any issues.

The “New Mommy “Topics Covered Books” will help them to understand the new life and issues they need to face as a new mom.

4.Milestone stickers

Milestone stickers are a fun way to document your baby’s growth. You can use the milestones for babies’ first tooth, crawling or walking, etc. It works as a remembrance for the parents of their baby’s development. It is very easy to peel off and apply. One can store the stickers in bottles or sippy cups.

5. Birds and Bees Tea sampler

The Birds and Bees Tea Sampler is a delicious way to “welcome” your pregnant friend into the world of loose leaf tea. It comes with a tea scoop, to do list maternity journal, coupon for Mommy Bath Co, mama bear pin, and an adorable baby bird ceramic teapot which holds 34 ounces. It helps in relieving morning sickness.

6. Pregnancy wedge pillow

The Pregnancy wedge pillow is perfect for side sleepers. It helps you get comfortable at night while supporting your bump. The shape of the pillow makes it easy to tuck between your knees or behind your back. The breathable fabric and soft fill make it “super cozy”. The pregnancy wedge pillow is great for pregnant women who find themselves tossing and turning at night.

7. Pregnancy water tracker

The Pregnancy water tracker is a great way to “track the progress”. It can be attached right onto the side of most standard bottles and helps in tracking how many ounces per day that you have been drinking. One can simply fill up your bottle, peel off the sticker on the chart for each glass or bottle that she drinks throughout the day.

8. Foot massager

Expecting mothers need to look after their feet. Foot massagers are “easy to use at home or on the go. It relieves stress. The massager helps stimulate blood flow and relax sore muscles. They make great gifts for expecting parents. The new mom to be can use the massager anytime she feels pain in the feet.

9. Trimester gift basket

The “Trimester gift basket” is the perfect way to celebrate all three amazing phases of pregnancy. It comes with a maternity journal “to document your thoughts and feelings”, “a belly cast kit “, “mama bear pin”, organic tea for treating morning sickness, chocolate candies, and many more items.

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10. Belly cast kit

The “belly cast kit ” is a fun way for expecting mothers to “capture the bump before it’s gone”. It comes with everything you need to create your belly cast. Just mix, pour and wait 30 minutes until it dries up completely.

Your body heat will help activate the molding powder so that it sticks on your skin firmly while forming a replica of your pregnant belly.

11. Baby bump headphones

The Baby bump headphones are a fun way to share your favorite music with your unborn child. They play all of your favorite songs through the speakers inside the headband. It comes in different colors and designs so you can choose one that matches best with what you’re wearing.

12. Belly cast photo frame

This belly cast photo frame is perfect for showing off your pregnant belly from when they were born until now. The picture frame makes a great gift for expecting mothers who want to remember their pregnancy journey every day by looking at it on the wall, desk, or table in their bedroom.

13.Maternity wardrobe shaper underwire dress

A maternity wardrobe shaper underwire dress is perfect for any special occasion. It adds support and shape. It also has an underwire to prevent digging into your skin. The dress is very “soft, stretchy, and comfortable.” This dress makes a great gift for expecting mothers.

14. Maternity pajamas

A pair of maternity PJs are perfect for lounging around the house or sleeping. They are made from soft cotton fabrics and are neither too tight nor too loose. The new mom to be would love these as gifts. It will help them feel more relaxed at home while still looking stylish in front of their bump.

15. Maternity leggings

These maternity leggings are “perfect for any mom-to-be”. They are made from high-quality materials that stretch well. These soft, comfortable pants also come with a wide waistband which provides excellent support all day long. The expecting mom can be super comfortable and relaxed in them.

16.Maternity “nightgown”

A maternity nightgown is “perfect for sleep and lounging.” It is made from soft cotton fabrics. This gown has dropped armholes which provide coverage while still feeling “cozy, comfortable, and stylish”. It is one of the best pregnancy gifts because it’s not only great to wear around the house but also perfect for traveling or staying at hotels.

17. Belly support belt

The Maternity belly support belt provides “extra back, hip, lower abdominal pain relief” while pregnant. The breathable fabric helps in relieving pressure on your back & waist by providing extra support all day long. There are many styles available so you can choose one that matches best with your “maternity outfits”.

18.”Baby “welcome home” outfit

This baby “Welcome home “outfit is not only perfect for taking photos but also it’s very comfortable. It comes with a “hat, long sleeve top and pants”. The material used to make this set of clothes is so soft on the skin that any expecting mother would love to wear them all day long. They come in different colors so one can choose according to their preference.

19.Maternity bracelet

A “maternity bracelet “is a unique gift for expecting mothers. It has the words “Future” and “Mommy” written on them in different fonts. The beautiful, stylish designs make it perfect to wear on any special occasion so one can flaunt their pregnancy journey with pride.

20.Maternity tank top

A maternity “Tank Top “is best to give a pregnant woman. It is made from soft, breathable fabrics that stretch well. The snug-fitting makes the expecting mother feel comfortable all day long even while lounging at home or during pregnancy workouts. This tank-top comes in different colors and designs.

21.Pregnancy book for future dads

A Pregnancy Book for future dads is the perfect gift for expecting fathers who are about to welcome their bundle of joy soon. This book contains information on what the family needs, making appointments, going shopping, etc., all from dad’s perspective. Dad will love looking back at this unique journey they went through together when the new baby arrives.


You can use the above ideas for giving gifts to expecting parents. You can also personalize your gifts as per your budget and preferences. The expected future parents will love your gift and will appreciate it.

Make sure the gifts are of high-quality materials that last long and look stylish as well. You can personalize it according to the needs of the expected new mom.