What are the ten things every child needs?

It might seem very simple to raise a child, but it is challenging to handle and raise an infant to crawlers, runners, pre-schoolers, teenagers, and adults. As a parent, you need to provide 24/7 support to your child once he/she takes birth.

In the age of growing digital technology, parents wonder what their child needs. None of the children needs high-technology gadgets, fancy clothes, video games, and the internet until parents do not introduce their child to those materials.

These days, even a toddler starts demanding clothes of his/her choice and does not like their parents’ choice as they see everything on the internet.

Children are often flooded with new experiences during infancy and early childhood that impact their brain development. At this stage, parents should be conscious of their children and spend more time with them for their healthier growth of the brain.

Parents get a fantastic opportunity and a responsibility to shape their child’s growth and form healthy habits for their child for a lifetime. Making your parenting productive is during the first three years of your children’s age as their brains capture everything at this age and develop accordingly.

List of 10 Things Every Child needs

Thus, parents must know what their child needs for healthier growth. Here are ten things every child needs to grow up from an infant to an adult.


Security is one of the basic needs and is essential for every child. For healthier growth, kids must feel safe and sound with their parents.

Parents should always fulfill their basic survival needs, including food, clothing, medical care, and protection from any kinds of harm and injuries. Children should still feel their parents protect them from any kind of injuries and damage.

Children’s mind becomes unstable when they grow up with fear. It is the parents’ responsibility to protect their children from insecurities and fulfill their basic survival needs.

Medical Care

Medical care is also one of the basic needs that every child requires for their excellent health. Parents must take their children for medical care from time to time. Make sure your kids get possible medical care and become healthy from their early.

Medical care includes visiting the hospital and a whole body checkup at a particular time interval to ensure your children are absolutely healthy. Always remember that your child’s health is your wealth. When you neglect your children’s medical care, several diseases might attack them from their early age, and you need to regret it later.

You need to consult a doctor about your infant’s diet plan and all other things necessary for their healthier growth. Parenting becomes satisfied when your child’s health is good.
Effective parenting

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Parents are the first teacher of every child. So children need effective parenting for their healthier growth.

With the development of technology, parents are often busy with their works and cannot spend quality time with their children, and the parent does not become productive.

There are different parental control apps that parents can try to keep their children busy and learn appropriate knowledge.

Fenced.ai is one of the best parental control solutions that help every parent to have effective parenting. They can use this app on their device and make their child explore the world and generate new ideas by downloading appropriate and applicable content.

For busy parents, this app suggests an expert for their children’s effective growth. Those experts can handle their kids and give them the knowledge to make them productive.

Love and Affection

Children need their parent’s love, care, and affection the most as parents are the child’s role models. Saying to your kid how much you love them can overcome any parenting mistake you might make while raising them.

Your kids start loving you more when they grow adults if they realize your sacrifice and affection you made during their childhood. Showing your love towards your kid can help make your kid obey, respect, and care for you anytime.

Love and affection play an essential role in making a parent-child relationship stronger and emotional. Your child becomes more emotional towards you when they see your unconditional love, and they always respect you for that love.

Similarly, physical affection communicates love to your young children that helps in positive emotional growth. For physical affection, parents should massage their infants, be gentle and responsive, hold their child when feeding, hug the child often, and hold them in the lap when playing or reading.


The more you communicate with your kids, the more you can read them and know about their hobbies and interests. Communication is an effective source for giving knowledge to your child.

Parents are the first teacher of their kids, and they learn everything from their parents, so it is always on parents to raise their kids.

You need to spend more time with your kid and support them to learn what they want. The initial communication phase starts with parents and children developing communication skills when their parents interact more with them.

Similarly, communicating with your child not only shows love but also encourages the development of your children’s speech patterns and makes them social. You need to talk to your baby early and often, encourage them to sing together, engage them in conversation, teach them many different words, and so on to develop their skill.

So when an infant starts talking, parents should never ignore them. They must reply their every question positively when they begin their queries. Children’s minds should innovate, create, learn, and explore to develop good communication skills.

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Family Care and Support

Children often need family care and support during their ups and downs. Parents should always become positive towards their children even when they do wrong or right.

Children who get family care and support can feel better about themself, and they can learn faster. To provide support and care to your child, parents can hold them on their lap during a stressful situation, be loving, have a consistent presence for your child, allow them to explore, provide freedom, set limits to both guidance and care, and so on.

You need to care regarding nutrition and diet and provide them massage from time to time. It helps to make them healthier both mentally and physically. Parents should always stay calm with children while interacting and offer them emotional support while seeking help.

Quality time

Children need to spend quality time with their parents to learn and explore their minds. A children’s brain grows based on early experiences at home. They always understand what they see others doing.

The more children spend time with parents and interact with them, the healthier his/her growth and development will be. Parents need to respond to their baby’s needs quickly, speak in a soft and slow voice, become their best friends, engage them in conversation, and so on.

As a parent, you always need to be present in your child’s life by sacrificing everything else. You need to involve yourself in child’s play instead of chatting with friends and keep yourself busy with anything else. Their parents should give children maximum time to learn and become a great person in the future.

Promote Play

For making your children active, you need to allow them to play. Playing provides children with an outlet for imagination and creativity and fosters healthier brain development. It can generate creative ideas in your children’s minds.

Parents can be their child’s playmates and play indoor games together. When children become able to walk, they can take them to the park, play outdoor games, and engage them in children’s play. You can encourage your child to play by using everyday household items more creatively.

You can get to know your child’s interest through play and support them in any way so they can be more creative. You can also make your child busy drawing arts, paintings, swimming, gardening, looking after pets, and so on.

Safe and Healthy Home

Your child needs a safe and healthy home environment for healthier growth. A child becomes disciplined and punctual only when he has a safe and healthy home and environment.

Creating a safe and healthy home environment helps you to protect your child from any kind of risks. It maximizes your child’s growth with minimum risk.

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For maintaining a safe and healthy home, you need to choose quality childcare as childcare can be a primary learning environment for children. Similarly, you need to use age-appropriate car seats for your child, become aware of the dangers of lead poisoning found in old paint chips and paint dust, feed your child a nutritious diet and avoid high-fat foods, and so on.

Parents should not leave their children alone at home, even in an emergency. Similarly, visit your children’s physician and dentist every week. You need to ensure your child is up-to-date on immunizations and always remember the date.

Experiencing the healing scents of essential oils—extracts from flowers and other plant parts—can reduce anxiety, ease minor aches and pains and even get you (or your significant other) in the mood. While you could schedule a massage or facial that incorporates these oils, you can also reap the mind and body benefits of aromatherapy at home.

Develop Strong Self-Esteem

For the healthy development of young children, a strong sense of self-esteem is necessary. Every child is unique from their birth, so parents should recognize their weaknesses and strengths from an earlier age.

You need to discover and identify the future image of your child and value his/her identity. You must realize how important they are for you and encourage them to express themselves.

Parents should always praise their children for their hard work with concrete positive feedback. They must respect their children and support them and teach them to respect others. Similarly, motivating your child by giving examples can be effective in developing strong self-esteem.


What are the basic needs for kids?

Kids must feel secure and safe for their healthier development and growth. They should get their basic survival needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and securities from any kind of harm.

Should I fulfill every need of my child?

You need to fulfill the basic survival needs of your kid and respond to their needs quickly. You can satisfy their needs which you feel appropriate for them to be fulfilled. Otherwise, children often become pampered when you fulfill their every demand, although it is not necessary to be fulfilled.


From my perspective, for the healthier growth of children, they should get their basic survival needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and securities from any kind of harm.

Children are experts at telling their parents what they need and demand new toys, video games, cell phones, and so on, which are not appropriate for them. Thus, all children have their primary, emotional, and attachment needs that parents must learn to be aware of and respond to them when they feel the requirements appropriate.