Best Birthday Gifts For Children 2021

2021 is a great year for birthday gifts that can help your child hone their skills – while also having tons of fun. It can sometimes be difficult to find gifts for your little ones, especially with the vast array of gifts and toys on display in today’s market.
The choice of gifts may be overwhelming, so here’s a list of great ideas to get for a child’s birthday.

Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet

Purchasing Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet is a great alternative to letting your children use your phone or your tablet. As many parents know, children can be very clumsy when it comes to mobile devices.

Amazon realised this and decided to make a Fire tablet that is Kid-Proof! The device is inside what they call their Kid-Proof case that is extra sturdy to protect against drops and bumps, and also comes with a built-in stand so they can use it anywhere!

Strider Balance Bike

If you are thinking of starting to teach your child how to ride a bike, a kids Balance Bike from Strider might be your best option. They are an excellent method of beginning the process of teaching a child to ride a bike.

Balance Bikes are different to standard bikes in that they do not have a chain and pedals, which means the child controls the bike using the handles and by pushing along the ground, similar to a skateboard or a scooter.

The lack of pedals allows the child to become confident with balancing while riding, one of the most important aspects of riding a bike. Pedals are often an obstacle for children that are learning to ride bikes, and so removing them helps children focus on their balance.

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Lego City Town Center

Lego has always been a powerhouse in the toy industry, and that’s not changing any time soon. One of their new products for 2021 is the Lego City Town Center, a 790-piece set that replicates a town center.

There are roads and vehicles to build and race, a car wash with spinning brushes, and even a pizzeria! Lego sets are a great way of encouraging group activities with you and your children, and they are a great way of teaching your child STEM skills from a young age, as well as a great way of bonding with your child as you build the town center together!

VTech Kidizoom Studio

If your children have taken an interest in photography but don’t want to splash the cash on an expensive camera, the VTech Kidizoom Studio is a great alternative. It comes equipped with a tripod that can also be used as a handle for on-the-go shots.
It has plenty of features to help your children become a budding photographer, such as time-lapse and green screen – and also features some games to keep them occupied on car journeys to and from photography locations.

These are just a few of the wide variety of birthday gifts available for kids in 2021.